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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 9 Recap

Wanqing is grateful to Xu Guangyao for making Tan Xuanlin innocent, but what she doesn’t know is that this is actually a scene of Tan Xuanlin. After Xu Guangyao left, Tan Xuanlin held up a banknote, stared at Wanqing, and said solemnly. Xu Guangyao is not the only one who is so careful, no matter whether it is reasoning ability or meticulous thinking, he is no worse than him. Seeing him boasting about herself so solemnly, Wanqing couldn’t help but chuckle, wondering why he had to compare with Xu Guangyao in front of her. Tan Xuanlin also noticed that she was out of state, and she smirked.

Several people in Su Hongchen speculated that it was the southern side who wanted to kill Xu Guangyao. Xu Bojun and his colleagues are reorganizing the coalition forces of the five provinces. At this time, they sent people to the south to assassinate Xu Guangyao and plant them on Tan Xuanlin. The situation in Shanghai is bound to be turbulent, and the reorganization will also be hindered. But Xu Guangyao thought that the planting of Tan Xuanlin seemed to be related to his father. At the beginning, he advocated hearing the case in person, also to prevent his father from taking advantage of the problem.

Although everyone guessed that it was Nanbian’s trick, Tan Xuanlin and Nanbian did not have any deep hatred. Furthermore, Xu Bojun and Pei Xun have both killed the revolutionary army and asked for trouble, and the southern side will find their trouble first, not Tan Jiajun’s. Tan Xuanlin knows that this matter is not simple. But this is the end of the matter, and the case can only be closed in accordance with the revolutionary army’s murder.

Xu Guangyao waited for a long time, but there was no sign of Wanqing, and he was very worried. Seeing Xu Guangyao’s injury, Mu Wanting brought chicken soup, but the other party didn’t appreciate it. Xu Guangyao heard the movement and immediately went out to check, and it was indeed Wanqing who came back. Seeing Xu Guangyao and Wanqing, Mu Wanting was very angry and walked between the two with chicken soup.

A man surnamed Liao found Tan Xuanlin, who claimed to be the army doctor of Tan Xuanlin’s father ten years ago. Tan Xuanlin was shocked, her thoughts drifting away. The scenes of the day that father and eldest brother died in battle appeared one after another. Those bloody comrades seemed to be right in front of them, and those heart-wrenching feelings seemed to linger in my heart again. This is the nervousness and panic that Tan Xuanlin has never had before, just because of Mr. Liao’s appearance.

At that time, Mr. Liao was expelled by Governor Luo because he was fighting for reasons and opposed to canceling the name of Tan Jiajun in front of Governor Luo. When he met a horse bandit that year, Tan Xuanlin’s father died in battle, but Governor Luo not only did not get a pity, he also added all the reasons for the defeat to Tan Xuanlin’s father, and even canceled the designation, which is really chilling.

That time, Tan Jiajun couldn’t hold his head up anymore, no matter how many victories he had won by Tan Xuanlin, there are still people chewing his tongue behind his back. In fact, Mr. Liao, like Tan Xuanlin, suspected that the opponent on the battlefield was not the horse bandit. It’s a pity that there are no survivors of that year’s battle, and now all is just suspicion.

Su Hongchen met Tan Xuanlin and Gu Yueshuang in the dance hall, but what made him strange was that there was a Fei Anton beside them. Hearing that Tan Xuanlin wanted to build a civic group of the Chamber of Commerce and put all Tan Jiajun in it, Fei Anton was very surprised. Fei Anton remembered that when Tan Xuanlin took office, he had three chapters with the Warlord’s Mansion.

The first was to demobilize the army. But in fact, he is also hesitating, after all, the current situation is turbulent, and one more team in his hand can also have one more card. Tan Xuanlin realized that Fei Andun was interested in Gu Yueshuang, so he arranged an appointment for them to get Fei Andun’s support. Gu Yueshuang’s face was distressed, but she couldn’t refuse.

Upon learning of this, Xu Guangyao decided to personally visit Fei Andun to discuss the placement of Tan Jiajun. After Wanqing heard about it, she also proposed to visit Fei Andun with Xu Guangyao. Japanese cotton mills are willing to provide low-interest loans to Chinese mills, but they want to use this method to annex the Chinese market, and then bully the market and drive up prices. They have messed up the cotton yarn market in Tianjin, Qingdao and other places, and now they want to repeat the trick to disrupt the Shanghai market.

Xu Guangyao proposed that Tan Jiajun should be placed in the spinning mill. As a result, the number of workers increased and the efficiency of the factory was increased. Naturally, there was no need to accept loans from the Japanese. In fact, everyone knows well that Xu Guangyao said so much that he just wanted to disturb the Yellow Chamber of Commerce militia. Fei Anton did not answer Xu Guangyao, but instead called in a lot of liquor and made Wanqing drink.

Gu Yueshuang had heard this from nowhere, so she inadvertently revealed it to Tan Xuanlin. Tan Xuanlin was worried that there would be disturbances in the Chamber of Commerce’s militia, and that Xu Guangyao could not deal with the old pervert Fei Anton, so he hurried away.

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