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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 37 Recap

Qingtai evaded Qing’an from chasing. Although he finally got rid of the chase, he left like this and was unwilling to do so. So he arranged for his subordinates to take Siqin into captivity, and wanted him to study weapons, hoping to use the strength of the weapon to make up for the shortcomings of the manpower, and perhaps even fight Qing’an, and in this way, he could chop off Qing’an’s right hand.

Li Qian hurried to the capital despite his old injuries, which made Wei be puzzled. Jin Xiao finally regained her consciousness and personally gave Dong Shanhu the clean face mud, which made Dong Shanhu very happy. Siqin Bucha was accidentally abducted by Qingtai’s people. Qingtai detained him in the weapon room and forced him to build weapons for him. Siqin told Qingtai that it was never weapons and conquests that made people surrender, but it was a pity that Qingtai would never understand.

In recent days, Baoning has been sleepy and dozing off again and again. This has made the lover very worried. She wanted to see her body by the doctor, but Baoning would rather not worry about her grandmother, and did not take this matter to heart. Li Qian came to visit Baoning in the capital, and admitted to Baoning, but Baoning was unwilling to forgive Li Qian.

Seeing this, Li Qian slapped himself and blamed himself that he should not take the grievances of the previous generation to anger Baoning, let alone hurt him. Li Qian hopes that Baoning can forgive himself and give himself a chance. He is willing to wait for Baoning’s reply. After Li Qian left, Baoning looked at the cakes Li Qian had brought, with tears and sadness.

Li Qian begged Li Changqing to perfect himself and Baoning. He was willing to bear the crime of unfilial piety and also be with Baoning. This made Li Changqing angry and almost beat Li Qian. People in the palace said that the Queen Mother announced that Li Qian had entered the palace, and Li Qian immediately set off to enter the palace upon hearing this. The empress dowager also wanted to test Li Qian because of Baoning’s concerns. Seeing that Li Qian came to meet him, he had to recite the other’s kindness between words.

Otherwise, as Li Qian was the son of the general manager, could he have the wealth and power today? Now, as a minister, taking charge of Jinxi and the King of Xinjiang, he treated Baoning in this way, which disappointed the Empress Dowager. The empress dowager wants to give them a reunion tomorrow. Li Qian said that he cannot live without Baoning, even if he does not have a position of power and has nothing, he would not want to lose Baoning.

Seeing that the Empress Dowager insisted on reunifying the Yizhi, Li Qian tore up the Yizhi in a panic, even threatening to die rather than reunite. But I don’t know that this move of the Empress Dowager was just to scare Li Qian, hoping that Li Qian would treat Baoning well in the future. And seeing Li Qian dared to tear his decree with his own eyes, and I can see that Li Qian will be able to protect Ning’s safety in the future.

Li Qian was kicked out of the palace and left desperately. On the other side, Susu persuaded Baoning to accept Li Qian again. Now Li Qian has opened his heart and is willing to reunite with Baoning again. But Baoning felt that the trust between the two had been broken, and it would be difficult to regain it.

Early the next morning, Baoning came to Shoukang Palace to visit the Empress Dowager. Hearing that the Queen Mother had not gotten up yet, Baoning hurriedly visited her grandmother and noticed that her hands were cold, but unexpectedly discovered that the Queen Mother was dead. Baoning hurriedly sought a doctor, but he did not know that the doctor had been bought by the Queen Mother. The doctor told the Empress Dowager Baoning that she was too old, and she went to the west with anxious blood and blood.

When the death knell rang in the palace, the emperor and all his officials learned that the Queen Mother had passed away. Boring was heartbroken because of the sudden death of the Queen Mother. Boring was grateful to her grandmother for protecting her forever. He only hopes that the two identities of the next life will be reversed, so that she will love and love her grandmother. Then Baoning learned from Aunt Meng that Li Qian had visited Shou Kangshou yesterday, and that the Empress Dowager tried to test Li Qian and wished to give a gift of Heli Yizhi. Hearing this, Baoning was furious, and went to the barracks to look for Li Qian before leaving the palace.

At this time, Li Qian outside the palace had learned the news of the death of the Empress Dowager, and was about to enter the palace to accompany Baoning. When Baoning saw Li Qian, he drew his sword at each other, reprimanding him for tearing up the book to his face, causing her grandmother to die in anger. In Baoning’s mind, no one can compare to her grandmother, but because of Li Qian, she didn’t even see her grandmother for the last time, so how could she be with Li Qian. Li Qian was willing to apologize with death. Baoning took out a gilt ball to attack Li Qian, and Li Changqing rushed to rescue Li Qian. Angrily, Li and Jiang’s grievances must be understood, and the gilt ball must be smashed with a sword.

The gilt ball was broken, and both Baoning and Li Qian were heartbroken. Bao Ning said that the fate of the two was gone, and goodbye was a stranger, and then turned and left. Mrs. Han went to prison later and released Gao Miaorong who was detained. Gao Miaorong congratulated the Queen Mother Han for fulfilling her wish. But Queen Mother Han was dissatisfied with this, and she had to get rid of Baoning, who was the princess of Jian Guo, to be at ease.

Bao Ning kept on guarding the empress dowager, and accompany Bao Ning to comfort and relieve her. At this time, Empress Dowager Han came to worship the Empress Dowager late at night, watching Baoning feel sad, and she wanted to fulfill Baoning’s filial piety, and asked Baoning to guard the royal tomb for the Empress Dowager. Although there was stunned obstruction, the Queen Mother also forced Baoning to press her handprint on the self-invitation form. Baoning almost pressed her fingerprints in a vague sense, but was fortunately blocked by Zhao Xiao who rushed over.

Zhao Xiao called the Queen Mother Han away and warned her that anyone who moved Princess Jianan would have moved him Zhao Xiao, and that he would bear the consequences in the future. Li Lin went into the palace to visit Gao Miaorong and apply medicine to her wounds. Gao Miaorong knew that Li Lin was called into the palace by the Queen Mother, and knew that the Queen Mother must have a plan. The Queen Mother, who was unable to make a plan, had another plan to deal with Baoning, and this plan required Gao Xiaorong’s help.

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