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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 12 Recap

After arriving at Huangquan Camp, Fanghai City did not take a moment to take a breather and rehabilitate but directly participated in the training of the recruits. They wake up earlier than everyone and sleep later than everyone. Repeatedly, day and night, eventually leading to shoulders. Old injuries recurred and even new injuries were added. When the whistle reported the truth, Fang Jianming seemed to be calm on the surface, and he was unavoidable in his heart.

However, for a long time, Fang Zhuoying hurried to Huangquan Camp, and happened to see Fanghai City training with weights on the school grounds, completely ignoring whether his body was able to bear it. Fang Zhuoying was angry and anxious, and immediately pulled Haishi into the account and reprimanded him, and said that although they and their masters are mentors, they are in fact like father and son, and they will serve each other in the future and be loyal and filial. Why do you need to go to Huangquanguan to ask for hardship?.

Fang Hai city refused to accept this and denied Fang Jianming’s “father” status. Never thought that Fang Zhuoying misunderstood Fang Haishi’s meaning, cursed her and left. That night, Fanghai dreamed of sinking slowly toward the bottom of the sea, and vaguely saw the shadow of the opposite person shaking. When she woke up leisurely, she found her master standing by the bed, expressing her love in a daze, painful and obsessed.

Early the next morning, Fanghai City saw a bowl of porridge beside the bed, and almost thought that Master had been there last night. Zhang Junhou cared about the injury in Xiahai City and immediately announced that he would go northward tomorrow, so today everyone is allowed to rest, and soldiers can go home and say goodbye to their loved ones. After all, Tianqi City and Huangquanguan are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers. I don’t know when I will see you again.

After thinking about it for a long time, Fanghai City decided to go back to Jifeng Hall and play a game with Master indoors. At the same time, he used chess as a metaphor for people, admitting that his feelings for Master are different from those of others. Will say things that shouldn’t be said, do things that shouldn’t be done, and can only hide outside the gate for a lifetime, not dare to return to the capital.

At that time, Medical Officer Li reported Tilan’s condition to Di Xu, saying that she would continue to carve even if her hand injury had not healed. Di Xu hesitated for a while, and soon came to visit Nangong, and found that the situation was far more serious than expected. He wanted to express his concern, but Tilan subconsciously resisted, causing his palm to be scratched by a file.

Di Xu was furious and determined that Tilan’s disobedience must be instigated by people around him, and ordered the two maids to be pulled out and killed. Tiran hurriedly interceded for the maid, claiming that there was an object to be given to Di Xu, and then took the Dragon Tail God amulet she had carved by herself, and admitted that she had resentment when she first arrived in Dazheng, but now she understands that Di Xu is in a difficult and lonely situation, so she hopes Let this dragon tail god accompany his dragon tail god as a company.

Because of Ti Lan’s words, Di Xu was slightly moved, so he stopped making trouble, but lifted the ban and ordered Mu Deqing to send Ti Lan and the maids back to Yu’an Palace. At the same time, Fang Jianming landed a word on the chessboard and stopped responding to Fang Haishi until she left in sorrow. She finally breathed a sigh of relief and silently opened her palm to look at the bloodstain that appeared out of thin air.

Shi Nei Palace brought someone to the official gown. Fang Zhuoying couldn’t put it down when she saw this. He was so anxious that he almost lost his stance when she learned that Zheli was working all day for embroidering gowns. Upon seeing this, Fang Hai city coughed and reminded his senior brother that after Shi Neigong and others left, he immediately hinted that Fang Zhuoying should bravely fight for someone he likes, but he didn’t really understand.

Fang Jianming couldn’t come back at night due to busy business affairs, so Fanghai City stayed in Zhaoming Palace and stayed in his room. Looking around the interior decoration, Fanghai City became more and more lonely. She picked up her pillow and felt everything about Master, but she didn’t know that Fang Jianming was unable to respond to this relationship because he was a crippled body and was destined to be big. Contributions cannot be controlled by oneself.

In those days, the king of Yi made chaos in the name of tackling rebellion, slaughtering the clan, flogging the Li concubine, and the remains of good officials. Prince Bo Yao declared that he would live with the country and be martyred by hanging beams. Fang Jianming and Emperor Xu have nothing to rely on. On that unclear end of the road, Di Xu and Zi Zan were Fang Jianming’s only fellow travelers, but he encircled him on an impulse due to the disaster of the Fang family, and eventually killed Zi Zan and threatened Emperor Xu’s life.

In order to stabilize the military’s mind, not to repeat the situation again, and not to let all previous efforts go to waste, Fang Jianming finally decided to become Di Xu’s Bai Xi. From then on, he was tied to Di Xu’s destiny, and his pain and bad luck were borne by him. If Fang Jianming hadn’t met Haishi, perhaps Fang Jianming would have spent the rest of his life because of this, but now with her, he understands even more that although he has no regrets, he has regrets.

In just one night, Fanghai City could not sleep until dawn, and finally got up with clothes and changed into new robe. Since Haishi was dressed in a simple dress since she was a child, the overlapping and complicated court clothes made her a little bit difficult. When Fang Jianming came in from the door, she was still facing the ice-bound Jinghu Lake, but took the initiative to go around behind Haishi, tighten her gown, and dress her up. Armor, combing hair and wearing a crown, there is a deep and unspoken love between the two.

With the arrival of the hour and three-quarters, all recruits entering the camp must go to the Suzaku Gate to line up. At the time of parting, Fanghai City returned the thumb to the master, and Fang Jianming personally performed the rituals and sent them off at the city wall until the army branch left the Apocalypse in order.

Di Xu sat alone in the cabinet, confiding her loneliness to the purple hairpin tablet, Ming Tilan had the same face as her, but the two of them had very different temperaments. If the purple hairpin is alive, he should hope that Di Xu will continue to persevere, but he is extremely afraid of the cold in the palace. Because of this, Di Xu and Fang Jianming stood in the attic looking at nostalgia. Fortunately, they were accompanied by each other, and they were at ease.

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