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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 11 Recap

Shen Cuixi was touched by Wei Lianggong’s words. She ran back to the Ren family’s ancestral hall and couldn’t help but ask these plaques, what was she doing as the head mother of the Ren family, and why she was alive. After Ren Xuetang was tied back that year, Shen Cuixi knelt down and begged him to marry him. Ren Xuetang was a kind gentleman and eventually agreed to marry her against his will.

When Wei Lianggong heard that Shen Cuixi was ill, he came to express his condolences, and Shu Fang said that Shen Cuixi liked it very much. Ren Rufeng saw Wei Lianggong walking out, thinking that he was talking with Shu Fang, and felt a little unhappy. He stepped forward to talk to Shu Fang strangely, causing Shu Fang to step on him severely. Then Ren Rufeng did this. It was learned that Shu Fang and Wei Lianggong failed, and he didn’t like Shu Fang.

Ren Xiushan made a small wooden figure for Shen Cuixi, and Shen Cuixi accepted it, but she knew that this was not something that Ren Xiushan could carve, but Wei Lianggong should have carved it for her. I remembered that Wei Lianggong once said that he had someone in his heart and could no longer tolerate other people. Shen Cuixi mistakenly thought that he liked him, so he hurriedly left with the excuse. Ding Rong took random inspections and returned the finished brocade on the grounds of the poor quality of Ren’s colorful brocade, and asked the Ren family to make up again within a time limit.

After Ding Rong came to Ren’s house, Shen Cuixi finally took action and deliberately let Ding Rong wait outside. The other three shopkeepers came and ignored Ding Rong’ai. Shen Cuixi told the three shopkeepers that she bet that Ding Rong came this time because she wanted to start with the Ren family and dig the foundation of the Suzhou weavers. Sure enough, after Ding Rong walked in, he said that there was a problem with the craftsmanship of these brocades, and Shen Cuixi asked him how to solve it.

Ding Rong actually wanted her to go to Suzhou to explain the skill of the double-sided tapestry so as to improve it. The shopkeepers and Ren Rufeng all smiled, this is not obvious to dig the foundation of Ren’s family. Ren Rufeng stepped forward and slapped Ding Rong. Ding Rong said in a hurry, this technique is required by Master Weaver, and Shen Cuixi will give it anyway. Subsequently, Ding Rong was driven out of Qingyuefang like a bereaved dog.

Shen Cuixi knew that this time Li Zhao wanted to deal with the Ren family, and she and many weaving families closed down one after another to show their dissatisfaction. Li Zhao committed public outrage this time, and Zeng Baoqin also asked Ruyi to close the shop in Qingyue Xiaofang. Qiao’er saw Qi Shugong on the street, and Qi Shugong didn’t look good to Qiao’er because of what Ding Rong had done.

Cao Wenbin ate dumplings in the shops on the street, and saw Li Zhao coming by boat, so he beckoned him to come and eat dumplings together. Li Zhao asked if he had sent the memorial to the capital to impeach him. Cao Wenbin smiled and said that this was his duty. This practice of Shen Cuixi made Li Zhao very angry, and he forced Ding Rong to let Qiao’er go and apologize to Shen Cuixi on her knees.

Ding Rong begged, Qiao’er was pregnant after all, but Li Zhao had decided. Ding Rong had to beg Qiao’er, Qiao’er went to Ren’s door to kneel, Shen Cui ran out softly, Qiao’er fainted to the ground with exhaustion. Wei Lianggong asked her if she was seeking fairness for the 100,000 weavers in Suzhou, then she herself did not know where to go. Shen Cuixi didn’t know.

Qiao’er was born premature, but fortunately, both the adult and the child are safe. Shen Cuixi asked Ding Rong to go back and give Li Zhao a message. As long as Li Zhao did not set up a letter to guarantee that he would not snatch the craftsmanship of the weavers, the Suzhou shops would not open. These words completely offended Li Zhao. Master Liu gave him an idea. In the end, Li Zhao set up a note for one hundred thousand weavers in Suzhou. The officials could not ask for the brocade craftsmanship of the weavers under any pretext.

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