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People’s Property 突围 Episode 43 Recap

Qin Xiaochong is a talented person, but if there is a case, Fan Jiahui will not let him report back to the agency. She can only comfort Qin Xiaochong to wait patiently for the process. Qi Benan persuaded Qian Rongcheng to hand over the evidence to him as soon as possible, but Qian Rongcheng said he would consider it. Fu Changming has sent a shared message, and someone may start to attack Qian Rongcheng. Niu Junjie continued to look through his notebook. Shi Hongxing also remembered the record about Lin Manjiang letting them transfer Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine at a low price.

Today is Niu Shiyan’s birthday. Li Shundong wanted to celebrate her birthday, but Niu Shiyan hung up the phone without saying a word. Fan Jiahui persuaded her to reconsider Li Shundong. She could see that this person was good and was very concerned about Niu Shiyan, but Niu Shiyan also needed to think about it. Niu Junjie asked Niu Shiyan to get back Shi Hongxing’s last notebook from get off work, and called Qi Ben’an to ask him to meet the situation. Qi Ben’an said that it was not convenient for him and decided to find him at home.

Cheng Duanyang came to Pi Dan again, and Pi Dan hid in Wu Sitai’s office to let him deal with it. Wu Sitai faltered and said that Pidan was on a business trip again and asked her to wait. Lu Jianshe heard that Cheng Duanyang was here again and asked Wu Sitai to invite her to sit in his office. He guessed that Pi Dan did not put the villa under Cheng Duanyang’s name, but quietly remembered it in his own place. Wu Sitai was surprised. Unexpectedly, Cheng Duanyang went directly into Wu Sitai’s office and asked Pi Dan to settle accounts. Just now, Wu Sitai promised Lu Jianshe not to talk about the villa, and turned around to persuade Cheng Duanyang not to talk about the villa here.

Qin Xiaochong squatted down on the roadside disheartenedly. Fortunately, Mine Manager Chen confessed that he had been instructed to frame Qin Xiaochong. Qin Xiaochong recovered his innocence, but he did not know how he should go in the future. But at least, Qin Xiaochong can go to see his daughter, and he can tell his daughter that he is not a bad person.

Weiwei was very excited when she saw Qin Xiaochong, and the scene of the meeting between her father and daughter was very moved. Weiwei didn’t want Qin Xiaochong to leave anymore, Qin Xiaochong was full of sadness and made a bet with her to let her study hard, and they worked hard together. Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie found that everything is reasonable and compliant on the surface, but the problem is indeed not small.

Pi Dan took Cheng Duanyang home and said that he was very dissatisfied with his attitude. He felt that Cheng Duanyang, a model worker, had no value in talking about him every day. Cheng Duanyang slapped him in anger. The honor of the organization was bought by money. Is it? Cheng Duanyang must be responsible for Pi Dan’s future.

She didn’t want to watch Pi Dan spend the rest of her life in prison, but Pi Dan couldn’t hear a word. Li Shundong celebrated Niu Shiyan’s birth. Tan had an accident during the day, and he might even have to go in. The debts he owed were always repaid. Li Shundong seemed relatively calm. Niu Shiyan asked what Angel Company should do, and Li Shundong planned to let Qin Xiaochong take over. He was the only candidate.

Li Shundong called Qin Xiaochong, and Qin Xiaochong didn’t plan to be the vice president of Angel Company because Zhou Jieling was cheated of 700,000 yuan to collect debts and wanted to stay to see the children. But Li Shundong said that the current situation is very bad, so he still hopes Qin Xiaochong can agree. Li Shundong took out the cake. He just wanted to celebrate Niu Shiyan’s birthday, hoping she could forget herself after tonight. Li Shundong sang her birthday song, but Niu Shiyan’s eyes were full of tears.

Zhang Jiying told Qi Ben’an that Lin Manjiang had gone to Hong Kong again. Qi Ben’an believed that Lin Manjiang’s regular visit to Hong Kong must be tricky. Maybe he still has some business in Hong Kong or has interests in dealings with Fu Changming. I hope Zhang Jiying will check with the relevant authorities. Qi Ben’an found Niu Junjie, played the music carefully before daring to talk to him carefully, saying that their evidence was insufficient, but Qian Rongcheng had audio and video recordings. Niu Junjie worries that Qian Rongcheng will be silenced by others, after all, it has touched other people’s cheese.

Li Shundong persuaded Qin Xiaochong and Zhou Jieling to remarry. Qin Xiaochong didn’t think about it for the time being. He thought about it all night last night and thought that Angel Company was going to go on. Li Shundong decided to voluntarily surrender after finishing Qian Rongcheng’s affairs. He couldn’t know what he had done in the past few years. It was only two or three years.

As soon as Qian Rongcheng’s front foot arrived, his bodyguard Mao Liu reported to Fu Changming. Qian Rongcheng brought the original creditor’s rights. Li Shundong and Qian Rongcheng said that they would build a creditor’s rights and debt platform, and he could just put the creditor’s rights on the platform. Qian Rongcheng happily signed the contract, and suddenly received a call saying that Fu Changming was going to buy a railway line and left happily. He even forgot to take the bag. Cheng Duanyang kept Pi Dan all night and asked him to surrender, otherwise he would personally report him.

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