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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 15 Recap

Zeng Baoqin put her down and begged Shen Cuixi to meet Wei Lianggong. In front of them was a pool of cold pool, where the Ren clan would take the adulterer and the adulteress. Shen Cuixi was already soft-hearted. She had already thought about it when she came here. Even if Zeng Baoqin set a trap for herself, she recognized it. Later, Shen Cuixi really went to Shantang Street, and Wei Lianggong was very moved when she saw her.

But he knew that his body might not have survived this winter, but Shen Cuixi didn’t care, even if it was a dream, they had to dream together. Before leaving Shantang Street, Shen Cuixi said thank you to Zeng Baoqin. Zeng Baoqin said that he was doing it for Wei Lianggong. Zeng Baoqin and Shen Cuixi talked about Wei Lianggong’s life experience. From birth until the age of six, Wei Lianggong and his biological mother were kept in a small yard.

It was not until the age of six that Wei Lianggong was going to Zongxue to study, and then did Wei Lianggong leave the small courtyard and see the sun again. But when he came back that day, his mother was missing. Only later did he know that as soon as he went to school, his aunt Pan had tied up Wei Lianggong’s biological mother and threw it on a boat to sell to the courtyard. Zeng Baoqin never dreamed that Shen Cuixi would come together with Wei Lianggong.

After all, Shen Cui was the mistress of the house, and Wei Lianggong’s entire life was destroyed in the hands of his aunt. Sometimes she wondered if women were trapped in the house, fighting each other to death and life, is this women too vicious, or this world is too vicious to women. Shen Cuixi and Zeng Baoqin didn’t want to fight with each other, they both hoped that each other could live well.

Ding Rong couldn’t sleep at night. He kept thinking about seeing Shen Cuixi entering Zeng Baoqin’s house today. He was wondering whether to tell Li Zhao about it. If you tell Li Zhao, then the Ren family will be over. If you don’t tell, Li Zhao will know one day, then Ding Rong and his family will be over. Qiaoer learned that he hadn’t told anyone about the incident, so she persuaded him not to tell the incident. That night, Shen Cuixi and the others took Wei Lianggong back to Ren’s residence.

This scene was clearly seen by Master Liu. Li Zhao soon learned of this and brought Ding Rong to serve him with a stick. Ding Rong was so painful that he had to listen to Li Zhao’s instructions again. Master Liu didn’t understand why Li Zhao didn’t come to arrest people. Li Zhao felt that it would be better to let the Ren clan clean up the door.

Ren Xiushan was very happy to see Wei Lianggong coming back, and Wei Lianggong embraced him happily. Ren Rufeng was wary of Wei Lianggong’s return, for fear that he would come back to grab Shu Fang, until Wei Lianggong wished him and Shu Fang happiness, and Ren Rufeng was relieved. Wei Lianggong was in Shen Cuixi’s boudoir. She heard Wei Lianggong talk about these famous paintings in an orderly manner. Shen Cuixi was very happy and took the initiative to measure her clothes. Wei Lianggong kept calling her grandma, and Shen Cuixi wanted him to call her by his own name. She didn’t expect that the name given by the country folks would have an allusion to Wei Lianggong’s place.

Qiao’er accidentally discovered that Master Liu had given money to Ding Rong. She remembered that she had said that Ding Rong promised not to help Li Zhao harm Shen Cuixi. Ding Rong pretended to agree, and after coaxing Qiao’er, she went to find Ren’s seventh uncle. , And then gave money to the storyteller and asked him to change his name to talk about the romantic affair between Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong. Although they changed their names, everyone present knew that they were referring to Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong. Qiao’er came here to listen to the book, and immediately knew that Ding Rong deliberately let the storyteller spread it. Wei Lianggong stayed in the small courtyard, and Shen Cuixi let him go with him.

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