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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 14 Recap

Wei Lianggong left Ren’s family in tears. He was so heartbroken because of how reluctant he was to give up. Ren Rufeng felt that the current Ren family could no longer withstand any wind and rain, so he would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go. Regardless of whether Wei Lianggong has done anything to hurt Ren’s family, he shouldn’t stay in Ren’s family again. Shu Fang didn’t think so. The reason why the Ren family became what it is today was Ren Rufeng.

He drove away Wei Lianggong and married himself just to make him feel at ease. Ren Rufeng didn’t remember that he had said something like this. The book said that these were all said by Ren Rufeng when he had a fever, and everyone had heard it. Ren Rufeng wanted to explain that she didn’t mean it, but Shu Fang didn’t listen. She even let them get together and relax.

After Wei Lianggong came out of Ren’s house, he didn’t return to Shantang Street. He went to his mother’s tomb alone. The snow was heavy and the temperature was extremely low. When Wei Lianggong was found by Zeng Baoqin, his body was already extremely weak. Shen Cuixi was making the brocade in the embroidery room. She embroidered the picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water that Zeng Baoqin said, and it was almost finished, but she finally cut the brocade with scissors.

Shu Fang couldn’t bear to see Shen Cuixi so depressed, she asked Shuyan privately to find out if Wei Lianggong lived in Shantang Street. This happened to be heard by Ren Rufeng, and Ren Rufeng had a deeper misunderstanding of her. Many of the servants talked about Shu Fang and Ren Rufeng, saying that they could not make it. The person who thought of Shu Fang was actually Wei Lianggong. Hearing these words, Ren Rufeng didn’t let out his anger no matter how unhappy.

When Li Zhao went to Shantang Street, he first asked about Wei Lianggong’s illness, and then mentioned about accepting Ren Xiushan as a disciple. Zeng Baoqin responded cautiously. Since the last time Li Zhao asked Ding Rong to do the wicked thing, Ding Rong disappeared without being seen. Li Zhao couldn’t help being angry when he saw him reappear. But Ding Rong was still useful to him, so Li Zhao asked him to stare at Shen Cuixi to see when she went out and who she saw when she went out. If Ding Rong was unwilling this time, he couldn’t help but do it.

Wei Liang’s bow disease was also carving the little wooden figure. Zeng Baoqin took a look and found that the little wooden figure he carved had the charm of Shen Cuixi. Wei Lianggong saw her look different, he himself took a closer look at the little wooden man, and suddenly realized that the person he had been in love with and was in love with was Shen Cuixi.

In grief, Wei Lianggong vomited blood into a coma, and Zeng Baoqin panicked asked Ruyi to invite the doctor over. Shen Cuixi heard that Shu Fang and Ren Rufeng had quarreled, and she persuaded Shu Fang to apologize to him. Later, when Shu Fang saw Ren Rufeng in the accountant, he chased out and apologized. Ren Rufeng couldn’t overcome the hurdle in his heart, and what Shu Fang said was not unreasonable.

It is not so much that he is angry with Shufang, it is better to say that he is angry with himself. Seeing Ren Rufeng left, Shu Fang couldn’t help but sit down and cry sadly. Ren Rufeng liked her, so she was naturally reluctant to let her cry here, and came back again and handed her a veil to wipe her tears. . Wei Lianggong was not in good health. He always coughed after contracting the cold. He vomited blood and never told Zeng Baoqin.

Zeng Baoqin heard from the doctor that Wei Lianggong’s internal organs had been damaged. But there is still a silver lining, and she is willing to give it a try. She knelt in front of Ren’s house, causing people around to whisper. Shen Cuixi asked Shu Fang to ask Zeng Baoqin why she was looking for her. Zeng Baoqin told the truth that Shu Fang allowed her to enter Ren’s residence, but once she entered this gate, Zeng Baoqin was Ren’s concubine.

As soon as Zeng Bao gritted his teeth, he stepped into the door of Ren’s family and knelt outside Shen Cuixi’s door willingly. Shen Cuixi finally decided to meet Zeng Baoqin, but not at the mountain pond, but on the edge of a small mountain cliff in the outskirts. Shen Cuixi didn’t believe that Wei Lianggong was sick, but she said that as long as Zeng Baoqin jumped from here to the cold lake below, she believed that what Zeng Baoqin said was true.

Zeng Baoqin really wanted to jump down, but was stopped by Shen Cuixi. Zeng Baoqin told her that Wei Lianggong did not say that he wanted to see Shen Cuixi, but Zeng Baoqin could tell from the little wooden figures he carved that the person he liked was Shen Cuixi. Zeng Baoqin begged her to take a look at Wei Lianggong, even a single glance would give him the hope of living.

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