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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 13 Recap

Shen Cuixi made a purse for Wei Lianggong overnight, and she personally gave it to Wei Lianggong the next day. Wei Lianggong couldn’t put it down, but reason asked him to put it back in the box. People are not plants, how can they be ruthless, Ren Xuetang made Shen Cuixi’s eager heart die, and Wei Lianggong made her heart come to life again.

But in this day and age, men can continue, but women have to be chaste, which is extremely difficult, and it is fully reflected at this moment. Ding Rong wanted Qiao’er to take the child to live in the country. Qiao’er asked why. Ding Rong said that Li Zhao wanted him to steal Shen Cuixi’s underwear and put it in Wei Lianggong’s room. Of course he was unwilling to do it, but he didn’t dare to refuse, he could only find a way to delay time.

He had overheard the conversation between Master Liu and Li Zhao before, and accidentally learned why Li Zhao had to fight Shen Cuixi to the death. It turned out that Shen Cuixi’s general ledger had been suppressing the price of raw silk, and Li Zhao was eager to make the price of raw silk soar, so he targeted Shen Cuixi in every possible way. Chen Xiaohong has eaten up recently, and the doctor told her to eat lightly.

Shu Fang felt sorry for her, so she took the initiative to bring her some meat dishes. Ren Rufeng learned that he expected that Shu Fang might send meat dishes to his mother, and hurriedly went over to stop it. But he was a step late, and his mother had eaten up the braised pork. Ren Rufeng pulled Shu Fang out, not to blame her, but to talk about the auspicious days of marriage with her, and Shu Fang was a little shy.

In the end, Shu Fang agreed to marry him next month, and Ren Rufeng threw away his crutches with excitement. Shen Cuixi prepared a generous dowry for Shu Fang. Ren Rufeng told Shen Cuixi that he had seen Wei Lianggong and Zeng Baoqin together in the restaurant before. He reminded Shen Cuixi to beware of Wei Lianggong, the current Ren family can’t withstand any storms. Shu Fang disagreed with him, and pulled him out and asked him why he wanted to target Wei Lianggong.

These words made Ren Rufeng a little angry, he thought that Shu Fang had not let go of Wei Lianggong. If she can’t let go of Wei Lianggong, and Wei Lianggong is willing to marry Shu Fang, Ren Rufeng will immediately prepare her dowry without saying a word. His words made Shu Fang very angry and kicked his crutches over.

Shen Cuixi thought about it all night, and the next day she decided to go to Shantang Street to find Zeng Baoqin. Zeng Baoqin admitted all her questions frankly. Shen Cuixi soon returned to Ren’s house and spoke with Wei Lianggong alone. A few months ago, Ren Xiushan was abducted, and Wei Lianggong rescued Ren Xiushan, which made it natural to enter the Ren family as a teacher. But now she knew that Ren Xiushan was abducted because Zeng Baoqin sent Wei Lianggong into the Ren family.

Wei Lianggong knew he was sorry for Shen Cuixi. He took the opportunity to leave. Before leaving, he hoped that Shen Cuixi could return the wooden man to him. This was a gift he originally wanted to give to Zeng Baoqin. Shen Cuixi was very sad, and asked Shu Fang to bring the little wooden man and threw it directly on the ground to Wei Lianggong.

Wei Lianggong bids farewell to Ren Xiushan. He pretends to prepare for Chunwei, and Ren Xiushan does not suspect him. Seeing Wei Lianggong’s back, Shu Fang proposed to keep Wei Lianggong. Shen Cuixi acquiesced. Shu Fang immediately ran to Wei Lianggong’s room, but still failed to keep him. Shu Fang wanted to catch up, but was stopped by Ren Rufeng. Wei Lianggong bowed to Shen Cuixi in the courtyard. The two only made simple eye contact and did not talk. Shen Cuixi also responded, and Wei Liang bowed and turned and left. After hesitating, he still didn’t turn his head to look at Shen Cuixi for the last time.

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