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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 12 Recap

Tan Xuanlin and Xu Guangyao followed the clues to the dock. Tan Xuanlin was still analyzing the scene, and saw Xu Guangyao jump into the water without saying a word, splashing a pool of water. The people next to him thought Xu Guangyao had found Wanqing and hurriedly wanted to go into the water to save people, but Tan Xuanlin stopped it.

Tan Xuanlin observed the shore, where the ruts were smooth and there were no brake marks, indicating that the driver did not turn the direction or brake when he deviated from the route to the place where he fell into the water. When he fell into the water, he would definitely be leaning on its side, and it would definitely not be what it is now, so Wanqing was not in the car.

After searching the entire dock, Wanqing was not found. Tan Si accidentally ran into two suspicious soldiers, and before he could get a clear question, he pulled out his gun. Tan Siyan was quick with his hands, and killed two of them first. Here, Tan Xuanlin found a suspicious warehouse, and indeed found the group of gangsters here.

The gangster took Wanqing to escape, but he did not know that he encountered Xu Guangyao. Xu Guangyao immediately took out his pistol and killed the criminals one by one. Xu Guangyao hurriedly walked to Wanqing’s side and hugged her panicked tightly. Not far away, a sniper rifle was pointed in their direction, Xu Guangyao twisted his body, and the bullet that had been aimed at Wanqing passed through Xu Guangyao’s chest. Standing on a high place, Tan Xuanlin saw this with worry on her face, and immediately killed the sniper. Wanqing was overwhelmed and fainted to the ground, Tan Xuanlin quickly hugged her and rushed to the hospital.

Knowing that Xu Guangyao had been shot, Min Dacheng was in a panic, for fear that Xu Bojun would blame him. Hearing that his subordinates had taken care of everything and disguised the murderer as a member of the militia, Min Dacheng was relieved. Knowing that Wanqing is fine from the housekeeper, a trace of disappointment flashed across Cui Lianfeng’s face. When she learned that Xu Guangyao was injured and unconscious, she was at a loss and almost collapsed to the ground in fright.

Xu Guangyao lost too much blood and needed a blood transfusion urgently. Tan Xuanlin didn’t think much about it, and hurriedly took the initiative to do a blood transfusion. Wanqing woke up and hurriedly asked about Xu Guangyao’s situation. Seeing him unconscious, Wanqing seemed to be empty in her heart.

Wanqing inadvertently learned that Tan Xuanlin had been sending someone to protect her quietly, and was very grateful. Facing Wanqing’s grateful eyes, Tan Xuanlin was a little shy, and joked that Wanqing was her own God of Wealth. As he spoke, he consciously took out a handkerchief to wipe the blood on Wanqing’s face. But Wanqing hid back subconsciously, Tan Xuanlin’s hand suddenly hung in the air, smirked, and handed the handkerchief to Wanqing.

Xu Guangyao’s situation is not optimistic, and surgery is urgently needed. But Xu Guangyao’s special status, the hospital was afraid of not being able to shoulder this responsibility, so they approached Tan Xuanlin to discuss the matter. Tan Xuanlin didn’t think too much, just thinking about saving people as soon as possible, so he prepared to sign the operation consent form. But Wu Xiangying grabbed the surgical consent and blamed the hospital for shirking responsibility.

Wanqing was worried that it would be delayed. Xu Guangyao was more ill-tempered, so he took the notice and wanted to sign it. Tan Xuanlin had no choice but to win the notice and signed his name. After the doctor got the consent form, he was relieved to prepare for the operation boldly. Wu Xiangying blamed Tan Xiulin for being too impulsive and failing to consider the consequences. Wanqing reminded Wu Xiangying that instead of entangled in the matter here, it is better to get a medical record book for proof.

Xu Bojun and others rushed to the hospital and pointed to Tan Xuanlin’s nose to ask the teacher. Fortunately, news came that Xu Guangyao was out of danger, and everyone shook hands to make peace. It was just another bad news that Xu Bojun took over the gangsters and claimed that the gangsters were all members of the militia. Tan Xuanlin smiled at the corner of her mouth, but her eyes were harsh. He questioned Xu Bojun, he wanted to put the charges on his own Tan Jiajun.

Xu Bojun deliberately targeted Tan Xiulin and asked him to show evidence that the murderers were not his Tan Jiajun soldiers. But Tan Xuanlin asked Xu Bojun, how did he know that these were not fakes. Xu Bojun widened his eyes and raised his voice, saying that his son was still lying in the hospital and he was unsure whether he was alive or dead. Tan Xuanlin must give an explanation.

Min Dacheng received a letter from Xu Bojun, and the other party asked him to make up for his merits and try to take the matter of Tan Jiajun’s kidnapping of Wanqing. Wanqing thought about it, feeling anxious, and hurried to the patrol room. Seeing that Tan Xiulin and Xu Bojun were arguing, Wanqing stepped forward to inform everyone that she knew who the murderer was.

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