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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 10 Recap

Xu Qingyou came to the playground in despair, looking at the key chain in a daze, recalling that when she was with Fan Yunxi, she had personally made the key chain here. Now the key chain is still there, and the person is no longer the same person, Xu Qing You put the key chain in the booth and left on her own, seeming to say goodbye to her many years of feelings.

When Xu Qingyou returned home, his parents had bought clothes for the wedding and wanted to attend the wedding of his daughter. Xu Qingyou confessed that he had broken up with Fan Yunxi. His father lost his temper immediately, and he had long recognized Fan Yunxi as his son-in-law, and his mother blocked him and asked Xu Qingyou to think clearly before making a decision. Before the words were over, Xu Wei came out of the room drunk and expressed support for Xu Qingyou. The father was still reluctant, so Xu Qingyou and Fan Yunxi had a good talk, and if they couldn’t be together, they would never come back. Xu Qingyou left the house angrily.

Xu Wei chased it out and drunkly expressed her thoughts to Xu Qingyou, and strongly supported Xu Qingyou to be with her lover. Xu Qingyou saw that Xu Wei had something on his mind and asked the reason. Xu Wei confessed that he had offended Fang Qi, and Fang Qi had ignored him now. Xu Wei claimed that he had promised to give Fang Qi his 30th birthday, but Fang Qi ignored him. Xu Qingyou realized that Xu Wei cared about Fang Qi’s birthday.

Fang Qi learned from Xu Qingyou’s mother that Xu Qingyou had broken up and took the initiative to comfort him. Xu Qingyou talked about how Xu Wei cared about Xu Qingyou’s 30th birthday, and even suspected that Xu Wei was desperately trying to repair the points and returned to China early. In order to celebrate Fang Qi’s birthday. Fang Qi suddenly remembered that after breaking up with Qu Kai, he did tell Xu Wei to spend time with someone when he was thirty years old. Fang Qi quickly changed the subject with a little embarrassment and asked Xu Qingyou to adjust her emotions. She knew ten. Nian’s feelings are said to have to be peeled off when they are broken.

When Fang Qi went to Xu Wei’s house, he happened to see Xu Wei being chased and beaten by his father. He blamed Xu Wei for learning art and giving up his major. Under Fang Qi’s cover, the two successfully left home. Fang Qi also warned Xu Wei that she must apologize to her family, otherwise she would not reconcile with Xu Wei, and Xu Wei had to agree.

Xu Qingyou went to the anchor Luluo to talk about the matter but was turned away by Luluo. Xu Qingyou had to take the audio to find a professional for analysis. It turned out that it was not plagiarism, but there were some similarities. Since the anchor is gone, all places are reluctant to cooperate. When Xu Qingyou was isolated and helpless, it was Mo Lingze who supported Le Mi in front of Mr. Luo, expressing his belief and support. Xu Qingyou had a stomachache sitting on the side of the road. At that time, it was Mo Lingze who appeared in front of her and carried her to the car to rest.

Xu Wei went back and wanted to go back and apologize to his father, but Xu’s father was very angry at Xu Wei’s giving up the opportunity to study art, and insisted on not forgiving Xu Wei. Xu Wei had to leave home again to find Fang Qi and asked Fang Qi to teach him boxing. As a result, Fang Qi found that Xu Wei had already learned to punch. Xu Wei said frankly that it was to protect Fang Qi, and Fang Qi told Xu Wei that he must run if he encountered something bad.

Luluo has been plagiarized by other people’s songs because of cyberattacks. As Lemi’s anchor, it also directly affected Lemi. Luluo has always avoided seeing the outside because of this incident. But after Xu Qingyou looked for her many times, Luluo finally stood up and denied plagiarism. No one else believed in Luluo, but Xu Qingyou stood up and expressed his belief, and Luluo also took out the manuscript created at that time.

Xu Qingyou was drinking coffee on the rooftop, in a leisurely state. Mo Lingze felt relieved when he saw Xu Qingyou in this state. He also came to Xu Qingyou and sat down, believing that Xu Qingyou has a way to deal with it. . Xu Qingyou said frankly that the original manuscripts that Luluo produced were of great importance to them, and she was confident in this matter.

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