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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 5 Recap

As soon as Wanqing got the repaired safety buckle, she met Tan Xuanlin’s sister Tan Sangyu. Tan Sangyu inquired about Marshal Pei’s to Wanqing, but the other party didn’t know anything. While worrying, Tan Xuanlin appeared suddenly and pinched the nape of Tan Sangyu’s neck. Tan Xuanlin was a lively little bunny under his brother’s hands. After a few words of reply, he ran away.

Living in Mu’s house was actually what Xu Guangyao had in mind. For dinner that day, the Mu family prepared a table of sumptuous delicacies to entertain him, but his eyes always looked towards Wanqing’s seat unconsciously. It is a pity that Wanqing was not at the house during dinner. As night fell, the moonlight was light, and Wanqing walked back home under the bright moonlight. Upon seeing this, Xu Guangyao hurriedly went out to check, a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

It was late when she got home, and Wanqing’s stomach couldn’t help but scream. At this moment, Xu Guangyao came with food, really sending charcoal in the snow. Wanqing was moved in her heart, but she still felt that it was not appropriate. She reminded Xu Guangyao not to come to see herself at night, otherwise Wanting would be unhappy when she saw it. Xu Guangyao doesn’t care what Mu Wanting thinks, he just wants to get along well with Wanqing.

But now Cui Lianfeng is the mistress of the Mu family, and Mu Wanting is the eldest lady of the Mu family. Wanqing really doesn’t want to cause trouble. Seeing Xu Guangyao lowering her head in thought, Wanqing hurriedly escorted him out of the room. But all this was still seen by Mu Wanting, she was furious and stared at Wanqing’s room fiercely.

Early the next morning, the Mu family sat in the living room, talking and laughing. Seeing Wanqing coming downstairs, Cui Lianfeng hurriedly greeted him warmly. She deliberately took out the bills that Wanqing repaired safely, and the proofs accidentally read the name of the payer Tan Xuanlin. A hint of surprise flashed across Mu Zhiyuan’s face, and he couldn’t help frowning. He asked Wanqing what was going on, but his eyes were full of fierceness.

Afterwards, he called Tan Xuanlin and invited him to the house as a guest. Tan Xuanlin happily attended the appointment. At the dinner, Tan Xuanlin learned about the bill from Cui Lianfeng, and took the responsibility for breaking the safety button, causing Cui Lianfeng to be embarrassed. It turned out that Wanqing had explained to everyone before that, and Tan Xiulin’s words happened to correspond to Wanqing’s explanation one by one. The two cooperated perfectly, and Mu Zhiyuan did not suspect.

But the well-known Cui Lianfeng mother and daughter were furious, and inadvertently said that Cui Lianfeng quietly transferred Wanqing’s mother’s dowry. All this was heard by Wanqing, and Wanqing pinched the corner of her clothes, feeling frustrated. Wanqing knew the tactics of the mother and daughter in her heart, but she couldn’t imagine that they would want to get rid of themselves. Wanqing’s eyes suddenly sharpened, and she made a secret decision in her heart.

Wanqing took the initiative to invite Tan Xuanlin out, thanked him for helping herself today, and promised to cooperate with him. Tan Xuanlin was surprised and happy, but both of them knew that today’s cooperation was actually Tan Xuanlin’s support behind the scenes. Even Xu Guangyao’s move to Mu’s house was part of his plan. After receiving the diary from Tan Xuanlin, Wanqing decisively burned it, which is also regarded as burning her own past and restarting her life.

Xu Guangyao tried every means to settle the problem with Tan Xuanlin for Tan Jiajun, but the other party also racked their brains to avoid the matter. Tan Xuanlin mentioned to Xu Guangyao about Wanqing’s mother’s death day, implying that it would be unsafe for her to stay in the temple alone. Xu Guangyao was really worried about his new life, and immediately got up and went to the temple on the mountain. Unexpectedly, the car broke down on the road, so he had to get out of the car and walk away quickly.

Wanqing was sitting upright and praying, but a man named Cui Jie appeared quietly behind her. Cui Jie claimed to be Cui Lianfeng’s nephew and acted very frivolously. Wanqing ran away hurriedly, but Xu Guangyao arrived in time, which overpowered Cui Jie. When Tan Xuanlin’s people saw this, they hurriedly reported to him. Knowing that Wanqing was safe, Tan Xuanlin finally breathed a sigh of relief. But in this deep mountain and old forest, with a lone man and a widow, Tan Xuanlin was suddenly shocked when he thought of this, and hurriedly quietly came to the gate of the temple to guard.

In the middle of the night, Wanqing took advantage of the moonlight to go out, but she saw Tan Xuanlin sleeping soundly in the car. Can’t help but think of the conversation between the two before. That night, Tan Xuanlin swore to Wanqing that she would take care of her. Thinking of this, Wanqing seemed to be angry with a ray of sunshine in her heart, and gently said goodnight to Tan Xuanlin in the car. But she didn’t know that Tan Xuanlin was not asleep.

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