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People’s Property 突围 Episode 39 Recap

Many people came to Shi Hongxing’s memorial service, and Li Shundong also came. When Shi Hongxing was gone, Cheng Duanyang felt very uncomfortable. She asked Lin Manjiang why Shi Hongxing had gone, and why she felt that this world was irresistible. Did Lin Manjiang have no responsibility at all? Cheng Duanyang happily handed her over to Lin Manjiang, how could he have come to this point? He failed Shi Hongxing and her heart. Lin Manjiang lowered his head and did not want to admit, he always felt that Shi Hongxing had betrayed him first.

The memorial service was over, Qi Ben’an and Zhang Jiying got in the same car to discuss matters. Qi Ben’an suggested that Zhang Jiying stay for two more days to check Pidan’s villa. Zhang Jiying deliberately didn’t check it, so as not to be surprised. But Qi Benan knew that it was too late, otherwise Lin Manjiang would not come and would not go to Cheng Duanyang. Lin Manjiang heard that Cheng Duanyang called Qi Ben’an and didn’t plan to stay, but Cheng Duanyang said he stayed for dinner.

However, Lin Manjiang and Qi Benan were extremely jealous when they met, and Qi Benan felt even more astounding when he looked at him. Qi Ben’an toasted Shi Hongxing the first glass of wine, Lin Manjiang was silent, and Cheng Duanyang picked food for the two of them. The three masters and apprentices entered the memory of the past, but the same scene was different, and they could never go back to the past. Qi Ben’an recalled that Lin Manjiang was disappointed in the past, at least the former Lin Manjiang really admired him.

At that time, the three children of the miners were handed over to Cheng Duanyang, and she asked them to raise the three children to teach them skills, so that their underground father would be at ease. The three of them were orphans, and their father was a miner. He died because of an accident. Recalling that scene, Qi Benan and Lin Manjiang wiped their tears. Qi Benan went on to say that Lin Manjiang was greedy, lost his faith and betrayed history.

He firmly believed that the truth is late but justice will never be absent. The atmosphere was embarrassing. Lin Manjiang wanted Qi Benan to return to Beijing, but Qi Benan insisted on staying and completing the transformation of the shantytown. Lin Manjiang did not insist, and said that Pi Dan sold the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine to Fu Changming for 4.5 billion yuan. Cheng Duanyang was still very worried. Is Pi Dan really so capable?

After Huang Qingyuan came out, they got together with Qian Rongcheng. There were three marriages in Xingyuan, but now Fu Changming is in full swing, and the two of them have become lost dogs. Li Shundong and Qin Xiaochong were still chasing Huang Qingyuan, so he wanted to ask Fu Changming for help, but was told that Fu Changming was going to sign an important contract with Jingzhou Zhongfu today, which is the property rights transaction of Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine, which was bought for 4.5 billion. came back. Huang Qingyuan and Qian Rongcheng were puzzled, seeing Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe signing the contract, they were even more curious.

Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe saw Fu Changming’s flattery, Fu Changming was still the attitude of a Buddhist businessman and reasoned with them. Lu Jianshe quietly pinched Pi Dan’s clothes with some eagerness, Pi Dan hurriedly asked to do business. Only then did Fu Changming sign the contract. Huang Qingyuan and Qian Rongcheng are still planning outside. He wants to unfreeze his equity in Changming Insurance and sell it to him at half price so that he can make a fortune. But Qian Rongcheng felt it was not easy. Fu Changming is now different from the past, so he said that the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine deal was very strange.

After Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe left, Fu Changming called Huang Qingyuan to come in, and tantrums Huang Qingyuan to scold Huang Qingyuan again, saying that they are not trustworthy. Huang Qingyuan explained his intentions, and Fu Changming scolded him as shameless. The equity was frozen and auctioned by the court just to repay the money.

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