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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 17 Recap

Shu Fang didn’t want to let the marriage between herself and Ren Rufeng go on. Ren Rufeng tried to keep him, but Shu Fang didn’t want to. Ren Rufeng threw down his suit and turned away. Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong heard their conversation clearly in the room, and Shu Fang brought tea in. Shen Cuixi wanted to explain clearly to Ren Rufeng, but Shu Fang refused.

Now everyone in the house knows that she made the dress. She doesn’t want to marry the second master and let him be ridiculed by others. Ren Rufeng still wanted to do something for Shu Fang. He went to find Shen Cuixi, and wanted Wei Lianggong to give Shu Fang a position. Shen Cuixi sternly said that he didn’t have to point fingers at Shu Fang. She had an idea. girl.

Ding Rong blamed Qiaoer’s death on Shen Cuixi. He went to ask Li Zhao to give him another chance. He must destroy Qingyuefang and Shen Cuixi. Li Guangming refused on the face, but secretly asked Master Liu to follow Ding Rong. Ren Rufeng saw Ding Rong who was desperate on the street. He was angry and beat Ding Rong severely. If it weren’t for Ding Rong, Ren Rufeng and Shu Fang’s marriage would not have changed.

This scene was clearly seen by Master Liu. Wei Lianggong gave the portrait of Shen Cuixi. If he changed it to before, he would color the painting, but now he understands that the simplest is the best. Li Zhao was playing chess with Zeng Baoqin on Shantang Street. She asked about the imperial court sending people to investigate the water transport and Hegong.

Li Zhao pretended not to know, and Zeng Baoqin reminded him with his own experience that he could not help himself because of the ups and downs of Huahai, so he would stop as soon as possible when he got some benefits to keep him safe. If Li Zhao was in a hurry at this time, he would definitely show his feet, so Zeng Baoqin went to Ren’s house to find Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong. She also brought a number of diaries related to Li Zhao over the years.

In these years, Li Zhao misappropriated the shipping silver, manipulated the price of raw silk, forced the weaving household into bankruptcy, and then used it in the Weaving Mansion. Mistakes, Li Zhao is dead. Weaving may seem like there is no real power, but after all, it is the eyes and ears of the Holy Master stationed in Jiangnan. Jingcheng wrote to Li Zhao, asking him to make up for the deficit within half a year, but this is a lot of money.

Zeng Baoqin speculated that the shortfall Li Zhao is now facing is definitely getting bigger and bigger. If the water transport yamen is cleared up, Li Zhao and the others will not be able to conceal what they are doing. That’s why Li Zhao will be in chaos these days. But it is too difficult for him to fill these shortfalls, so this is their chance to fight back.

Zeng Baoqin suggested writing a letter to the Ministry of Households, and he was overwhelmed by the time, but Shen Cuixi thought it was too risky, so she thought of a way to ask the prefect’s yamen to send someone to patrol when the Ministry of Households was investigating deficits. She pretended that she had found Zhang Biao’s trail and wanted Cao Wenbin to send troops to patrol. Cao Wenbin wanted to catch Zhang Biao as soon as possible, so he immediately agreed to let someone go on patrol.

Li Zhao asked Ding Rong to be the connector, and went to the dock to resell raw silk for himself. Ding Rong agreed, feeling uneasy. He completed the transaction that night and his legs were so frightened, but fortunately, nothing happened. The next day, Master Liu checked the amount of silver, and the accounts were all right. Li Zhao was very satisfied and decided to leave the errand to Ding Rong completely. Wei Lianggong’s body became weaker and weaker, and Shu Fang saw him cough up blood. During the second deal with the water bandits, officers and soldiers came to arrest people, and Ding Rong quickly hid under the cloth, and was not taken away by the officers and soldiers.

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