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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 11 Recap

The people surrounded the cotton mills, holding banners high, and yelling “increased wages! Increased wages!” The owner of the cotton mill had a headache, so they had to visit Tan Xiulin in person. The bosses said frankly that the soldiers placed in the cotton mills really made them miserable. Although the soldiers are full of energy, the work of the cotton mills still requires technology in the final analysis. They simply lowered the efficiency of the entire factory. For cotton mills, efficiency is the lifeblood.

Moreover, not only did these soldiers do a poor job, they still get the same wages as the skilled workers. Although the Chamber of Commerce will provide subsidies, skilled workers will inevitably be dissatisfied and advocate wage increases. But now that the cotton yarn industry is cold, where the bosses can get the money, they can only ask Tan Xuanlin to send Tan Jiajun away. Tan Yunlin pretended to be troubled, and bluntly said that he had already had three chapters with the Warlord’s Mansion, and he could not help much.

The mill owners turned to Mu Zhiyuan to complain. Mu Zhiyuan approached Xu Bojun to discuss the matter, but hit a nail. The old and cunning Xu Bojun couldn’t guess Tan Xuanlin’s ghost thoughts, but he wanted to see what else Tan Xuanlin could do, and then he could use it to grab his handle.

Wanqing discussed the matter with Tan Xuanlin. In the final analysis, this incident can be considered as expected, so don’t worry too much. But Wanqing felt that Tan Xuanlin had been particularly indifferent to herself recently, as if she had changed a person, and she really didn’t know where she had provoke him. Unexpectedly, Tan Xuanlin replied coldly. He thought Wanqing liked this kind of upright gentleman. Wanqing hurriedly denied. Tan Xuanlin seemed to have caught some light, and turned her head to ask Wanqing if she likes herself like this. Wanqing was a little shy and hurriedly denied it. Tan Xuanlin was disappointed, turned around and left.

The Bund businessman Joseph’s cat was brutally killed. He insisted that it was the revolutionary army, and began to worry about his life, so he asked Tan Xuanlin to send soldiers to protect himself. But Tan Xuanlin was in trouble. He bluntly said that he was just a shell commander. However, he also reminded Joseph that he could go to Fei Anton to try. In this way, Xu Bojun will be easier to handle. As expected by Tan Xuanlin, as soon as Fei Anton spoke, Xu Bojun immediately agreed to establish a militia. However, Xu Bojun also kept an eye on it. If the civic group does not work well, then the civic group can be justified and abolished.

Cui Lianfeng thought that Wanqing was a little girl who could not be on the stage, but after these days of getting along, she knew that she underestimated her. Cui Lianfeng asked Min Dacheng to discuss countermeasures. The other party thought of a way to get rid of Wanqing without knowing it.

In a blink of an eye, it was New Year’s Eve, and the sky of Shanghai city was full of brilliant fireworks. Tan Xuanlin carefully wiped the pistol left by his father, feeling full of emotion in his heart. Thinking of my sister Tan Sangyu, I couldn’t help but look forward to her future, hoping that she could find a good family to live a good life. And the Mu family gathered around the courtyard to watch the fireworks.

Only Wanqing stood alone upstairs, looking at the cheering people downstairs, as if everything here was strange. She looked up at the dazzling fireworks, and couldn’t help taking out the peace charm on her chest. At this moment, Tan Xuanlin, who possessed another peace symbol, also looked up at the sky, and couldn’t help but think of Wanqing.

On the day of the inauguration ceremony of the militia armed forces, Mu Zhiyuan had planned to go with Wanqing to congratulate him, but Mu Wanting suddenly became uncomfortable, so he had to let Wanqing go first. Who knows that Wanqing actually encountered robbers on the road. Then, news of Wanqing’s kidnapping spread to Mu Mansion, and Tan Xuanlin also learned of it shortly afterwards.

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