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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 12 Recap

Soon, Qingyuefang and other weaving households opened one after another. Wei Lianggong and Zeng Baoqin played chess together. She could see that Wei Lianggong was on his mind, and she knew that he was worried about Shen Cuixi when she asked. This time the merchant was indeed assured, but it also made Li Zhao hate Shen Cui. Shen Cuixi once told her that Ren Xuetang’s accident might be related to Li Zhao, so she has been investigating Li Zhao since then, as well as the price increase of raw silk in recent years.

She discovered that a few years before Li Zhao arrived in Suzhou, the price of raw silk increased year by year. In the year of Ren Xuetang’s accident, the price of raw silk rose to 50%. She suspects that this is related to Li Zhao. As long as Li Zhao is related to the soaring price of raw silk, the general ledger currently in charge of Shen Cuixi is suppressing the price of raw silk.

Today, the shopkeeper mentioned Shu Fang’s marriage. That night, Shen Cuixi and Shu Fang mentioned it again, asking her to consider Ren Rufeng. Chen Xiaohong worried that Shen Cuixi, as the leader against Li Zhao, would be taken to the Yamen to play the board. These words and worries she and Shu Fang said were heard by Ren Rufeng, and he secretly made up his mind to help Shen Cuixi survive the disaster, and went to fight for her by himself.

He didn’t tell anyone that he gave Chen Xiaohong all his private money before he left. He first went to Cao Wenbin, and Cao Wenbin said that the leader would be beaten 40 times. Ren Rufeng was not afraid, and took out a token. Shen Cuixi realized that the token was missing, and she realized something was wrong.

Outside the prefect, Cao Wenbin ordered someone to hit Ren Rufeng’s board, which was very violent, and his pants gradually soaked red blood. Shu Fang arrived and was stopped outside, only to watch Ren Rufeng be beaten. Cao Wenbin told Shen Cuixi that Li Zhao was desperate to let the Suzhou weavers surrender the brocade skills, but was disturbed by Shen Cuixi.

Naturally, Li Zhao was going to die better than Shen Cuixi. If it hadn’t been for Ren Rufeng to bring in the Ren Family Patriarch’s token today, then the person who was beaten today would be Shen Cuixi. Shen Cuixi was also prepared for himself, once he was to be deprived of clothes and tortured. She ruined her virginity, so she also prepared the Bai Ling who committed suicide early, but she did not expect that this time Ren Rufeng would carry it for her.

The seriously injured Ren Rufeng was taken back to Ren’s house. He was still thinking of Shu Fang in a daze. Shu Fang took the initiative to ask Shen Cuixi to ask Ying, she wanted to stay and take care of Ren Rufeng. Shen Cuixi later asked her if she would marry Ren Rufeng, Shu Fang had already thought about it, and now she started to like Ren Rufeng.

Shen Cuixi arranged for people outside Li Zhao’s mansion to see Wei Lianggong entering Li Zhao’s mansion, and they came back to tell Shen Cuixi the news. At this time, Wei Lianggong put his hand down and begged Li Zhao to let Shen Cuixi go. Li Zhao immediately turned his face, and Wei Lianggong didn’t regress, and threatened Li Zhao with a Jiangnan scholar and a pen as a knife. After all, Wei Lianggong is a talented person and he is a talent that Li looks after. He promised to let Shen Cuixi go.

But this plan is not enough, he came up with another plan. Wei Lianggong lives in Ren’s house. He and Shen Cuixi are lonely men and widows. It is only natural that there are some rumors. It can be seen that he wants to spread rumors about the relationship between Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong, and uses rumors to force Shen Cuixi to commit suicide in shame.

After Wei Lianggong came back, Shen Cuixi asked him about his relationship with Li Zhao. Wei Lianggong did not hide it and said that this time Li Zhao had let her go. Shuyan wanted Ruyi to wait for another three years, which made Ruyi very sad. Zeng Baoqin guessed that Li Zhao might pour dirty water on Wei Lianggong and Shen Cuixi, so she persuaded Wei Lianggong to leave Ren’s house and return to Shantang Street. This was also for Shen Cui’s preference.

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