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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 18 Recap

The killer wanted to hijack Xizuo, but the action failed because Su Ming had already fled the city and treated them like a waste, and the whistle had learned in advance and was lying in ambush here. Before killing himself by biting the poison, the killer leader Wu Qi broke the news that Ju Dianyi had rebelled.

Nowadays, Aya Jinji, except for the liu, all the other people have died of poison. The poison and the killer are the same kind. It can be seen who the mastermind behind the scenes is. When Emperor Xu heard the news, he was furious and ordered the whistle to pursue the investigation with all his strength. Fortunately, the garnet is less poisonous, and there is still a breath. The medical officer is healing right now, and he can track it as long as he wakes up.

It was precisely because Fang Hai city had taken the holy medicine of the Jiaman clan, coupled with the master’s transportation of true energy, finally made her awake peacefully, and the moment she opened her eyes, she saw Fang Jianming guarding by the bed. During the coma, Fanghai City vaguely heard Master’s self-blaming words, but she thought that she had nothing to do with others today, so she did not regret meeting Master, and even felt that it was one of the few blessings in her life.

After a few days of recuperation, Fanghai City’s injuries gradually healed, and he can also walk out of the room to relax. Fang Jianming went to the market to buy sugar because the disciples didn’t like medicine and bitterness. However, Fang Hai City suddenly found him and took the initiative to show his heart without concealment, wishing each other could take a step forward.

Through this life and death tribulation, Fang Jianming’s relationship with Haishi has greatly increased. Although he did not make a clear statement, he responded to his feelings with actions. Fang Jianming bought a cloak for Haishi and put it on for her personally, but Fang Haishi only felt that his heart was sweeter than sugar, and completely forgot the bitter taste of medicine.

Fanghai City knew that Master was busy every day before the case and the room was dim, so he bought two Double Happiness candles and sent them. Fang Jianming came in from the door and found the candle on the case at a glance. He couldn’t help but laughed, saying that the red candle was not used in this way, but he didn’t go on. The candlelight reflected Fang Jianming’s smile, which proved that he liked the gift very much. Fang Haishi lay nervously on the bed, and at the same time couldn’t help but look at the master who was reading next to him. Everything looked beautiful and warm.

Maid Bihong discovered that the paper kite was lost a few days ago. The maid originally wanted to send the paper kite to the treasury. Unexpectedly, it was intercepted by Bihong and wanted to get it back, even arguing with her. Tilan hurried to stop, and happened to collide with Di Xu. Di Xu learned that Ti Lan was the owner of the kite, so she asked her to fill in the poems above and take the kite away logically.

Fang Zhuoying went north overnight, following the footsteps of Su Ming’s team along the way. Zhang Chengqian received the news from Apocalypse City, and then reported to Fang Jianming that Emperor Xu’s secret decree also arrived at this moment, and its content contained only the word “Quick Return”. Fanghai City knew that Ling Jinsi had an accident, and Ju Dianyi was also a fateful person.

Even if Fang Jianming was unwilling to leave, he was even more concerned about Fanghai City, but his orders were hard to violate. On the other hand, Fanghai City is more open-minded. Even if they are separated from each other, it may be difficult to see each other in the short term. In her opinion, a thousand miles are no more than one step away, just because of mutual understanding. Fang Hai City promised that Master will be able to see himself alive and well when he meets again next time.

Watching Fang Jianming and the others leave the city, Fang Haishi stroked his fingers, but his thoughts had not calmed down for a long time. Afterwards, Fanghai City proposed to return to Huangquan Camp, but Zhang Chengqian refused to run around exhaustedly because of her unhealed injury. As everyone knows, Fanghai City has already anticipated a problem in Huangquanying.

Knowing that Zhang Chengqian could not hide it from the other party, he simply admitted that there might be Su Ming’s meticulous work in the camp. Considering the harm caused by meticulous work to the soldiers, Fang Hai City believes that the Huangquan Camp must be held at the moment, and only if the frontier is stable, can the master wholeheartedly clear the side of the emperor. Besides, living in Lanz City for a long time may have many dreams at night, so Fanghai City requested to return to Huangquan Camp as soon as possible.

At the same time, Fang Zhuoying chased to Hanbei alone, and solved Su Ming’s entourage in threes or twos. Su Ming fled in a hurry when he saw this, Fang Zhuoying chased him, unexpectedly Duluo led a team to respond. During the fight, Fang Zhuoying’s mask was shot down by arrows, revealing his true expression.

Duoluo looked at Fang Zhuoying, who looked similar to him, and couldn’t help being stunned. Even Su Ming was shocked. But Dang Duoluo reacted and immediately became murderous. However, Fang Zhuoying took out the token of Emperor Ji of the Red Medicine in time, everyone did not dare to act rashly, and could only watch Fang Zhuoying drive away.

Tilan was summoned to the sleeping hall, thinking that she was going to sleep, how did she know that Di Xu threw out a stack of memorials and asked her to read aloud verbatim. Tilan knelt down after hearing this and said that she did not dare, and repeatedly stated that the harem could not be political. Her words and deeds aroused Di Xu’s interest. After all, Tilan provoked five times before, repeatedly defying the holy intent, and now he is afraid of the tail, and finally at Di Xu’s request and pardon, Tilan reads the memorial truthfully.

Fang Zhuoying learned that Aya Jinji had been killed, and rushed to the capital desperately, so that when he came to the gate, the horse was exhausted. Until Fang Zhuoying saw the lilies coming from the opposite side, the hanging heart finally fell, but then fell into the ice cave in an instant. The reason was that the lili poisoning caused blindness.

Because Zheli still had to take care of the funeral, he had no intention of talking, and said farewell in an alienated tone. But Fang Zhuoying was sad because of this, especially watching Zheliu holding Ju Dianyi’s relic standing in the hall, tearing down again and again, the huge Aya Jinji, carrying the last wishes of many embroidered women, all pressed on the shoulders of the thin woman.

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