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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 9 Recap

Mo Lingze told Xu Qingyou that he had agreed to draw a line at the time, not to make Xu Qingyou wronged, but to make it easy for her to do. Xu Qingyou lowered her eyebrows and denied that she was wronged.

Fang Qi came to Xu Wei to practice how to make a blind date more attractive and to see if he is really attractive. When Xu Wei learned of the situation, he strongly opposed Fang Qi’s blind date, and believed that Fang Qi shouldn’t go on blind date with Qu Kai arrogantly. Since the last time he saw Qu Kai, Fang Qi has always been wrong.

Fang Qi reprimanded Xu Wei for being too much in charge. He was annoyed to leave but was crippled, but Fang Qi still insisted on leaving and stopped a taxi, but the taxi slid out a long way, Xu Wei stopped Fang Qi. He picked it up and delivered it to the taxi. This action also stunned Fang Qi. Xu Wei was also angry when he returned. In Fang Qi’s eyes, he will always be the little boy who has not grown up.

In order to get close to Sister Sa and pursue her true love, Lin Siyu went to the bar to be a girl selling wine. When the customer made things difficult and unkind, Lin Siyu was so angry that Lin Siyu wanted to slap her twice. Wang Ji hurriedly blocked it and persuaded Lin Siyu privately. To know how to put down your body, you can’t be the eldest lady.

When Xu Qingyou returned to the office, she found the handful of black sans in the room. She suddenly remembered the scene where Mo Lingze was picking up things for her. Xu Qingyou was in a daze, and hurriedly folded her umbrella and went to work.

When Xu Qingyou was discussing work with President Zhai, when he heard colleagues discussing the news, Mo Lingze and President Luo had a car accident. Xu Qingyou desperately rushed out of the company to the location of the accident. Seeing that Mo Lingze’s car was rolling on the ground and deformed, Xu Qingyou called Mo Lingze over and over again in fear, tears also blurred her vision. Mo Lingze was in the ambulance at this time, and the unconscious President Luo was set up. Mo Lingze connected Xu Qingyou’s phone and learned that Mo Lingze was innocent, Xu Qingyou lied that he was turning around on the way from get off work and was leaving.

Mo Lingze heard the sound of the ambulance from the phone, jumped out of the car hurriedly, and saw Xu Qingyou in the heavy rain. Mo Lingze rushed to Xu Qingyou and hugged him tightly, begging Xu Qingyou not to run away For a moment, Xu Qingyou felt unwilling to push the man in front of him, but his reason still defeated his feelings. Xu Qingyou left, and Mo Lingze was afraid that Xu Qingyou would be drenched by the rain and handed him an umbrella.

Xu Qingyou, who was all wet, came to Fang Qi. Fang Qi saw Xu Qingyou’s emotional distress and thought that there had been a relationship crack between Xu Qingyou and Fan Yunxi, and it would be difficult to heal it again. Fang Qi hoped that Xu Qingyou would not be like boiled frogs in warm water. He didn’t know he was dead until he was cooked.

Fan Yunxi came to Xu Qingyou and shook her hand, hoping that the two would not be in contact for more than two hours. He also blamed Xu Qingyou for having gone to Fang Qi’s house and didn’t tell him. Xu Qingyou took out his hand and asked again to be well. Talking about it, Fan Yunxi agreed. Xu Qingyou and Fan Yunxi had dinner together, and Xu Qingyou felt it was impossible for the two to reunite.

Fan Yunxi did not shy away from pointing out that Xu Qingyou and Mo Lingze went to the printing factory in the countryside for a day and night. He felt that something must have happened to the two of them, just like his cheating. Fan Yunxi calmly said that he didn’t care. Things have been evened out. Xu Qingyou was dissatisfied with Fan Yunxi’s suspicion of her, and even more dissatisfied with Fan Yunxi’s attitude at this time.

In Xu Qingyou’s opinion, Fan Yunxi actually didn’t care about her feelings at all, but wanted her to take the next step according to his plan. Xu Qing You think there is no love between the two at all. In fact, Fan Yunxi doesn’t love her anymore, otherwise he wouldn’t mind at all, and there is really no need to continue between the two. After that, Xu Qingyou left the restaurant regardless of obstruction. Fan Yunxi looked at Xu Qingyou’s back and the expression on his face was cloudy and clear.

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