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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 7 Recap

When Fan Yunxi saw Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou coming out together, his heart was full of jealousy and jealousy. The eyes that looked at Xu Qingyou also added a skeptical expression, but Fan Yunxi quickly adjusted his state and did not move. Sensually thanked Mo Lingze for his company, because Xu Qingyou was afraid of the dark, Mo Lingze naturally didn’t need Fan Yunxi’s thanks at all, and knew that Fan Yunxi had deliberately declared his sovereignty to him.

On the way back, Fan Yunxi expressed his own thoughts to Xu Qingyou. He didn’t like seeing Xu Qingyou and Mo Lingze together, although he knew that Mo Lingze was now managing Le Mi, and he was very helpful to Xu Qingyou. , But it was also after Mo Lingze managed Le Mi that Xu Qingyou became more busy. Xu Qingyou nodded and said he agreed to Fan Yunxi, which satisfied Fan Yunxi’s heart.

But Fan Yunxi was not at ease, deliberately pretending that the documents fell to Xu Qingyou’s place, and invited Xu Qingyou to have a meal while fetching the documents. However, this dinner was served by Mr. Luo and Mo Lingze. Fan Yunxi deliberately introduced Xu Qingyou as his fiancée. He also deliberately expressed his love for Xu Qingyou during the meal, and he was intimately dipped in mustard.

But Mo Lingze carefully discovered that Xu Qingyou didn’t like to eat mustard at all, and Fan Yunxi, who had been in love for ten years, didn’t even know. When Fan Yunxi deliberately asked what type of girl Mo Lingze liked, Mo Lingze said that she liked girls who didn’t eat mustard, and Xu Qingyou who heard this deliberately ate Fan Yunxi’s dishes.

Wang Ji helped Lin Siyu secretly photograph Mo Lingze’s every move, and accidentally learned from Fang Qi that Xu Qingyou was Fan Yunxi’s fiancée. This made Wang Ji very happy and immediately met with Lin Siyu and told Lin Siyu the good news. Lin Siyu felt that he was the little sun that melted Mo Lingze, and he was full of expectations for the future.

Mo Lingze could see that it was an ordinary meal on the surface, but in fact it was a meal of Fan Yunxi deliberately deliberately deliberately declaring his sovereignty to him. Mo Lingze knocked down Xu Qingyou in the bathroom who was also washing his hands in the bathroom. Mo Lingze found out that Xu Qingyou was actually not happy, and knew that this was Fan Yunxi deliberately organizing the game, not knowing why Xu Qingyou had to bear it.

Mo Lingze asked Xu Qingyou whether he really felt that the broken mirror could be reunited? Xu Qingyou was speechless. Fan Yunxi knew that Mo Lingze had also come to the bathroom and then came to see Xu Qingyou. Mo Lingze simply pulled Xu Qingyou into the bathroom and closed the door. Fan Yunxi did not find the two of them, so Mo Lingze was even more sure that Fan Yunxi was actually Fan Yunxi. He didn’t trust Xu Qingyou at all.

On the way back, Xu Qingyou was silent for a long time, thinking about Mo Lingze’s words repeatedly. Fan Yunxi deliberately asked Xu Qingyou if he saw Mo Lingze in the bathroom, Xu Qingyou denied it. Fan Yunxi deliberately said that Mo Lingze seemed to be a talented person to do things vigorously, but in fact he was an unpredictable and ruthless person, so Xu Qingyou kept his distance.

At the discussion meeting on the acquisition of DDS, Mo Lingze rejected Fan Yunxi’s opinions and grasped that the current DDS founders are engaged in internal struggles and their private lives are chaotic, and their market value needs to be reassessed. President Luo supported Mo Lingze, which made Fan Yunxi even more angry. In order to make Mo Lingze feel uncomfortable, he bought a lot of desserts and sent them to Xu Qingyou’s colleagues to share, so as to once again declare his sovereignty.

When Xu Wei and Fang Qi were eating dessert, they happened to see their ex-husband Qu Kai and their fiancée walking in. The fiancée also introduced herself provocatively, which made Fang Qi a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect Xu Wei to stand up and introduce herself to Fang. Qi’s fiance also gently and affectionately took Fang Qi’s hand and left.

Mo Lingze agreed to help Xu Qingyou’s ideal plan to conduct a live broadcast interview. Xu Qingyou reminded all the staff to take it seriously, because Mo Lingze is a very difficult person. This sentence happened to be heard by Mo Lingze. , Xu Qingyou quickly changed the subject and praised Mo Lingze for taking his work seriously.

The live broadcast was very successful. All comments and speeches were due to Mo Lingze. This made Xu Qingyou’s subordinate Xiaopang also start to admire Mo Lingze and couldn’t help but praise Mo Lingze. Xu Qingyou thinks that Mo Lingze can only look far away but not up close, and that distance viewing is indeed very attractive. Xiaopang told Mo Lingze this sentence, and Mo Lingze was very happy to be praised by Xu Lingze for being attractive.

But he didn’t expect Xu Qingyou to propose to draw a clear line with Mo Lingze in person. As long as Mo Lingze does not cross that line, the two of them are still friends and colleagues. Mo Lingze agreed. Fan Yunxi called again, knowing that Xu Qingyou was broadcasting live for Mo Lingze, and deliberately said something bad about Mo Lingze in Xu Qingyou’s ear to make Xu Qingyou beware.

Mr. Zhai bought all the advertising spaces and wanted to vigorously promote this new project filmed by Mo Lingze. However, he did not expect that some printing factories were suddenly reported, and the collective inspection and rectification were carried out. There was no one to accept the business of printing advertisements. Unable to meet the needs of the company. Xu Qingyou learned from Xu Wei that a qualified factory was about to go, and was hurriedly knocked down by Mo Lingze. Mo Lingze just helped pick it up and left without saying a word.

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