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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 40 Recap

Baoning interrogated Min Zhou and asked him to confront Zhang Yuqing. Min Zhou knew that it would be difficult to conceal the truth of the year. He confessed that the queen mother used the dead man to slaughter Lijiacun, and ordered him to look for the “Ghost Weapon Picture” for use. Dedicated to the first emperor to regain the holy favorite. Only then did Baoning know the truth of the year.

Qingtai learned that Li Qian was sent out of the city before, and is now on his way back to the city, trying to ambush Li Qian. Zhao Xiao met with the emperor and asked himself to encircle Qingtai’s remaining part to atone for his merits. The little emperor readily agreed to his request and sent troops from Cheng’an Palace to join him to ensure that Li Qian returned to the palace safely. Baoning worried that Li Qian could not return to the palace safely, so he ordered someone to wait at the gate of the city, and immediately notified her as soon as there was news.

Zhao Xiao found Qingtai’s whereabouts and learned that Qingtai and his party followed the team that escorted Li Qian back to the city. He knew that Qingtai was going to attack Li Qian and planned to kill Li Qian through Qingtai’s hands. After all, Cao Xuan was now guarding him. , Li Qian can’t die in his hands of Zhao Xiao. Li Qian was escorted back to the city. Cao Xuan comforted Li Qian.

His Majesty believed in Li Qian, and everything would come to light. At this time, Qingtai brought people to rob Li Qian, and Cao Xuan blocked him and was knocked out, but Zhao Xiao’s hands did not go to pursue Qingtai.

Dong Shanhu was kidnapped by the treasurer Wang on the way to teach him. Fortunately, Jin Xiao came to teach the treasurer Wang and rescued Dong Shanhu. It turned out that the shopkeeper Wang was not clean, and he hated her when he was driven away, so he found someone to kidnap her. Jin Xiao took the opportunity to confess Coral, Coral waited too long for him to confess, and the two finally understood each other’s intentions.

Bao Ning learns that Li Qian was kidnapped by Qingtai, and the other party is going to exchange Li Qian with “Ghost Weapon Picture”, but once this picture is in Qingtai’s hands, the consequences will be disastrous. The lover accidentally spilled water on the “Ghost Weapon Picture”, which made Baoning accidentally discover the secret of this picture.

Cao Xuan was rescued from a coma and was rescued back to Fuzhong for treatment, but the doctor told him that the injury might affect his continuation of the offspring. For this reason, he has been avoiding Susu, and even told Susu that he has no affection for her, and even wanted to get along with Susu. Leaving, finally let Su Yiwu leave.

Qingtai brought Li Qian to the underground weapons station and waited for Baoning to come. At this time, Baoning took someone out of the palace alone to look for Qingtai, and brought his lover to the Armory. Fortunately, Siqin showed up, otherwise the two were almost injured by hidden weapons. Baoning learned from Siqin that Qingtai wanted to use the “Ghost Weapon Diagram” to make a magic weapon in order to win the world.

After the two discussed, Baoning brought the picture to find Qingtai, and exchanged the picture for Li Qian. But after getting the picture, Qingtai broke the contract and wanted to kill Li Qian and others. Fortunately, Siqin changed the organization and successfully rescued them.

Suxuan was unwilling to reunite, and after asking Cao Xuan for a while, he realized that it would be difficult for Cao Xuan to have children in the future, and perhaps it would be difficult to have children. But Susu thinks that the two of them are one mind and they both regard each other as the most precious people.

Even if it is difficult to have children of their own in the future, they can adopt orphans. This is also a family. The two eventually untie their knot and start a new life. On the other side, Baoning knew that they had misunderstood Li Qian, and the two explained the truth clearly. Li Qian repaired the gilt ball and returned it to Baoning. The couple finally got back together.

