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People’s Property 突围 Episode 41 Recap

Pi Dan complained to Lu Jianshe because Niu Junjie was upset, and he didn’t know whether the bonus should be paid. Pi Dan didn’t plan to give out bonuses anymore. In order to stop Lu Jianshe from sleeping on the sofa, he asked him to borrow 400,000 yuan. When the two left the company, they happened to meet Cheng Duanyang. Pi Dan quickly hid in Lu Jianshe’s office. First, he had to make it clear that he was not the chairman of the board but Lu Jianshe asked him for help. Lu Jianshe hurriedly agreed to persuade Pi Dan to grant him a loan of 500,000.

Wu Sitai happened to meet Cheng Duanyang and took her to the office. He didn’t expect Pi Dan to be away. He called Pi Dan and asked him to coax Cheng Duanyang away, saying that he had just arrived in Beijing, and Cheng Duanyang was very upset when he heard that Pi Dan had gone to Beijing. , But can only leave. Lin Manjiang called again to urge Shi Hongxing’s notebook, but Pi Dan was too late to hide from Niu Junjie, so he could talk about it later.

Niu Shiyan read Shi Hongxing’s notebook clearly and found that many violations of rules and regulations had been recorded. Although she admired Lin Manjiang, she was also timid and instinctively self-protected. Since Shi Hongxing left, Junjie Niu has always been in despair, and he can be sad for a long time after a meal. The Angel Company was accused, and Qin Xiaochong was worried that things would go wrong, and even more worried about himself, after all, he had a criminal record. Li Shundong asked him to clarify his injustice and don’t let anyone go back and investigate it.

Qin Xiaochong wanted Li Shundong to help Niu Shiyan to say hello to help him. Li Shundong sent him a WeChat message. Niu Shiyan said that if he really wanted to reverse the case, he should go to the court or the procuratorate. Qin Xiaochong and Li Shundong stayed for two months, and found that he was not a bad person at all. Li Shundong also saw that Qin Xiaochong was a good person. He didn’t believe that he would blackmail.

In fact, they were all poor people who didn’t want to admit their lives and didn’t want to lose. Speaking of this, Qin Xiaochong also confessed that he might be leaving the angel. The snail fan is not surprised, but if he returns to the newspaper, Qin Xiaochong will go to Niu Shiyan’s work. Is he willing? Qin Xiaochong hasn’t thought about it yet. Li Shundong intends to establish a debt house and become a creditor’s rights and debt platform in the modern sense. Qin Xiaochong heard this news and felt that he should be able to accompany him on the journey.

Fan Jiahui asked Qi Ben’an and Qin Xiaochong about the matter. Niu Junjie said that the prince and the prince took care of it. Turning back, the three of them had a good chat. It is said that Pi Dan sent Qin Xiaochong in in the end, and this was matched with a deepthroat phone call. Qi Ben’an was busy studying Lin Manjiang, but Fan Jiahui received a notice that the shanty town site would be stopped tomorrow. This was Lu Deguang’s activity, which Governor Liu ordered to stop.

Mayor Wu still reported to Governor Liu. He still refused to start the shantytown renovation project. Lu Deguang was deeply helpless, but he would never give in. He still had to convene a standing committee. Li Xuexue also agreed with Lu Deguang’s ideas, but he was worried that he would not be able to pass it. After all, Governor Liu’s attitude was very firm.

Fan Jiahui is very worried about Qi Ben’an’s current situation, especially when he heard that someone installed surveillance probes in his office, but Qi Ben’an is not afraid, and let Fan Jiahui not worry about him. He is not fighting alone, as well as Niu Junjie and Zhang Jiying. Qi Benan called Qian Rongcheng today, and he has clues about Lin Manjiang’s corruption. Qi Benan once again recalled history. Before the birth of New China, Zhu Changping held a meeting of shareholders of Fu Ji Company. The party decided to return the company to everyone. Jinglong Mine would also return it to Dong Wanjun. The mission of Fu Ji Company was over.

But everyone disagreed and wanted to hand in the shares. Dong Wanjun was a little curious while waiting for Zhu Chang to hear everyone’s noise. He quickly stated that he did not want his equity and property, and that Jinglong Mine would also be handed over to New China. George Li has to join the party in order to hand over the shares, but he is worried that it will leave the enemy with a handle. Director Zhao is unwilling to accept it.

It is even more inappropriate for George Li to join the party at this time. Zhu Changping went to do the ideological work of Li Georgi. Li Georgi finally made it through. For the first half of his life, he lived to make a fortune. Until he met Communists like Zhu Changping and Xie Yingzi, he admired in his heart that they lived better than himself. More dignified. Xie Yingzi also handed Dong Wanjun’s contract to him, asking him to return to production as soon as possible.

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