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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 12 Recap

The joy of Xu Qingyou’s move, Fang Qi and Xu Wei came to the house to sing and dance. Just after leaving the two-person property, they came to the door and conveyed Mo Lingze’s words. They should complain to Xu Qingyou and remind Xu Qingyou to pay attention to the rest time. The accused can harass the people by making loud noises.

The courier that Xu Qingyou bought was piled up at the door, and Mo Lingze complained to the property, accusing Xu Qingyou of occupying the public passage to clean up within a limited time. Xu Qingyou was wondering where the neighbors with so many things came from. Mo Lingze.

Mo Lingze found out that his neighbor was Xu Qingyou and withdrew the complaint, but he also ridiculed that Xu Qingyou was so different every time he played. Xu Qingyou felt that his life was hard to meet the neighbor Mo Lingze, and it was a lingering shadow. . Fang Qi and Xu Qingyou went for a swim, and the analysis guessed that Mo Lingze would not be here, but it was unexpected that the swimmer they would have liked, Mo Lingze turned out to be Mo Lingze after taking off the sunglasses, which made Xu Qingyou and Fang Qi Suddenly embarrassed, Fang Qi went into the water happily, but Xu Qingyou just came to learn to swim at all.

Mo Lingze watched Xu Qingyou sitting on the shore and was accosted by a man, and ran over and pulled Xu Qingyou aside with anger, almost wrapped Xu Qingyou in a large bath towel with orders, blaming Xu Qingyou for not Will swim and come here.

Fang Qi returned home and found two more pairs of slippers. Originally the pink was bought by Xu Wei for Fang Qi, but Fang Qi thought it was too damn, so he just snatched the slippers from Xu Wei’s feet. The two water cups were also pink and blue. Fang Qi asked which one was hers. Xu Wei had no choice but to say that they could be Fang Qi’s.

Fan Yunxi bought a car to give it to Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou instinctively refused. Fan Yunxifei wanted to give Xu Qingyou the key. He happened to be seen by Mo Lingze again. Mo Lingze satirized Fan Yunxi’s sarcasm. Fan Yunxi was angry and drove. Leave.

Xu Wei deliberately drew a picture for Fang Qi, and deliberately stewed a pot of fish soup for Fang Qi, imagining that the two fell asleep unknowingly as they were happy in couple costumes. When Fang Qi came back, he found the oil painting accidentally, and left home without saying anything.

Lin Siyu was struggling to pursue Mo Lingze and couldn’t get it, and couldn’t help but call Wang Ji out to complain, worrying that Mo Lingze liked men. Wang Ji promised to be with Mo Lingze every day, and Mo Lingze definitely didn’t like men. Lin Siyu asked about the relationship between Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou. From Wang Ji’s point of view, the two were tit-for-tat, and they were hiding murderous intentions. Lin Siyu asked Wang Ji to help test them.

The next day, when Xu Qingyou went to work, he received a bunch of flowers. It stated that they were sent by Mo Lingze. Xu Qingyou felt a little uneasy. He even felt that Mo Lingze had no good intentions and threw the flowers into the trash. bucket. Wang Ji got another bunch of flowers and placed them in Mo Lingze’s office, claiming to be given by Le Mi’s people, deliberately making Mo Lingze suspect that it was Xu Qingyou, but Mo Lingze acted quietly and let Wang Ji see it. It doesn’t come out.

Xu’s father made an appointment with Xu Qingyou and Fan Yunxi, hoping to talk to the two so that Xu Qingyou and Fan Yunxi could be together, and accused Xu Qingyou of not being satisfied with finding such a good man as Fan Yunxi. Xu Qingyou explained that the two had broken up. It is better to break up now than to get married or divorced. With a single sentence, Xu’s father was furious and scolded Xu Qingyou for being disobedient in school and looking for a job. He was so busy in a small company. Not promising, and compared Xu Qingyou with Li Yun, thinking that Xu Qingyou was inferior to others, and he was not obedient and unconvinced.

Xu Qingyou was angry that his father didn’t think about their happiness at all, and everything only took into account his own feelings. As long as Xu’s father felt unsuitable, he was unwilling. In Xu Qingyou’s opinion, the reason why her father wanted her to marry Fan Yunxi was because she was inferior to Li Yun in her father’s eyes. Only by marrying a good husband could he get back the game. All his father did was just for the sake of Only his own face.

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