Baoning also told Li Qian that she discovered that the secret of the God and Ghost Weapon Diagram was a key step, and the last key step was left by herself. Only she can make a real God and Ghost weapon. The lover came to deliver the fetus medicine and let Li Qian learn that Baoning had not given up their child. This made Li Qian happy and expected that if the child was a girl, it would be called Li Ancheng.

Baoning and Siqin jointly developed magic weapons, and Qingtai also made people step up the production of magic weapons. On the way to find Li Qian, the family member of Wei found Qingtai’s whereabouts and came to tell Li Qian. At this time, Zhao Xiao also found Qingtai’s trace, and wanted to take the opportunity to kill Qingtai and Li Qian. Then Zhao Xiao led people to besie Qingtai, but he did not expect Qingtai to use magic weapons to deal with them, and easily kill Zhao Zhong, which made Zhao Xiao helpless, and Li Qian came to rescue him.

Although Zhao Xiao was rescued by Li Qian, he also confessed that he wanted Li Qian to die in Qingtai’s hands, because only in this way can Baoning belong to him. Li Qian just told Zhao Xiao that Baoning had no affection for Zhao Xiao from beginning to end. It was Zhao Xiao’s wishful admiration. Even Zhao Xiao repeatedly provoked the relationship between the two and was unrighteous. He hoped that Zhao Xiao would respect himself in the future.

Then Li Qian hoped that Zhao Xiao could put aside the grievances between the two and work together to resist foreign enemies. For the good of his country, Zhao Xiao promised to cooperate with Li Qian.

Baoning met with Zhao Xiao privately and accused Zhao Xiao of harming her relatives and friends under the guise of admiring her, not knowing whether she was sincere or selfish and stubborn. But Baoning still thanked Zhao Xiaoneng for cooperating with Li Qian to resist foreign enemies, and hoped that Zhao Xiao would be righteous and not let her down.

Qing’an took the winter solstice to follow the trail of Qingtai, and the winter solstice vowed to follow Qing’an in life and death. Li Qian took Baoning out to relax. The two dreamed about their future life. Li Qian hoped to defeat Qingtai, disarm and return to the fields, and take Baoning back to Bingzhou to live a peaceful life.

Qingtai brought people to find Mu Anguo to make a close, and Qing’an and Dongzhi also arrived afterwards. Qingtai took out the magic weapon and injured Yunlin. Li Qian furiously fought with Qingtai. In the end, Li Qian lost to the magic weapon. He was taught by Qingtai face to face, and everyone did not dare to act rashly in the face of this weapon. Seeing that Li Qian was in danger, he didn’t expect that the backlash of the gods and ghosts would eventually cause him to suffer and die. In this way, he would be self-reliant.

Qingtai is dead. Qing’an, the second prince of Yongqing country, is king, and he made a promise to make good relations with Mu’an. Baoning and Siqin also successfully developed real magic weapons and sent the finished products and drawings to the palace. . Baoning entrusted Mu Anguo’s future to the emperor, and went on a trip with Li Qian. Jinghai Hou Zhao Xiao murdered Qin Yu, the princess of Yongqing, repeatedly framed Li Qian, pleaded guilty, and was exiled from office in Qiandong.

In the Li Mansion of Bingzhou, Li Changqing’s family sent off the winter solstice for marriage. He Cuihua saw her daughter marrying Yongqingguo and was very reluctant. Eventually, under the blessing of a family, she knelt farewell to her parents and brothers and sisters in the winter solstice and embarked on the wedding car. Five years later, Jin Xiao and Dong Shanhu were also married long ago, and their husband and wife are loving.

Bai Su and Cao Xuan also adopted a daughter, Nian Ci, and a son in Jin Wen, and finally got what they wanted. The county lord of Ancheng, who was far away in Bingzhou, was punished by his father Li Qian and wanted to run away from home with his friends. At this time, Li Qian and Baoning were playing in the suburbs. Li Qian lamented that everyone had to be consummated. The couple embraced and laughed at the wonderful rivers and mountains at this time.

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