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People’s Property 突围 Episode 40 Recap

Huang Qingyuan didn’t want to become a pauper. Fu Changming scolded him again and told him to leave Jingzhou to sell universal insurance in Luzhou, to be the deputy manager of the Luzhou branch, with a minimum annual salary of 100,000. Huang Qingyuan was more or less disgusted but still agreed.

Huang Qingyuan was gone, followed by Qian Rongcheng, crying that he was desperate and helpless, but Fu Changming was not fooled. How many people he cheated, even his eighty-year-old mother brought him over. Fu Changming asked Qian Rongcheng to file for bankruptcy, and he had no way to survive. Qian Rongcheng knelt in front of Fu Changming and thanked him, saying that he was his great savior.

Fu Changming stared at Qian Rongcheng and said that he wanted to send himself to prison. Qian Rongcheng quickly argued that he had misunderstood and was still dreaming that Fu Changming would buy his own Rongcheng Group, as long as he moved his fingers, Qian Rongcheng would come alive. Fu Changming said that bankruptcy and liquidation were Qian Rongcheng’s only way out, and even helped him figure out the future, and went to Yantai to sell insurance like Huang Qingyuan.

But Qian Rongcheng was not as knowledgeable as Huang Qingyuan, so he didn’t do it. Fu Changming repeatedly warned Qian Rongcheng that if he held on to the billions of transaction fees, there might be no way to survive. Fu Changming repeatedly rejected Qian Rongcheng because he wanted to take over the Rongcheng Group at a low price, but Qian Rongcheng was desperate and still reluctant to go bankrupt and liquidate. Fu Changming’s wishful thinking came to nothing.

Lin Manjiang couldn’t talk any longer and got up and left. Cheng Duanyang watched him leave in tears, but didn’t say his name. Pidan and Lu Jianshe came back after signing the contract triumphantly, and each of them had to give out a bonus of one million. Niu Junjie was not so happy anymore. Although he sold 4.5 billion, he paid it off in ten years, which was equivalent to paying only market interest. Niu Junjie became anxious.

Zhang Jiying told Secretary Xu that Shi Hongxing had left a batch of notebooks as important clues to expose Lin Manjiang. Qi Ben’an worked very well in the shanty town. Secretary Xu told her that the overall situation was set and that the Internet was about to be closed. No corrupt element could escape the sanctions. . Fan Jiahui also asked Niu Shiyan to read Shi Hongxing’s notebook and control her emotions to fight Lin Manjiang. Fan Jiahui also reached an agreement with the boss of the Jingzhou Newspaper Group, and in the next step they will change their name to Jingfeng Times and publish it nationwide. Li Shundong called, but Niu Shiyan did not answer.

Niu Junjie called Qi Ben’an and said that Jingzhou Energy’s trouble is still trouble, and Pidan has no possibility of change. It is better not to sign a 4.5 billion contract. Qi Ben’an came to work early in the morning and found that the door was open, but he clearly remembered that the door was locked yesterday, and quickly closed the curtains and opened the phone to look for the surveillance probes, and found two places without accident.

There are still many nail households in shanty towns, and his father is one of them. Qi Ben’an intends to go to their home to persuade and persuade, but he can only go another day. Qi Ben’an took them to the old widow’s house at No. 2 Nail House. Although they were called the old widow, they were men, but Qi Ben’an and the others had a closed door and bought a few boxes of milk before they could get in. This house was renovated by Uncle Tan. It is the best house in the neighborhood. Therefore, he is most opposed to demolition and Qi Ben’an is helpless.

Qian Rongcheng found Li Shundong and Qin Xiaochong and said that he wanted to surrender and get his integrity back. Qin Xiaochong and Li Shundong sang and reviewed their previous behaviors and said they would help him tell the story of Xingyuan’s three knots to increase income and reduce expenditure. Qian Rongcheng said that their stories could no longer be told, and he could only transfer some fine credits to them, but I need to save myself a living expenses, which seems to be serious, and Li Shundong said that he should make good calculations. As soon as Qian Rongcheng left, Li Shundong and Qin Xiaochong were called to the Public Security Bureau to assist in the investigation.

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