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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 4 Recap

Seeing Tan Xuanlin’s arrival, Gu Yueshuang was extremely excited and hurried to him. Gu Yueshuang put her pillow on Tan Xiulin’s shoulder and acted like a baby with him. Tan Xilin learned that Gu Yueshuang had been filming all day, so he quickly ordered the director to rest. Tan Xuanlin took Gu Yueshuang to visit his office. Seeing Xu Guangyao coming in, he hurriedly grabbed Gu Yueshuang’s waist. Before Xu Guangyao could finish speaking, Tan Xuanlin forced him to visit the next room. Tan Xuanlin knew that Xu Guangyao came to see him, just to talk about the placement of Tan Jiajun. He didn’t think of a good way now, so he had to change the subject and hide him for a few days.

Xu Guangyao waited for a long time, and Tan Xuanlin finally came back. Xu Guangyao hurriedly stepped forward to stop Tan Xuanlin, and raised the issue of Tan Jiajun’s placement with him. Tan Xuanlin looked at him from left to right and tried his best to change the subject. By coincidence, his subordinates came in, indicating that the Director General of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Fei Anton, called and said that he wanted to meet him. Tan Yulin pretended to be angry, and loudly rebuked his subordinates for not understanding the rules.

Tan Xuanlin quickly apologized to Xu Guangyao, and then disappeared. Xu Guangyao was helpless, knowing that Tan Xuanlin had deliberately avoided herself. But he could hide in the first year of the junior high school, but not in the fifteenth. In fact, there is no such thing as Anton, this is just a play performed by Tan Xuanlin and Gu Yueshuang. After getting rid of Xu Guangyao, Tan Xuanlin was in a good mood, and accompanied Gu Yueshuang to Qibao Old Street. The streets were constantly shouting, full of human smoke and flames. Gu Yueshuang was very excited to see the hot steamed buns. Back then, Tan Xuanlin used a steaming steamed bun to warm her life.

Knowing that Tan Xilin had specially asked Wanqing to send him a box, Mu Zhiyuan was puzzled, but it was difficult to hear the news. It happened that Wanqing took the initiative to confess that it was indeed Tan Xuanlin who deliberately asked herself to deliver the box. Wanqing also mentioned her mother’s dowry, saying that she wanted to do some business with her mother’s dowry. Of course Mu Zhiyuan was happy, but Cui Lianfeng told her with an embarrassment that her mother’s dowries were no longer there. The Xiao’s villa was in disrepair for a long time. A club was built for the Ministry of Industry and Engineering a few years ago. Those shops were also lost because of poor management. The shipping company is still an operator, but it can’t stand the turbulent situation in recent years.

Fortunately, she left some jewelry from her mother, but what Wanqing wanted most was the safety clasp left by her mother. Wanqing went to her elder brother’s room and looked for it. Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar room, the past flashed before her eyes. The appearance of Mu Wanting brought Wanqing back to reality. Wanqing didn’t want to talk to her, but who knew she actually took out her mother’s safety clasp. Wanqing wanted to take it, but the other party waved a big hand, and with a clear voice, it broke into two halves safely.

Wanqing took the broken safety buckle to the jewelry store, but the repair cost would cost two hundred oceans. Wanqing had to pawn with her mother’s dowry, but the store told her that it was not worth it. Tan Xuanlin saw Wanqing and quietly followed. Knowing that she was going to sell her jewelry, she installed the jewelry and asked the store to go to the headquarters to ask for repairs. Wanqing understands Tan Xuanlin’s purpose, but she is still unwilling to cooperate with Tan Xuanlin, and warns him to take care of his family affairs. Tan Xuanlin was not upset, and was more interested in Wanqing in her heart. Since seeing Wanqing, Tan Xuanlin seems to have forgotten her companion Gu Yueshuang. Gu Yueshuang saw Tan Xuanlin and Wanqing walking side by side from a distance, wondering in her heart, and an inexplicable sourness surged into her heart.

After waiting all afternoon, Tan Xuanlin finally came back, but she was so drunk. Xu Guangyao was very helpless, watching his embarrassed appearance playfully. Back in the room, Tan Xuanlin seemed to change her face and became mentally abnormal. He also knew that Xu Guangyao knew he was acting a long time ago, and that the two of them were close to each other. In order to let Xu Guangyao take the initiative to move out, Tan Xuanlin deliberately brought Gu Yueshuang back all day long. Under Cui Lianfeng’s accidental assists, Xu Guangyao took the initiative to move out of the headquarters.

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