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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 17 Recap

Fang Jianming fends off the enemy at the border, and reports are frequently sent back to the capital. In the daytime, Dixu went through the government affairs, and in the evening, there was an old event that bothered his mind. At this time, at the garden pavilion, Tilan and the maids talked about scripts, and yearned for the love of those idiotic men and women.

When Di Xu walked through the garden, he suddenly heard these words and became interested, so he stayed at Yu’an Palace and asked Tilan to speak for himself. During this period, Di Xu heard dizzy, and suddenly fell into a dream, as if he was in a partial hall. In addition to him and Fang Jianming, there was a human head that had already been cold.

Before the age of seventeen, Di Xu had never killed a single person; after the age of seventeen, he first fought on the battlefield and then killed his loyal ministers. At the beginning, he followed Emperor Xuping to rebel and rebel, and set the six-wing generals in the world. In only five years after the founding of the country, four people died one after another. Only Fang and Su were left. Since then, the seeds of hatred have been planted.

Fang Jianming believes that Su Ming has always been intact, and Su’s father died because of him, so he begged Emperor Xu to at least keep the Su family’s bloodline. But who would have expected that the death of a famous general is not in the power of the master, but Di Xu hates war and does not want life to be disgraced. They did not suffer from the chaos of Yiwang, but at this peaceful scene.

When he woke up from a nightmare, as if at a loss after a lifetime, Di Xu almost injured Ti Lan by mistake, but calmed down and asked her to continue speaking. Until the next day, under Ti Lan’s service, Di Xu hurried to the Zichen Temple after getting dressed, putting aside the ambiguity just now. On the other hand, Ji Chang took a free job and had nothing to do all day. Even if he wanted to participate in the court meeting, he couldn’t get rid of his laziness and openly took a nap in the court hall.

The ministers all reported to Emperor Xu on the situation in various places, including the Quanminggang Governor’s book asking to open warehouses to help the people, but because of the severe cold in the north, refugees became troublesome, and other ministers also expressed their opposition. Di Xu resisted the crowd and insisted on ordering to open a position. In the presence, no one was willing to pick up these hot potatoes, but Su Ming asked himself to go to Quanming Port.

Before leaving, Su Ming knelt down in front of the city gate and wept, kowtow to the holy grace. After Di Xu heard this, he couldn’t help feeling sigh. If he had known today, why should he be in the beginning. At that time, Zhang Chengqian was ordered to conduct a secret investigation, and then returned to Fang Jianming, and at the same time informed Su Ming of the opening of the position, worried that he would bypass the Huangquan Pass and run to the Huku chassis, and never return.

Now Fang Jianming is taking care of him by Haishi, although he is fed with decoctions, he has never been able to wake up. Salia was sad, and led the tribe to pray to God and bless Fanghai City through this disaster. Fu Yi sought medical officers to diagnose and treat Haishi. On the surface, it seemed to be caring, but in reality he had other plans.

While tracing the clues, Zhang Chengqian accidentally found a raven feather, and suddenly thought of the entire Great March that only the Su family used ravens to convey news. Fang Jianming ordered Zhang Chengqian to send a message to Fang Zhuoying and ordered him to capture Su Ming back to Apocalypse City. If the opponent refused to obey, he would immediately kill him on the spot. When Fu Yi was talking with Zhang Chengqian, he also accidentally found the raven feather on the sole of the other party’s shoe, knowing that Su Ming had been exposed.

Fang Jianming asked Zhang Chengqian to fetch a thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, and it was not convenient to see Fuyi, so he appointed Salia to entertain him. At the wind reception banquet, Fu Yi deliberately mentioned the new princess of King You Bodun, intending to test whether this person is related to Fanghai City. Zhang Chengqian and Salia cooperated with each other, randomly changed the topic, and did not continue to delve into it.

Su Ming and the others traveled day and night to Dumulan City, and suddenly received a news report that Fang Jianming had learned evidence that the General’s Mansion had passed the news to Huku. Because of his identity exposure, Su Ming completely rebelled and decided to walk along the Yuhe River to Huanhai, and go to the left part of Hanzhou to seek refuge with King Zuopudun Duoluo.

Originally, Fang Zhuoying mustered up the courage to confess his identity to Zhe Liu, but Fang Jianming sent a mission. Before leaving, Fang Zhuoying caught the fireflies and gave them to the lilies, silently sitting on the roof and watching. Seeing that the other party was happy, he would also be happy, and secretly promised that when he returned from completing the task, he would come out to see each other.

Zhang Chengqian learned of Su Ming’s whereabouts, lest he surrender to the treasury, so he proposed to intercept from Huangquan Pass, otherwise he would enter Huanhai, and he would definitely not be able to track him. Fang Jianming believed that Zhang Chengqian’s concerns were not unreasonable, and arranged for him to immediately set off to capture Su Ming. At this moment, Salia’s exclaim came from the house, Fang Jianming hurriedly entered the house and saw Fang Haishi vomiting blood, his breath became weaker and weaker.

In order to save Fanghai City, Salia took out the only holy medicine of the Jiaman clan. Since Fanghai City couldn’t swallow it now, Fang Jianming used his mouth to ferry the medicine, and continued to infuse Fanghai City with zhenqi for six hours. Fortunately, the holy medicine exerted its miraculous effect, Fanghai City’s pulse gradually calmed down, and his life was already saved.

Ju Dian’s clothes were embroidered and sent to Di Xu, and he asked about Fang Jianming’s situation. But when he woke up after hearing about Xizuo, she was always as stable as her, and she was a little flustered. Dixu sent people to praise Ling Jinji’s skills and gave each person a cup of almond tea. Ju Dianyi drank it carefully, and other embroidered ladies also rushed to grab the tea bowl.

He took a sip of the durian, but he hadn’t finished drinking it completely. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, and the person was the guard in the palace. When Zheliu took the official uniform and gave it to the guards, he watched the other party leave, feeling vaguely unwell. When he returned to the hall, she found a group of embroidered women collapsed on the ground. Even her best companion and Ju Dianyi also vomited blood and died. . Just as Zheliu ran out of the door to ask for help, she unexpectedly lost consciousness on the spot due to poisoning her internal organs.

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