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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 13 Recap

The army went all the way to the north, before the Qiyue Pass, and ordered the soldiers to be stationed and rested on the spot. Right now the Gobi was open and desolate, and there were no Leizhou business travellers or nomads on the way, and there were no people around, but Zhang Junhou was suspicious.

Because of the harsh climate in the North, every winter before the mountain is closed in October, there will be many business travelers rushing to transport goods into Kaman. It was supposed to be 130,000 people who spent the winter at Huangquanguan, but the road was surprisingly quiet. Incredible. While talking, the air suddenly changed. Compared with previous years, the first snow came earlier, which caught people off guard.

As the snow flakes became denser and the road ahead miles away gradually became unclear, Fu Junhou suddenly thought of the Fushan Glacier. If it snows in Hanzhou in September, I am afraid that the Huku pasture in August has been buried by heavy snow. Such a rare cold weather in decades has made the glacier an excellent place to travel, especially the nearby terrain is rugged, easy to cover people and horses, and the Kuku people are very likely to pass by.

The nearest place to the glacier is Shuijingtun, where business travelers exchange supplies. There are only more than two thousand troops stationed there, so Fanghai City believes that Shuijingtun is about to fall. Because the army was still holding rations for the winter of 130,000 people, it was difficult to get out of support for Shuijingtun for a while, Fanghai City decided to let Zhang Chengqian and Fu Yi return to the camp with grain, and she led a few soldiers to Shuijingtun to rescue people.

Far away in the Lingjin Division of the Apocalypse City, Fang Jianming took the initiative to find Ju Dianyi and retelled her about the old things, indicating that although the two parents had an agreement, he had vowed not to hide their private affairs or make a family, and to serve the country with their own lives. Doing his own merit, I also hope that Ju Dianyi will refrain from mistakes and tactfully refuse this marriage.

After Fang Jianming left, Ju Dianyi was distraught, and ordered the grenades to be brought to the brazier, and the wedding clothes that had been embroidered were cut into pieces, and they were thrown directly into the brazier and burned. At the same time, Fang Jianming sent people to move Fanghai’s things from Jifeng Pavilion into Zhaoming Palace. Fang Zhuoying was puzzled as to why Master’s words were duplicity, but Fang Jianming refuted that Fang Haishi thought too much, and he had never talked about most things. .

Late the next day, the army escorted winter grain to Huangquan Camp at the foot of Mount Biluo. Tang Gan heard that Huku had captured Shuijingtun, and under discussion, he wanted to lead his troops to help. Unexpectedly, it was noisy outside the door at this moment. A group of people was rushing towards Huangquan Camp. Everyone hurried out to greet them. Fanghai City was indeed the leader.

Now the three thousand Huku people have been defeated and nearly half have escaped. The rest refused to surrender, leaving more than twenty alive in the end. The soldiers stationed at Shuijingtun dug trenches at the exit of the glacier. Considering the lack of defense, they are now back to ask for some manpower. Tang Ganzi arranged for two lieutenants to lead the team to support, leaving Fanghai City in Huangquan Camp.

Despite the success of this battle, Shuijingtun also damaged many defenders, including Wu Chao, who were also injured. Tang Ganzi came to visit in person, and the few loyal little fans of the other sea market kept complimenting her for her bravery and fearlessness and proper tactics.

Tang Gan prepared a banquet and sighed during the feast when he saw the Fang family’s young man. He only felt that her appearance was exquisite, not like a military commander, but more biased towards staff and advisers. How could he know that she was a powerful role and quite popular. Fang’s demeanor also reminded him of Fang Jianming’s past heroic deeds.

Fang Hai responded politely, and couldn’t help thinking of Fang Jianming’s explanation to her on the eve of the expedition. As always, she was calm, and her usual tone urged her to guard Tang Ganzi fully, just like the guardian master, if one day she receives a letter from Beijing, regardless of the content, she must kill Tang Ganzi as soon as possible.

Under the proposal of Duoluo, King Zuopudun led the left to sneak into Shuijingtun overnight. It was those three thousand Huku people who played a role in making the plan go smoothly. The next step was the target Huangquanguan. On the other side, Fang Jianming noticed that there was an insider in the camp deliberately cutting off the news line of Huku, and explained that Fang Zhuoying was filling on the surface, but in fact he inserted other inside lines, and the two sides were divided into single lines. Neither interaction nor leakage of wind was allowed. Just wait. Timing leads the snake out of the hole.

Tilan learned that Fanghai City had won the first battle, and happily took the maid to Shuangping Lake to set off the lights. It happened that Dixu was so drunk, and since then, he mistakenly identified Tilan as a purple hairpin, and even forced him to kiss him with impatience and longing. Tilan pushed Di Xu away subconsciously, and couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to pull it, but both fell into the lake with him.

After everyone sent Di Xu back to the bedroom, Di Xu still called the name of the purple hairpin when he was in a coma, and Ti Lan felt very distressed when he saw this. The next day Dixu woke up and saw Tilan staying by the bedside all night. He was both surprised and moved. He always rewarded and punished clearly. He did not want to owe favors. So he asked Tilan to go back to Yu’an Palace to rest and ordered the rabbit to be small. Obediently send it to her.

Fang Jianming met with Emperor Xu early in the morning and discussed with him the detailed network cables of Hanzhou and the safety deployment of Huangquanguan, thus suspecting that the battle between Huku and Shuijingtun was not superficially simple. Emperor Xu’s gossip started Fang Jianming was concerned about his apprentice Haishi, and by the way also urged him to marry Ju Dianyi as soon as possible.

But as soon as he said this, Fang Jianming refused without hesitation. At the same time, he hoped that Emperor Xu would take the Jiangshan society as the most important thing, and stop reluctantly to him. Considering that Ju Dianyi’s hard work in recent years, especially the marriage promised before, has completely failed, Di Xu simply decided to give her full responsibility for filling the new eyeliner of Huku to compensate her. Originally, Fang Jianming didn’t agree at all, but at Di Xu’s insistence, he had to send Fang Zhuoying to hand over with Ju Dianyi.

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