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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 19 Recap

Wang Xiaoan Lin Jin-Jin and good, Laihao Yun Xiao An Sex Scandal

After returning home, Ye Nan told Wang Xiaoan to come to eat hot pot, which Jinjin prepared specially for him. Then Wang Xiaoan apologized to Lin Jinjin, and Lin Jinjin asked her to say her mistake first. Wang Xiaoan said that he was not as knowledgeable as her. Then the two are reconciled.

Wang Xiaoan used to think that he was able to shoot a little short video. Ye Nan said that she had the ability. Wang Xiaoan said that Jinjin was right. Because she was frustrated in her career, she wanted to climb higher and get comfort through other things. She wanted to go back and rethink her life, even if she didn’t work as a screenwriter, she still wanted to do what she liked. matter. He Feng raises his glass, hoping that they can tide over the difficulties smoothly.

As a newcomer, He Jingxiao was still a little nervous. He kept repeating his lines, the weather was very cold, and then he could only hold his cup. Lai Haoyun was eating potato chips next to him, wearing a cotton jacket, and then there was a heater. He asked He Jingxiao to recite words quickly, so as not to slow down the progress of the team. He Feng and Wang Xiaoan brought a lot of water. They told the crew that He Jingxiao invited everyone to drink.

Wang Xiaoan told Lai Haoyun that this time they are going to set up a positive image for him to support the newcomer and teach by precepts and deeds. In a while, the two of them should interact well, especially the angelic smile of Master Lai is so handsome.

She even wanted this slogan. Well, the juvenile idol is caring for him, and the film and television newcomer, as soon as this publicity draft is published, his image of a warm man will definitely stand. Then Lai Haoyun put his clothes on He Jingxiao’s body, so that he wouldn’t be nervous when he was filming later. The most important thing was his emotions, and he would also take the initiative to help him with the scene.

He Feng asked Wang Xiaoan what he said to Lai Haoyu just now, why did he smile at him? Wang Xiaoan said that there is a kind of smile called workplace smirk.

When He Jingxiao sat in the car, he said it was finally over. He didn’t know what he was doing these days. Wang Xiaoan told him that if she came to accompany him these few days, she would be an assistant for him. He Jingxiao thanked Wang Xiaoan too much, but He Feng was jealous and he disagreed. What kind of assistant does He Jingxiao bring with him as a newcomer? The reputation is not big, and the shelf is not small. Wang Xiaoan said that he just debuted, and not many people would care.

Ye Nan fell asleep busy, and Lin Jinjin wanted to kiss him secretly, but the phone rang suddenly. It turned out that Sister Ai asked her to meet a producer. Ye Nan said this was a good thing, but Lin Jinjin didn’t want to go, because she wanted Ye Nan, and Ye Nan said that he would go with her.

Sister Ai asked the producer to be in the coffee shop next door, but she said that Ye Nan used to be inconvenient.

Wang Xiaoan is cleaning up coffee stains on the ground. Lai Haoyun said that she was able to follow her to enjoy the blessing, so she insisted on bringing a new person.

Lin Jinjin went out to pick up the role of a female Pi. Sister Ai said that this drama is a big production, and she hasn’t picked up a job for a month, so she must play the female fourth. Sister Ai asked Wang Xiaoan to stare at Lin Jinjin. Jinjin said that he waited a while to greet Master Lai, and was drowned in saliva within minutes. At this time Lai Haoyun came out, and those female fans were also crazy when they saw Lai Haoyun.

Wang Xiaoan and Lin Jinjin changed their clothes and led the women out, then Lai Haoyun and Lin Jinjin left, but after looking at Wang Xiaoan who was being chased, Lai Haoyun went to find Wang Xiaoan.

During the meeting, Xiao Ke told the boss that something really happened. When the boss said that at work, they didn’t care about these miscellaneous things, but they were very concerned. But when he returned to the office, turned on the phone, and saw the messages, water spurted out.

Sister Ai told the leader that it was really a matter of shooting angle, and the two of them didn’t get to each other.

He Feng came to Lai Haoyun angrily and grabbed him by the neckline, trying to beat him. Wang Xiaoan reminded him not to slap his face, and Lai Haoyu will be filming tomorrow. He Feng told Lai Haoyun to stay away from Wang Xiaoan.

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