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People’s Property 突围 Episode 45 Recap

Lin Manjiang was admitted to the hospital and every move was monitored. Zhang Jiying told Qi Ben’an that Lin Manjiang is in a very bad situation now, so he didn’t want to say anything. I hope he will talk to Lin Manjiang and see if he can ask anything, such as the one billion transaction fee. Fan Jiahui received a call from Deep Throat saying that he wanted to break the news. Fan Jiahui bluntly asked him to report directly to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Lin Manjiang has been filed for review. Fan Jiahui also exposed the identity of the other party, Vice President Wang. The other party hurriedly hung up the phone. He didn’t have any actual evidence himself, and now he has nothing to report.

Lin Manjiang opened his eyes and was already in the hospital. Thinking back to what he said to Lin Xiaowei, Lin Man felt a little sad in his heart. Zhang Jiying asked Qi Benan to have a good talk with Lin Manjiang. Originally, she wanted to ask Cheng Duanyang to do Lin Manjiang’s work, but Cheng Duanyang refused to agree. Qi Benan understood Cheng Duanyang’s heartache. Cheng Duanyang must have regretted it. They regretted that the three of them should not be allowed to be so motivated. Maybe if they learn a technique honestly and stay in Jinglong Mine, such things won’t happen. Zhang Jiying sighed and said that the key lies in everyone’s choice, and Qi Benan made the right choice.

Qi Ben’an brought Lin Manjiang’s favorite dishes to see him. Lin Manjiang had no good impressions of him. Now Lin Manjiang was satisfied, and he didn’t want to see Qi Ben’an again. If Shi Hongxing did not betray her, he could still be protected for life. Qi Ben’an wanted to say that his protection had a prerequisite, but Lin Manjiang didn’t want to talk to him more.

Lin Manjiang turned his head, Qi Benan sat aside, remembering the time when the three were apprentices, but the three of them finally got to this point and fell apart. Qi Benan guarded Lin Manjiang all night, Lin Manjiang offered to chat with Qi Benan alone, he just wanted to have a drink with Qi Benan. Zhang Jiying chose to believe in Qi Benan. After the people from the Disciplinary Committee left the room, Qi Benan helped Lin Manjiang get up from the hospital bed, helped him put on clothes, made some dishes, and drank together.

Lin Manjiang asked Qi Ben’an to say if he had something to say. When Qi Ben’an asked him, hasn’t he repented to this day? Of course it was impossible. Lin Manjiang regretted sending Qi Ben’an to Jingzhou. He thought Qi Ben’an had really changed. But Qi Ben’an has never changed his original aspirations for so many years, but thought that Lin Manjiang had changed, but he did not expect that he was just to satisfy his own selfish desires.

Qi Ben’an sympathizes with Lin Manjiang very much. It is his selfish desires that are inflated by party zombies that led to today’s results. Lin Manjiang understood that when he took the first step, he couldn’t turn his head back when he made the first step. He hated Qi Benan’s boasting in front of him as a winner. Ideals and beliefs are something Lin Manjiang dare not face. But it was also a topic that they couldn’t move past. Everything that Lin Manjiang pursued was nothing in the end. How could a person like Fu Changming take care of Lin Xiaowei?

What’s more, those Lin Manjiang gave were a shackle to Lin Xiaowei. Lin Xiaowei is a sensible child. He told Qi Ben’an that he didn’t know what Lin Manjiang did, but as long as he knew what Lin Manjiang had done, he would hand in all the illegal gains to Lin Manjiang, hoping to alleviate Lin Manjiang’s crime. These words deeply hurt Lin Manjiang’s heart. Fu Changming was unreliable, and his greed and calculations were worthless. Lin Manjiang and Qi Benan have been entangled for a lifetime, and today he knows that Qi Benan is right.

Lin Manjiang suddenly awakened and confessed to the facts of the crime. He died of illness before the court sentence was pronounced. Fu Changming was sentenced to death, Jin Yijian was sentenced to five years in prison, Lu Jianshe was punished according to law, and Pi Dan was sentenced to three years for voluntarily making a report. All got the punishment they deserved. The consequences of Jingzhou March 28th were serious. Mayor Wu was dismissed, but everyone reacted greatly to Lu Deguang’s handling, hoping to keep a capable cadre for the common people. In the end, Lu Deguang was dismissed and took full-time responsibility for the transformation of the shanty town in Miner’s New Village.

Year 2014. The renovation of Jingzhou shanty towns was completed, the people moved into new homes, and great progress was made in fighting corruption and promoting integrity. This was a successful breakthrough in a difficult business situation.

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