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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 11 Recap

Luluo came back to the live broadcast and explained that he was not plagiarism, but the netizens didn’t buy it, but instead slandered Luluo on the Internet. Luluo, who was unwilling to be scolded, also scolded the netizens, and even wanted to quit the live broadcast. Yves, the male protagonist of the Mo Lingze contact incident, appeared in the live broadcast room with Luluo Lianmai, and asked Yves to speak out to prove that Luluo was not plagiarism.

The two of them also made a temporary topic in the live broadcast room for a live lyrics and composition test, all of a sudden. The live broadcast room was overwhelmingly popular. Xu Qingyou thanked Mo Lingze, but Mo Lingze downplayed that he just didn’t want the investment to go to waste.

I saw Xu Wei’s illness with four eyes and was going to find him medicine, but knew that Xu Wei had been thinking about Fang Qi, so he deliberately hid the medicine, and sent the pictures of Xu Wei’s tragic situation to Fang Qi, but Fang Qi did not expect Fang Qi He simply replied to take medicine when he was sick, which disappointed Xu Wei.

Xu Qingyou prepared food and wanted to give it to Mo Lingze to express his gratitude, but he did not expect Fan Yunxi to show up in advance, holding Xu Qingyou’s hand and expecting the two to be together again, but Xu Qingyou refused, Xu Qing Yu thinks that the two are destined not to go back, and everyone has changed. Mo Lingze and Wang Ji happened to be passing by and saw Fan Yunxi holding Xu Qingyou’s hand. Xu Qingyou still had a gift bag in his hand.

They mistakenly thought it was a gift from Fan Yunxi to Xu Qingyou. Mo Lingze felt unhappy. In the elevator, Xu Qingyou came over to give Mo Lingze a gift. Mo Lingze thought it was borrowing flowers to present the Buddha and was angry and refused. Xu Qingyou was angry and gave it to Wang Ji. Although Mo Lingze refused Xu Qingyou’s gift, he was jealous that Wang Ji shouldn’t eat it. He punished Wang Ji to organize the copy and send it on the same day. past.

In the evening, Mo Lingze and Gu Bi’s boss talked about the acquisition. Gu Bi was reluctant to abandon the company that he regarded as a child, but Mo Lingze believed that Yibe’s abandonment now means abandoning the car to protect the handsome, because now the company has been losing money for years, and it has long been unable to make ends meet. NS. Elder Yi Yi was always a good friend of Mo Lingze’s father back then. He thought that Mo Lingze was too indifferent and impersonal in doing things, and he did not look like his father at all. Mo Lingze was even more indifferent and said that he just didn’t want to be like a father. made. On the way back, Mo Lingze repeatedly thought about Mr. Yi’s words and how his father was taken away.

Mo Lingze accidentally saw Xu Qingyou dancing because of the project, with a hint of joy at the corners of his mouth, but then disappeared. Mo Lingze was in a bad mood and hoped that Xu Qingyou could accompany him. Xu Qingyou took Mo Lingze directly to the amusement park to ride the roller coaster. Seeing Xu Qingyou bowing his head in discomfort and fear, Mo Lingze couldn’t help his mouth. Smiled.

Xu Qingyou told the truth about his views on Mo Lingze. He felt that Mo Lingze was really annoying when he was not human, but Mo Lingze was a person who took care of the overall situation. Thinking of this, he felt that he had not done anything wrong. In order to make Mo Lingze happy, Xu Qingyou took him to buy two buckets of ice cream and took Mo Lingze to make a merry-go-round. On the merry-go-round, Mo Lingze watched Xu Qingyou wearing a cartoon headband as happy as a child, and Mo Lingze couldn’t help being happy too.

Xu Wei was ill to teach the children, and he quickly took pictures and sent it to Moments. I hope Fang Qi can come after seeing it. As a result, a little girl was attracted to deliver medicine. Four eyes hoped that Fang Qi could see this scene, and it would stimulate at least a little bit. Qi is angry and jealous.

Fang Qi came to Xu Wei and learned that Xu Wei had fallen out with his family and was living in the shop, so he took Xu Wei home to take care of him, and had three chapters with Xu Wei, because Xu Wei was poor and could only obtain the living here through labor. Right, housework and cleaning must be done every day. Xu Wei generously offered to cook and wash Fang Qi for Fang Qi every day, so that Xu Wei could add these two items, Xu Wei was a little surprised.

Xu Qingyou came to Fang Qi and said what he thought of Mo Lingze today. He felt that Mo Lingze was not at all humane, but rather sad. Fang Qi worried that Mo Lingze completely attracted Xu Qingyou, and Xu Qingyou would be overwhelmed by the time.

Mo Lingze was actually cold on the surface, but full of human touch, so Wang Ji made preparations and plans, and gave Mr. Yi Yi the best price. Mo Lingze, who was busy with work, suddenly heard loud music, as if there was a party next door, which made Mo Lingze very disgusted.

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