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People’s Property 突围 Episode 42 Recap

At that time, everyone was full of hope for New China. Later, the Li Georges family posted it. Only a few people knew that the Li family had made great contributions. Zhang Jiying is worried that Fu Changming will be another Li George, but in terms of character, it is very different.

Fan Jiahui asked Qi Benan what to do next. She only now knows that there are many people in the Zhongfu Group who oppose Lin Manjiang. Qi Benan didn’t know this before, and it gradually became clear as the situation developed. Tong Gehua persuaded Lin Manjiang to call Cheng Duanyang, but Pi Dan was forced to take it back and asked him to return the villa. Lin Manjiang gave in and decided to return the villa and let her go. Niu Junjie carefully read the notebook left by Shi Hongxing. The incident that Fu Changming sent to the villa in 2008 was clearly recorded. Niu Junjie quickly called Qi Ben’an to report.

Fan Jiahui, Li Shundong, and Niu Shiyan helped Qin Xiaochong contact Captain Wang and Wang Zihe to help Qin Xiaochong vindicate Zhaoxue. Niu Shiyan put the ugly words on the front, saying that he would let the facts speak. Qin Xiaochong recounted the night when he was arrested two years ago, he received a deepthroat report call and took out the recording. Qin Xiaochong was framed, he just wanted an innocence.

Captain Wang said that Qin Xiaochong made two calls to Wang Zihe one after another after receiving the call. Wang Zihe also testified that he still had information about two mines, and that the person who reported the arrest of Qin Xiaochong was not Niu Junjie, but Pi Dan. Qin Xiaochong was always wrong, and the person who framed him was not Niu Junjie. Later, Qin Xiaochong made an appointment with Mr. Chen Xiaoshulin, and his voice sounded drunk.

Qin Xiaochong hurriedly recalled the specific events that happened two years ago, but he didn’t think of how he communicated with the head of mine Chen when he wanted to break his head. Niu Shiyan was only busy crying that night, she didn’t know what happened. Captain Wang went to the prison to verify the situation with Chief Chen. Qin Xiaochong was very sad when he saw the hope of being rehabilitated, and asked Fan Jiahui if he could not come back to be a reporter.

Qian Rongcheng came to talk to Qi Ben’an, and he had evidence of Fu Changming’s bribery, not only audio recordings but also video recordings. Qian Rongcheng said that he had arrived at the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, but he didn’t dare to go in, because if he couldn’t get them, Qian Rongcheng would be killed by them, so Qian Rongcheng wanted to cooperate with Qi Benan, and Qi Benan immediately nodded and said that it was okay to give it to himself. But Qi Ben’an was also defensive against Qian Rongcheng. No one can blame him for coming to this day.

Qian Rongcheng said instead that Fu Changming was rich and unkind. Qian Rongcheng learned that he had found Qi Ben’an and felt dangerous. Qian Rongcheng’s bodyguard reported this incident. Pi Dan begged Niu Junjie to raise his hand to give him Shi Hongxing notebook, but Niu Junjie and Lin Manjiang have never finished in this life, of course he refused to give it, and the two broke up unhappily. Niu Junjie continued to open his notebook, which recorded the capital increase of Changming Insurance.

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