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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 39 Recap

Li Qian went to ask Cao Xuan for help. He wanted to arrange Wei’s family to protect her by Baoning. Zhao Xiao Miansheng pleaded with His Majesty to arrest Li Qian. He pretended that Li Qian was so angry that the Queen Mother had broken with Jiang Baoning. When the emperor was young, he believed Zhao Xiao’s slander and decreed to take Li Qian.

Zhao Xiao took the imperial decree to arrest Li Qian. He falsely claimed that the imperial decree was requested by Jiang Baoning, and Li Qian was arrested and imprisoned. Zhao Xiao tortured Li Qian severely, and Li Qian determined that the imperial decree was not requested by Baoning, Zhao Xiao furiously flogged Li Qian out of anger. The lover persuaded Baoning to give Li Qian another chance, but Baoning remained silent. Empress Dowager Han praised Gao Miaorong’s superb incense-making craftsmanship.

At this time, the guards came to report that Li Qian was arrested. Empress Dowager Han felt that an opportunity was finally ushered in. Gao Miaorong rushed to prison to visit the seriously injured Li Qian. She brought Li Qian medicine but Li Qian didn’t take it. He just wanted to see Baoning. Gao Miaorong tells him that he can only see Jiang Baoning if he proves his innocence, and he will help him.

Zhao Xiao decided to exile Li Qian that night for fear of long dreams. The empress dowager enters the imperial mausoleum and invites the memorial tablet to enter the ancestral shrine. Empress Dowager Han proposed to take a copy of the empress dowager’s calligraphy and painting into the ancestral hall. She deliberately picked out her fake decree from the calligraphy and painting, and she forced the emperor to follow the decree of the empress dowager.

Purpose to make Li Qian and Jiang Baoning reconcile. Jiang Baoning bluntly said that if his decree was true, he would abide by it, but unfortunately this decree was faked by the Queen Mother. Jiang Baoning said that the scent of Yizhi was not the incense commonly used by the Empress Dowager. The mother of the empress dowager also testified that the palace doctor was verifying that there was ambergris on the empress dowager. Jiang Baoning summoned the doctor from the Imperial Medical Bureau to ask who had used ambergris, and the doctor said that Cining Palace had used this incense.

Jiang Baoning sent someone to Ci Ning Palace and found Ambergris, only then did Empress Dowager Han realize that she had been pitted by Gao Miao Rong. The emperor ordered the Queen Mother Han to return to Ci Ning Palace to listen to it, and then let go. At this time, Gao Miaorong had already left the palace and flew high and happy days with Li Linyuan. She left a note to Jiang Baoning and told that the death of the Queen Mother Baoning had nothing to do with Li Qian.

Li Qian had already been sent to prison, and Baoning went to see the emperor immediately when he saw the note. The emperor was very angry when he heard Zhao Xiao’s request under the guise of Baoning, he immediately ordered Li Qian to be recalled. Baoning told the little emperor Zhao Xiao to hold a heavy army in his hand and Li Qian’s disagreement with Li Qian should not be promoted to affect the reputation of the country.

Jiang Baoning went to see Zhao Xiao and told him that if he deceived the king next time, he would never be merciless. Zhao Xiao still wanted to quibble that Baoning turned and left. Queen Mother Han packed her luggage and found the old piano that she liked very much.

The piano has been repaired and stored by the first emperor. The Queen Mother feels that the first emperor also took herself to heart back then, and she lost most of her life after fighting with Jiang Baoning. , But she can always accompany Emperor Xian from now on.

In Li Jiashan, Qin Yu was washing clothes by the river by himself, but Xie Jianfeng watched him. Xie Jianfeng pierced Qin Yu’s body with a sword, and it was too late for Qing’an and Dongzhi to arrive. Qing’an cried bitterly and picked up the sword to kill Xie Jianfeng. The two set up a tombstone for Qin Yu. Qingan told Dongzhi that he was going back to Yongqing. He summoned the old ministry to overthrow Qingtai’s tyranny. He wanted to accompany him in the winter solstice.

Qingan wanted to refuse but was very determined on the winter solstice, but she told Baoning Feige before she left. One book. Qingtai in Yongqing tortured Siqin severely, wanted him to build weapons for him, and threatened him with Siqin’s friends. The guards told Qingtai that the weapon map was in Jiang Baoning’s hands, and he planned to visit the national capital of Mu’an.

The emperor summoned Cao Xuan and asked him to lead troops to protect Li Qian from coming back safely. Baoning received the flying dove from the winter solstice, stating that it was not Zhen Guoguo who had killed Lijia Village. Baoning was overjoyed. Baoning went to meet the emperor and wanted to ask him to help investigate the village slaughter. Baoning remembered that Grandpa Min had served by the Queen Mother and asked him if he knew the details. Grandpa Min only shook his head and said that he didn’t know, but Baoning looked at him very strange. .

Bao Ning sent people to spread the news about the weapon drawings of the tortoises. When he heard this, he was furious and refused to let others mention the weapon drawings of the tortoises. Baoning hid in the dark and saw Min Zhou’s behavior and thought he must know it. This matter. Baoning checked the records of Minzhou and found that he had no achievements in seven years, but it was very strange that he had nominated the manager.

Bao Ning summoned Min Zhou, but he kept talking about it and didn’t know about the map of the magic turtle weapon, but Bao Ning planned to deal with him to the end. She told Min Zhou one by one the news of the investigation until she heard Zhang Yu. Min Zhou couldn’t sit still until Qing’s name. Bao Ning threatened that Zhang Yuqing was on the way to the capital. Then he would have no chance to explain. Min Zhou couldn’t hold on anymore.

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