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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 16 Recap

Shen Cuixi opened the back door of the small yard, and there was a canal outside. There was a small boat here for many years, and he could leave by boat. From then on, the river was thousands of miles and the sky was bright. Wei Lianggong asked her if she had thought of walking out of this door, but Shen Cuixi was silent and did not answer. Wei Lianggong was a little sad. Since she hadn’t thought of leaving, why did she keep this door. Li Zhao came uninvited and said that he wanted to see Wei Lianggong, but in fact he knew that Wei Lianggong was not here. He came to explore Zeng Baoqin’s attitude. Unexpectedly, Zeng Baoqin stood on Shen Cuixi’s side this time and lied that Ren Xiushan begged Shen Cuixi to bring Wei Lianggong back.

Li Zhao also talked about the gossip between Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong. Zeng Baoqin naturally expressed his disbelief. She felt that with Wei Lianggong’s background and experience, he would not like Shen Cuixi as the mistress of the house. This is the end of the story. Li Zhao knew Zeng Baoqin’s attitude. , No more temptation. When Wei Lianggong learned that Shen Cuixi kept this door for Zeng Baoqin, he let it go. He talked to Shen Cuixi about his biological mother, aunt, and his relationship with Li Zhao. The reason why he didn’t interact with Li Zhao was because Li Zhao only cared about the so-called power and persuaded him to let go of his prejudice against his aunt and write an article against his intentions praising his aunt and biological mother.

Suzhou was suppressed by the general ledger, and the raw silk in Suzhou did not rise by 10%. There were rumors outside, and the gossip of Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong was flying all over the sky. The sang households went to Ren’s family to ask for an explanation, but Ren Rufeng retorted and ridiculed them. Qiao’er came to the general ledger, but turned around hesitantly. Shu Fang pursued her and asked her why she was here. Qiao’er thought a thousand times, but after all, she told the storyteller about Ding Rong’s rumors about Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong. . Soon, Ren Rufeng took someone to block the storyteller. After Qi Shugong and Wu Shugong heard the rumors, they came to Ren’s house to talk to Wei Lianggong alone.

Knowing that the two uncles came to Ren’s house to look for Wei Lianggong, Shen Cuixi hurried over to stop him, and Qi Shugong also said something. If Ren Xuetang came back, what would he think of these rumors in Suzhou. Ding Rong asked Qiao’er about Shen Cuixi’s room, pretending to remind Shen Cuixi to beware of Li Zhao, but in fact he wanted to put the man’s shoes in Shen Cuixi’s room and blame Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong for the trouble. Qiao’er, Shu Fang, and Ren Rufeng ran into them. The three escorted Ding Rong and the storyteller to meet their two uncles, claiming that these rumors were deliberate, and Ding Rong was the driving force behind these rumors.

Qiaoer excused Shen Cuixi and wanted to cut off the love between Ding Rong and his wife. Ding Rong felt very heartbroken and desperate for Qiaoer’s betrayal. He took out the clothes in his arms and said that it was found in Shen Cuixi’s room. She made it for Wei Lianggong, and her needlework was unmatched. Shu Fang stood up and said that he had done this for Mr. Wei, and Qiao’er and another maid also stood up to help Shen Cuixi to stop the evil. Ding Rong furiously scolded them that they were all lunatics, and Qiao’er was distraught. She regretted marrying Ding Rong, and under great sorrow, the pregnant Qiaoer not only miscarried, but also lost her life.

Shu Fang told Ding Rong that before dying, Qiao’er didn’t want to see Ding Rong. Ding Rong felt regretful now, and he cried loudly while holding Qiao’er’s body. Ren Rufeng took Shu Fang’s wedding dress, and her mother reminded her not to marry Shu Fang in the limelight. Ren Rufeng agreed to her. But I still took the fabric of the wedding gown and gave it to Shu Fang, and wanted her to start making the wedding gown first, and it would take three to five months to do it. Shu Fang hesitated and said that the marriage between the two of them should not continue.

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