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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 7 Recap

Although Wanqing is Xu Guangyao’s secretary in name, Tan Xuanlin deliberately arranges her office next door to her. Wanqing did not want to follow Tan Xuanlin’s will, so she proposed to move to Xu Guangyao’s office. Tan Xuanlin was shocked, but before she could raise an objection, Wan Qing left with Xu Guangyao.

Tan Xuanlin walked past Xu Guangyao’s office several times and made a deliberate noise to attract Wanqing’s attention. Wanqing saw it in her eyes, but ignored it. Wanqing couldn’t help laughing when she saw Tan Xuanlin who looked like this. But Tan Xiulin was very discouraged and couldn’t help but exasperate Tan Si. He had a plan to make a living, and immediately gave the translation office a vacation, and borrowed Wanqing from Xu Guangyao to help translate the documents.

Seeing Wanqing coming in, Tan Xuanlin hurriedly hid the translated documents in a drawer and told her to sit on her office chair. Wanqing went to work, and immediately started. As the two chatted and laughed, Wanqing accidentally found the translated document in the drawer and asked why Tan Xuanlin was teasing herself. Tan Xuanlin panicked and hurriedly denied it, saying that she just didn’t want her to stay with Xu Guangyao all the time.

Tan Xuanlin took out the safety talisman and asked Wanqing why she had thrown it on the ground. Wanqing didn’t want to answer, let alone admit that this peace talisman was specifically for him. But Tan Xuanlin refused to give up and kept asking questions. Wanqing was flustered, pretending to be angry and turned to leave.

Although angry at Tan Xuanlin’s cynical appearance, Wanqing couldn’t help but remember what he just said. Everything in the headquarters has just started, and money is needed everywhere, but the warlord’s palace has not allocated the military salary for a long time, and he is also worried about it. Wanqing immediately called the bosses in the city, wanting to raise military expenses. Vaguely, Wanqing noticed that she was staring at her with a pair of eyes behind her. But she didn’t care, and continued her call. Sure enough, this matter quickly reached Mu Zhiyuan’s ears. After Mu Zhiyuan heard about this, he decided to support Tan Xuanlin without telling Xu Guangyao.

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce has acquired many Chinese yarn mills in Qingdao and Tianjin, and is now dumping foreign yarn in Shanghai. If one day they get involved in the Shanghai market, Wanqing hopes that Tan Xuanlin will be on the side of the Mu family. A condition of support. Tan Xuanlin couldn’t help but praise Wanqing for being smart, but for Wanqing, Tan Xuanlin’s partner was not honest enough. Wanqing knew in her heart that Tan Xuanlin deliberately concealed from her and angered her, but in fact they were testing her.

If Wanqing told Xu Guangyao about Tan Xiulin and Mu Wanting’s activities, Tan Xiulin would no longer believe her. Tan Xuanlin sent movie tickets to Xu Guangyao, in fact, he was also tentative. If Xu Guangyao knew that the Mu family wanted to support Tan Xuanlin, he would definitely not accompany him to the scene. After two trials, Tan Xuanlin was sure that Wanqing had not betrayed, so he pretended to unintentionally reveal that he wanted to raise money. Wanqing also said frankly that the peace talisman was indeed for him.

Tan Xuanlin specially held a grand celebration banquet. Xu Guangyao felt that the timing was just right. He wanted to ask Tan Xuanlin in front of everyone why he was so late in dismissing Tan Jiajun. The lights of Shanghai at night are very lively. The guests came one after another, which was exactly what Xu Guangyao wanted. However, Xu Guangyao couldn’t help reminding Tan Xuanlin that if he didn’t harm the Xu family’s face, he would definitely support him. After all, he was considered a subordinate of the Xu family. Tan Xilin was unhappy when she heard this, but there was still a smile on her face, and it was not until Xu Guangyao walked away that he changed back to his true appearance.

As soon as he entered the banquet hall, Xu Guangyao’s eyes searched for Wanqing’s figure. Seeing Wanqing staring at the pianist in a trance, he walked with a drink. Wanqing reminded him not to get too close to herself, lest Mu Wanting gets angry in a hurry. As she expected, Mu Wanting couldn’t help feeling angry when she saw Xu Guangyao and Wanqing standing together. While there was no one around Wanqing, he stepped forward to stop her. Wanqing is not a soft persimmon that anyone can handle, she shook off Mu Wanting and hurried away.

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