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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 10 Recap

Nangong has been left unused for many years, and it has long been overgrown with weeds. In addition, at night, when you can’t see your fingers, and against the backdrop of the moonlight, it looks extremely gloomy and terrifying. The maids were a little frightened, but Tiran felt able to accept it. After all, compared to before, this place made her feel more at ease, at least no one would be disturbed, and there was no need to see Di Xu again.

Fang Jianming asked the whistle to pack everyone’s luggage, and moved into Zhaoyang Palace in the next day, but Fanghai was the only one missing. In fact, he wanted to leave her alone in Jifeng Pavilion. Haishi was very sad when she learned that Master intended to do this, but Fang Jianming explained that she has grown up and is always mixed with men, which will definitely be inconvenient. Therefore, I hope Fang Haishi can understand that she will change one day sooner or later. Back to the woman’s dress.

Since the last time he talked about his thoughts, Ju Dianyi has not let go, but has become more persistent. In order to welcome Fang Jianming into the palace, he has been rushing to make embroidery for many days, until the embroidery is completed, and his body has almost reached its limit. Zheliu followed Ju Dianyi with embroideries into the palace and presented it to Emperor Xu, and Fang Jianming happened to be nearby.

When Di Xu saw the kapok on it, he suddenly remembered that this flower was a marriage custom in Fang Jianming’s hometown, and it was mainly placed in the bride’s dowry, and he knew what Ju Dianyi meant. Thinking of Ju Dianyi’s opponent Jianming’s infatuation, and having waited for him in the palace for many years, Emperor Xu advised Fang Jianming that he should give the opponent a name, but Fang Jianming deliberately pretended to be stupid.

Fanghai City, who was gloomy all day, saw Fang Zhuoying come back from Yuezhou, and then gradually smiled. In fact, as early as in Yuezhou, Fang Zhuoying had heard that Haishi had been conspired by others. Fortunately, there was a master by her side at the time, so she was not too worried. Now that Fanghai has become the third place in the imperial examination hall, Fang Zhuoying congratulates her on going to the temple tomorrow. When she is granted the official position, there will be many women who admire and embrace her.

Although Fang Zhuoying changed his method to praise, Fang Hai City still felt that his skills were not as good as others, and that he would even hurt Master. Seeing that Haishi was so lost, Fang Zhuoying hurriedly changed the subject and took the initiative to talk about the snacks that A-niang had prepared, and conveyed what she wanted to say, exhorting Fang Haishi to be loyal to the court and filial piety to the master.

Unexpectedly, Fang Haishi was suddenly absent-minded, as if there was an unspeakable concealment. For Fang Zhuoying’s next words, he also responded indiscriminately. Afterwards, Fang Zhuoying reported to the master about the investigation process in Yuezhou, and by the way, he asked whether he wanted to leave the market in the lower sea. Although Fang Zhuoying knew that Zhaoyang Palace was full of men, if Fanghai City would have had a lot of inconveniences in the past, he still couldn’t bear it.

That night, Zhe Liu was practicing blind show in the courtyard. Fang Zhuoying came to admire it quietly, and then took out a string of pearl bracelets and placed it on the embroidery. When Zheli touched the bracelet, she was shocked and excited. She couldn’t wait to take off the satin cloth, just to thank the “Master Fengshen”, but Fang Zhuoying had already left, and she was the only one in the huge yard.

On the way back to the bedroom and the study, Di Xu happened to ran into the lilac who was catching the rabbit in the corridor, and regardless of why she was here, she became interested in that rabbit instead, and couldn’t help thinking of Tilan. Because of his thoughts, Di Xu walked to Nangong unknowingly and watched Ti Lan playing the piano leisurely in the room. He was suddenly a little annoyed and reminded her that she was here to meditate on herself, not for pastime.

While Emperor Xu was still reprimanding, he accidentally discovered that there was a carved dragon tail god on the table. Tilan hurriedly explained that she was seeking good intentions, the Dragon Tail God could protect peace, and Di Xu cared more about who she wanted to protect. Despite Tiran’s repeated denials, Di Xu still refused to believe it, and even said that Zi Zan was completely different from her, always thinking of protecting the people around her, and even carving Baixi for the soldiers who were about to go on the expedition. After saying this, Di Xu asked Tilan to follow the example of Purple Hairpin and personally carve the dragon tail god for 30,000 recruits, and Tilan had to respond.

Although Fanghai City failed to win the top spot, she was selected by Emperor Xu and her reputation was still spread throughout the city, and she was also talked about by the people in the community. Fanghai City went to Ruyifang alone to select the jade, but he was recognized by those official ladies, and they came forward with various compliments, hoping to marry such a handsome boy.

Fanghai City was overwhelmed and hurriedly escaped from Ruyifang, turned into a tailor’s shop, and changed into a woman’s outfit, just to conceal his identity. As everyone knows, when she walked out of the store, she attracted the eyes of Young Master, and she admired him very much, and even saw that Fang Hai City was a daughter.

Because the whistle reported the wrong time for entering the palace, other students entered the hall one after another and were sealed. Fang Hai City was still eating candied haws on the street, looking around and looking around. Fang Jianming arranged for everyone to search separately, and Fang Zhuoying quickly found the sea market, but it was a pity that there was no time.

Above the main hall, Fang Jianming explained the reason to Emperor Xu. It was only because Fanghai had been poisoned before, and his injuries had been repeated recently, so he couldn’t come personally. Emperor Xu knew that he didn’t pursue it any more, so he asked Mu Deqing to issue an decree to promote Fanghai City and Zhuo Yifan to the ranks of Beifu Army Hall.

On the other side, Fang Hai City took Master to the tavern to eat and drink, without thinking about whether Di Xu would be angry because of this, and even took the initiative to complain about Master. At this time, Fang Jianming came in from outside, standing behind Fang Haishi, listening to her complaints against herself. In the end, Fang Jianming promised Fanghai City to go back to pack up his things and move into Zhaoming Palace with him.

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