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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 17 Recap

Feng Yi a temporary miss it, Wang Xiaoan for the company running

He Feng told Mr. Zhou that Mr. Feng was temporarily unable to come, so he asked Mr. Zhou what he could help. Mr. Zhou put his business card directly on the table, and then asked him if he knew what they were doing today? Zhou always looks at Mr. Gao’s face and comes to talk about investment. It seems that he is passionate about himself.

He Feng said that they attach great importance to this investment, and Mr. Feng must have been delayed due to some special reasons. Mr. Zhou said that he would wait for Mr. Feng to finish talking before contacting his secretary, and then he left.

He Feng called Wang Xiaoan and said that there would be a temporary meeting today and that he would not be able to have dinner with her at night. Don’t wait for him, he is still early here.

Xiao Ke and they said that the boss has been too busy recently. Just after finishing work, another group of people entered.

He Jingxiao went to He Feng. He said how big a project their company had taken. It was 11 o’clock, and there were so many people working overtime outside. He Feng said that Feng Yi was not there, so he couldn’t communicate smoothly with many things . He Jingxiao asked him what’s wrong. He Feng asked He Jingxiao to go back early, and take good care of the milk these past two days. He has become a bit fat, so don’t always feed him canned food.

He Jingxiao said that he avoided his own problems. There must be some circumstances. What happened to them. Did they have an accident, or did Feng Yiyi confessed to him? He Jingxiao said that if Feng Yiyi never came back, He Feng would not be exhausted because of work. He felt that He Feng should have a good chat with him.

He Feng went to her because he was afraid that Feng Yi would misunderstand him because of company affairs. She would be even more sad. He Jingxiao asked He Feng to rest assured that Feng Yiyi is an adult and understands. He told He Feng not to think too much, and promised his uncle not to think too much, his uncle also counted on him to take care of him, and He Jingxiao’s drama master went online again.

The boss asked He Feng what happened and how to play missing in this critical situation? He said that no matter what happened between them, he must not delay the company. He must see Feng Yiyi at the company on Friday. This company can run without anyone, but Feng Yi alone can’t. The boss told him not to feel hurt by his words, and said that if the two of them had to make a fuss, they could only keep one person in the company, he would choose Feng Yiyi. Wang Xiaoan heard what they said and left directly.

Xiao Ke asked him why he left so quickly, didn’t he see the boss, Wang Xiaoan said that He Feng was working, so he wouldn’t bother him. Xiao Ke said, the more this time, the more he must accompany He Feng. Wang Xiaoan asked what happened. But this matter can’t be said.

In short, Mr. Feng is not there, and many things are pressing on the boss, and he feels that Mr. Feng is a little bit pushing the boss. The financing has been negotiated before, and people indicate that he should talk to Mr. Feng, who It doesn’t work to show up. Wang Xiaoan asked him if he knew where Mr. Feng was sitting. If Xiao didn’t know about this, he had to ask the secretary.

Wang Xiaoan had to go to He Feng’s mother. She said that the company had very important things and waited for Feng to resolve it. He Feng’s mother said that they are not in the same company, so should she worry about it?

Wang Xiaoan said that this incident caused great losses to the company because of Mr. Feng’s departure. He’s mother said that in her eyes, Xiaofeng and Yiyi are the same children, and they have grown up. They could solve it by themselves. She didn’t want to force Yi Yi to do something she didn’t want to do, and asked Wang Xiaoan to go back, and then closed the door directly.

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