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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 16 Recap

When Fang Jianming arrived at Huangquan Pass, it was late at night. During this period, he did not rest for a while, but learned from Tang Qian about the current situation. Fanghai City sent a message back to Huangquan Camp, telling the west gate of Lanz City that the defense was weak and easy to attack. Now she is trapped in the city lord’s mansion, and she has already prepared for the inside and outside.

At this time, Salia asked to see Fang Jianming, and she was the Kaman girl who was favored by Fanghai City, and her true identity was the leader of the Jiaman tribe. Because Fanghai City has repeatedly helped each other out, and Salia and Huku have blood feuds, she is willing to bring the whole family to contact Fang Jianming internally and save people from the city.

But after a while, King Youpudun announced to the outside world that he would marry Naxin concubine, and Huangquanying sent envoys to Lanz City to present gifts and congratulations. King You Bodun inspected these gifts and found no suspicious letters or symbols, so he ordered the people to send the objects to Fanghai City to please him. As everyone knows, Fang Hai city was surprised when he saw the finger, and hurriedly checked the other gifts. The whole box was full of supplies for the New Year’s Day. It was expected that Master would act on the next New Year’s Day.

The victory from Xiping Port returned to Tianqi. Emperor Xu was overjoyed and praised the battle to be beautiful, but he thought that Fang Jianming ran to Huangquanguan alone without reporting it. It was really horrible. Fang Zhuoying explained the reason for the master, saying that he is always well-defined, and if he acts in such a hurry, he must be in a critical condition. But in Di Xu’s view, Huangquanguan was calm and the waves were calm, and Fang Jianming did nothing more than for that lover, Fanghai City.

In Lingjin Division, everyone played with paper kites, but Lu Liu sat alone staring at the pearl bracelet in a daze. Fang Zhuoying passed by, standing behind her silently watching, until Zhe Liu turned his head, he had quietly left. Tiran put the kite in the direction of Zhunian, and cut the thin thread to return the kite to freedom.

Unexpectedly, the paper kite fell on Di Xu, and Liu Liu came out to look for it, mistakenly thinking that the paper kite in his hand was the one he had lost, and instantly panicked. Di Xu had a good impression on her because he had seen each other several times before, and Zheli was effective in curing rabbits, so when he saw the poems on the paper kite, he was very interested. Instead of blaming him, he exchanged the gift for the paper kite.

Salia brought her tribe and soldiers in disguise to Lanz City, dispersed their actions, and successfully got in touch with Zhang Chengqian. On the other hand, Fanghai City is still dealing with King You Bodun, wanting him to call himself Dawana, as long as he can kill Fang Jianming and seize Huangquan Pass, it will be sooner or later that the right part will occupy the grassland.

Because Fanghai city was so vowed and made no secret of his ambition, King You Bodun praised him and promised to hold a grand wedding for her. Fanghai City took the opportunity to propose that the wedding be scheduled for the next Lunar New Year. After obtaining the consent of King Ubudun, he personally distributed food to the prison.

A group of prisoners of war were confined in wooden cages, squeezed and squeezed to the ground. They were old and weak, as well as women and children. Fanghai City and Zhang Chengqian met and announced the good news quietly. When the splendid fireworks bloomed outside the city lord’s mansion, it was that she married King You Bodun and canonized the princess. In fact, she implied: “Action tonight, Fireworks are the number”.

Zhang Chengqian and others understood their hearts, so they blew the whistle on the grounds of celebration, and the little beggar squatting nearby distinguished the content of the whistle. The other generals of the tribe were afraid that Fanghai City would be suspicious, but King You Bodun knew that she had gone to the cell without any suspiciousness.

At this time, Ju Dianyi sent a message again, revealing that Fang Haishi was Fang Jianming’s lover. King You Bodun was so angry that he ordered the prisoners of war to be strictly guarded, and immediately beheaded if there was any change. Just when King Youpudun rebuked Fang Hai for deceiving himself and was disappointed, the fireworks outside the city were set off, and Fang Hai took the opportunity to jump out of the window and fled.

Fang Jianming appeared in time to rescue her, and the two shared a horse and ran out of the city. Fanghai City looked at the gorgeous fireworks in the distance and couldn’t help asking Master whether the fireworks on the day of marriage were beautiful tonight. But when Fang Haishi stated that he would not marry someone he did not love, Fang Haishi was excited, hugged him tightly, and leaned his head on his back.

As the drug gradually expired, Salia arranged for the tribe to take the opportunity to kill King Ubudun and regain the city. King You Bodun chased with a large number of people and horses, and the two masters and disciples of Fanghai City dodged with their horses. After a fierce battle, Fang Hai City even shot King You Bodun smoothly. The other half of Salia was captured by him, and King You Bodun was injured and hated Fang Haishi. However, King You Bodun had a murderous intention, and Fang Haishi was seriously injured when he blocked the sword for the master.

Reinforcements from Huangquan Camp arrived, but King Youbodun was outnumbered, so he had to order to retreat. Fang Jianming was worried about the safety of the sea and immediately took her back to the camp to treat the wound, and then entrusted Salia to take care of her. Since Huku had attacked Huangquan Pass several times before, it was only due to careful work. Di Xu, who was far away in Apocalypse City, asked Su Ming for his opinion. Seeing that his response was fairly objective, he would not be held accountable for the time being. He said that he would wait for careful investigation before he was taken back. , Let him send someone to respond.

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