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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 18 Recap

Wang Xiaoan He Feng shot a video to help Ye Nan survive

They go out to eat together. Watching Ye Nan and Lin Jinjin spread dog food, Wang Xiaoan asked them if they ordered shrimp? He Feng said something, and then Wang Xiaoan said that she hadn’t eaten it, and asked He Feng to peel her shrimps. When Lin Jinjin saw it, she said that she also wanted to eat shrimps. Ye Nan said that she had sensitive skin recently and couldn’t eat seafood. Lin Jinjin acted like a baby, so she would eat one, and Wang Xiaoan had eaten all, she would eat one, Ye Nan said no.

Wang Xiaoan asked Master to tell him the truth if something happened in the store. Ye Nan said it was okay, and then Wang Xiaoan asked Lin Jinjin to say it again. She said that the rent in the store had risen, and the turnover was not open for a while, so she used to raise money for this, but Ye Nan refused to say that she would rather sell the university at a low price than collect it. Ye Nan said that it is normal for them to make a profit and lose money in business, and let them continue to eat.

Two hours have passed since I was in the ski shop. Only 11 people came in, and eight of them were hanging out, and there were two people left, one of whom also accompany the other to rent a snow suit. Wang Xiaoan said that this is the case, and his master does not need to be anxious or slow. She said that she had some liquid funds in her hand, which she could lend to Ye Nan at any time. But Ye Nan was like this. He wanted to face and suffer. Wang Xiaoan once helped him pay the rent. She wrote an IOU immediately after debut, and she had to take Wang Xiaoan to do a notarization.

Lin Jinjin doesn’t know how to improve the store’s performance. He Feng is a technical man, and he is not very clear about management. Wang Xiaoan suddenly thought that they could do video promotion. But they can’t just advertise and no one pays attention, they can make an account first, and then promote. Hyun technology videos are the most attracting traffic, they can attract eyeballs with any jump, and they are called great gods. If this is the case, Wang Xiaoan can too.

Wang Xiaoan came to be a dazzling actress, and He Feng helped her shoot. It turned out that there was a problem with the camera, and then they started shooting again.

When they uploaded the video, the data still didn’t come up. He Feng said that they can try to change a style. But Wang Xiaoan is now empty of blood, but there is nowhere to sway the breeze, but let him rest assured that their videos will definitely get better and better.

Wang Xiaoan was angry, because He Feng took advantage of Wang Xiaoan’s carelessness to record the video of her making a fool of herself and made a collection. Now all the videos of her fall are posted online. Zhou Xu also thought it was too funny after watching the video. Wang Xiaoan blamed He Feng for making her foolish. Zhou Xu said she has thousands of likes now. It turns out that they liked this type of video. He asked He Feng to look at their material. Can he cut some more funny videos?

He Feng told Ye Nan that there was a problem in the store now, and he and Wang Xiaoan could only support Ye Nan with funds. Ye Nan said that he took his heart, but he didn’t collect the money. In fact, it was not as exaggerated as Lin Jinjin said.

He Feng said that Xiao’an does not have a job now, so he wants to invest in him. Being a shareholder is also a sideline business, saving her having nothing to do every day and eroding her self-confidence. Ye Nan said that the ski shop can be opened up to now, thanks to Xiao An, she has the stock in the store, and she will always be one of the major shareholders.

The data uploaded by the video is good and the attention has also increased, but Wang Xiaoan is worried that he will not be able to increase the customer base in the store. He Feng said that this requires a time for transformation, but waiting is always the most disturbing. He Feng feels that in addition to making funny videos, they can also make some basic teaching videos.

During the winter vacation, there are many students and novice students. Everyone who has watched their videos is a potential customer. They will shoot the videos professionally at that time. Stronger, will definitely attract more people.

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