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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 38 Recap

Li Changqing was very angry when he heard that Li Qian went into the palace to worship the Empress Dowager, and felt that he just couldn’t let Jiang Baoning go to the palace every day. He Cuihua felt angry when he heard what he said. He Cuihua told Li Changqing that the empress dowager had taken care of Li Qian when she was alive.

Now that the empress dowager has passed away, Li Qian should have done so. He Cuihua bluntly said that Li Changqing just couldn’t watch Li Qian and Jiang Baoning meet, and he just couldn’t let go of the knot. He Cuihua asked him if Li Qian and Jiang Baoning stayed together for so long, could he let go?

Li Changqing said frankly that he couldn’t. He Cuihua said that he couldn’t let it go anyway, but is his son willing to live so painfully all his life as a father? What’s more, the Jiang family and the Li family’s past has not yet been finalized, and the prejudices should be put aside before the investigation is clear. In fact, Li Changqing knew in his heart that both of them were good children.

Jiang Baoning was guarding the empress dowager, when Li Qian came to pay her respects. Unexpectedly, Jiang Baoning saw Li Qian furious and drove Li Qian out, and the two of them fainted while pushing and shoving Baoning. Li Qian sent someone to investigate the great doctor beside the empress dowager, but found that the great doctor was leaving the capital in a hurry, and took away the personal records he wrote for the empress dowager.

Li Qian thought this was very strange, Li Qian sent the guard to search for this great doctor. The imperial physician in the palace found that Jiang Baoning was two months pregnant, but Baoning didn’t want this child. Li Qian hid in the dark and heard the imperial doctor persuade Baoning not to drink fetal medicine easily. Li Qian ran into Baoning’s bedroom and asked her whether she was too cruel to let her own child go. Baoning told Li Qian that the two were already there. Nothing to do, Li Qian ran out angrily.

Queen Mother Han heard that Jiang Baoning was pregnant but drank the fetal medicine again. She called Gao Miaorong to tell her that the time had come to repay her favor. Gao Miaorong went to the pharmacy to get the medicine and put it in Jiang Baoning’s room, taking this opportunity to steal the seal of the Empress Dowager.

Zhao Xiao went to the Imperial Medical Bureau to check Baoning’s medical records, and then looked at the medication records and found that Baoning had prescribed fetus protection and fetal fetuses. Zhao Xiao took the longan to see Jiang Baoning.

He deliberately tested whether Baoning was pregnant. Baoning took the opportunity to pour out the soup and pretended to have finished drinking. Zhao Xiao saw Baoning finished the soup and left happily. Jiang Baoning told his lover that the people in this palace are all looking forward to their depression, and he just couldn’t follow the wishes of these people.

Empress Dowager Han faked the empress dowager’s decree. She rubbed a copy of the Heli Yizhi that the Empress Dowager gave to Li Qian and Baoning before she was alive. She wanted to make it public before she entered the tomb. The Queen Mother Han gave Gao Miaorong an decree to let her go out of the palace to reunite with Li Lin for three days.

Gao Miaorong and Li Lin were reunited with a sad face. She told Li Lin that she had done something for the Queen Mother Han and committed a terrible disaster, but she couldn’t get away. Li Lin persuaded her. The Queen Mother Gao Miaorongdao Han threatened her with grace and persuaded her to leave as soon as possible.

Gao Miaorong agreed to Li Lin. At this time, the maid came to report that there was a big man outside the door asking for money. Gao Miaorong recognized that he was the person who beat Li Lin that day. After threatening and questioning, the big man said that it was the Queen Mother Han who bought them to beat Li Lin that day. Gao Miaorong only discovered the true face of Queen Mother Han, but she still decided to go to the palace because she still had things unresolved.

The dark guard Xie Jianfeng came to report to Zhao Xiao. He said that the god and ghost weapon map might be in the Li Mansion. He also told Zhao Xiao the truth about the Lijia Village massacre. He wanted to change his future. Xie Jianfeng also told Zhao Xiao that he had found a fish that slipped through the net in the Lijiashan Hall. Zhao Xiao told him to properly handle this person.

At this time, his subordinates reported that before the death of the Queen Mother, he had summoned Li Qian and became furious. Zhao Xiao was overjoyed when he heard the news, and he felt that he could take this opportunity to get rid of Li Qian. Gao Miaorong came to Li Qian and told him that the Queen Mother had forged the Queen Mother’s decree to make Li Qian and Jiang Baoning reconcile.

She also told Li Qian that the death of the Queen Mother had nothing to do with Li Qian, because the Queen Mother’s long-term use of the health prescription was slightly poisonous. He died when his body was overwhelmed. It was also the Queen Mother Han who designed Li Qian to enter the palace to meet the Queen Mother and make everyone misunderstand that the death of the Queen Mother is related to Li Qian.

In order to confirm Gao Miaorong’s words, Li Qian went to check whether the seal of the Queen Mother was lost, and the two rushed to the Queen Mother’s palace at night. What Li Qian did not expect was that he ran into Jiang Baoning as soon as he went out. Baoning asked why Li Qian appeared in the dowager’s palace. Li Qian did not tell the truth to prevent Baoning from worrying about it, but Baoning hated Li Qian even more because of this. They broke up unhappy.

Li Jiashan Tang, Xie Jianfeng deliberately led Qin Yu to kill her, but fortunately, the winter solstice and Qing’an appeared in time to rescue her. Qin Yu remembered that she gave birth to Qing’an after being rescued by King Qing. She shook Qing’an’s hand and said that she had finally found him. The three-day period was over, Gao Miaorong came to Li Qian again and asked him if he had a decision. In order to make Li Qian trust her, she put out all her savings and hoped that Li Qian could believe in herself, but Li Qian said Baoning didn’t want to see herself. ,

Gao Miaorong decided to go to Baoning by himself. Qin Yu and Qing An recognize each other, and Qin Yu cries bitterly when he learns that King Qing has passed away. It turned out that Qin Yu was originally named Zhang Yuqing, who was the apprentice of the master casting master Zhang Zeshi, Zhang Xiuhe was her senior sister, and Zhen Guogong was her senior brother. When the three senior brothers and sisters agreed to reunite in Lijiacun, they did not expect to cause a disaster.

In those days, the Zhen Guogong wanted Zhang Xiuhe to destroy the magic weapon plan so as not to invite murder, but Zhang Xiuhe refused to listen, and the two broke up unhappy. . But I didn’t expect Lijiacun to be slaughtered that night. The person who slaughtered the village was not the prince of Zhen Guo, but the Queen Mother Cao. But after Zhang Yuqing was rescued by Qingde, he was driven out of the palace by his princess envy and separated.

Gao Miaorong approached Baoning and told her about the Queen Mother Han’s plan. Baoning discovered that the seal of the Queen Mother was indeed missing. Gao Miaorong told Baoning that she wanted to commit crimes and make meritorious deeds, so she wanted to go high with Li Linyuan afterwards. So Baoning asked Gao Miaorong to go to the Imperial Medical Bureau to pretend to help Queen Mother Han perfume. She made two fragrances, one for tranquilizing and the other for ambergris, and mixed the two fragrances to Han Tongxin.

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