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People’s Property 突围 Episode 44 Recap

Qian Rongcheng returned to his dilapidated factory. The little hamster he raised was dead. The bodyguard said that the people of Changming Group had gone to the blast furnace. Qian Rongcheng went up without saying a word, but he went up but found no other people, those two bodyguards Mao Mao. Liu Maoqi looked at him with a complicated expression and forced him to jump from here to commit suicide. Qian Rongcheng was desperate and jumped from here. Li Shundong went to surrender, he waved to Qin Xiaochong, and resolutely walked into the Public Security Bureau.

Cheng Duanyang asked Pi Dan to surrender. Pi Dan tried his best to slip away and was blocked by Cheng Duanyang. Pi Dan sighed and said that if he went to surrender Lin Manjiang, he would be killed. Cheng Duanyang was surprised and hurriedly called. To Qi Benan, saying that Pi Dan wanted to clarify the situation with him face to face, Qi Benan asked Niu Junjie to go with him. Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie opened the recording when they saw Pi Dan.

Pi Dan admitted that Fu Changming gave the villa to him because of the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine transaction. He wanted to give it to Lin Manjiang but he didn’t want it, so Fu Changming bought it for Lin Manjiang. The business plane was used to facilitate him to go to Hong Kong to see a doctor, because Lin Manjiang had cancer.

Qi Ben’an, Cheng Duanyang, and Niu Junjie were startled when they heard this, and they didn’t know when this happened. Pi Dan confessed that it has been a year since Lin Manjiang had cancer, and he frequently went to Hong Kong to treat the disease. This truth surprised everyone. Pi Dan went on to say that Lin Manjiang was suffering from bone cancer, and he was already dying. Sometimes he needed makeup. The physical examination reports over the years had been done internally. He also said that he would die without regret as long as he could be promoted to the next level.

Soon after Mao Liu Maoqi was sentenced to death, Rongcheng Iron and Steel started the road to rebirth. Lin Manjiang was also investigated in an all-round way. With Pi Dan’s confession, the truth about Lin Manjiang’s economic corruption gradually emerged. The next step is to arrest Lin Manjiang. Lin Manjiang was forced to land in Jingzhou when he returned to Beijing from Hong Kong on the Changming ship. Lin Manjiang and Fu Changming, who received the news, figured out something was wrong, but they couldn’t go back.

After Qian Rongcheng’s fall, his wife sent Qi Ben’an the recording materials, and Niu Junjie sent them to Zhang Jiying and Secretary Xu. Qi Ben’an’s mood at this moment is complicated. Lin Manjiang realized that Qian Rongcheng’s death was not easy, and asked Fu Changming if he had moved his hands and feet, but Fu Changming said that Qian Rongcheng was desperate.

Lin Manjiang did not ask any more questions, he could see that Fu Changming was eyeing Qi Ben’an again, and asked him to be very careful to protect their capital empire and stop all actions of Qi Ben’an. The billion shares left by Lin Manjiang were originally in the name of Lin Xiaowei. In order not to let people find fault, Lin Manjiang transferred to Fu Changming. Lin Manjiang couldn’t worry about Lin Xiaowei. Now he was fascinated by Lu Deguang and wanted to take care of the mess in the shanty town. As he said, Lin Manjiang had an attack and passed out.

Lu Deguang convened a meeting to discuss the abolition of Document 24. He sincerely hoped that everyone would think about it from the perspective of ordinary people. In the end, the resolution was passed, and Lu Deguang once again sincerely thanked everyone. Qi Ben’an is in a complicated mood at this moment, but he understands that he is guarding the people’s property and must not guard himself against theft.

When the Changming landed, Lin Manjiang was already unconscious, so he was escorted to the hospital by the police when he got off the plane. Niu Junjie told Shi Hongxing that Lin Manjiang had completely collapsed and her laptop played a big role. In fact, she has always been a smart person. But none of them thought that Lin Manjiang was already dying ill. Niu Junjie also reminded Shi Hongxing not to let Lin Manjiang cheat over there. Niu Junjie fell asleep on the sofa holding the portrait of Shi Hongxing, and it was dawn when he woke up.

Lu Jianshe borrowed 500,000 yuan with the note approved by Pi Dan. He didn’t expect that Finance said that Pi Dan’s signature was no longer useful. Cheng Duanyang sent Pi Dan to the Public Security Bureau to surrender, and watched the two apprentices fall and sent her son to jail. Although she could not bear the training of the party for a lifetime, she would never tolerate it in the face of major disputes. His life is nearing the end, and Qi Ben’an still adheres to the principles after so many experiences, which can be regarded as comforting for Cheng Duanyang.

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