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People’s Property 突围 Episode 38 Recap

Zhang Jiying felt that Changming Group could not eat back the two mines for 4.5 billion. Fu Changming was a person who was not profitable and could not afford to pay. Unless Changming Group belonged to the Lin family, or they were in partnership, Qi Benan also knew that, so they just Wait for the show. Zhang Jiying made an appointment to talk with Niu Junjie.

Qi Ben’an said that Shi Hongxing’s suicide was a big blow to Niu Junjie, and Shi Hongxing had a great responsibility. Niu Junjie also really walked up from underground workers. He has always adhered to principles. Zhang Jiying knew what to do. She told Qi Ben’an what to do and don’t rashly startled. Enterprise anti-corruption is unique, so the superiors asked Qi Ben’an to cooperate in collecting evidence, make a decision and then act.

Zhang Jiying went to mourn Shi Hongxing, Niu Junjie was in a bad mood, choked up and said that Lin Manjiang forced it. As soon as Shi Hongxing left, a lot of circumstantial evidence was gone, but Niu Junjie and Qi Ben’an wouldn’t be like Lin Manjiang, Shi Hongxing couldn’t die in vain. Niu Junjie knew that Shi Hongxing had not done a good job and had neglected his duty, but to be honest, Shi Hongxing was also a victim. Niu Junjie hopes that Lu Jianshe and Pi Dan will leave their posts, otherwise Jingzhou Zhongfu will be completely hopeless.

Lin Manjiang also hopes that the organization and the central government will pay attention to the suspected corruption issue, and he will definitely provide a factual basis as soon as possible. Qi Benan hired two people to work as demolition workers, each with a monthly subsidy of 2,000 yuan. Lu Jianshe made things difficult for Wu Sitai in every possible way, and said that their good days were coming to an end. Qi Ben’an felt ironic when he saw Lu Jianshe’s ambition. He came to Lu Jianshe to approve office expenses. Lu Jianshe refused to agree, and Qi Benan left.

Pi Dan asked Lu Jianshe to go to Shi Hongxing’s house to retrieve her work notes. After all, Lu Jianshe agreed to try. Pidan didn’t want to go back to Jingzhou, he planned to hide in Beijing for a few days, and let Lu Jianshe take care of offending people. However, Lin Manjiangfei asked Cheng Duanyang to move to a villa. Pi Dan had a headache. However, Cheng Duanyang was not frightened to grow up, and his son and daughter-in-law said nothing.

Lu Jianshe ran to Niu Junjie’s house, crying and wiping away tears, and then slapped Niu Junjie’s flattery, but Niu Junjie could not be regarded as a guest at all. Lu Jianshe reluctantly asked Shi Hongxing’s work notebook Niu Junjie if he had taken it home, saying that it was not a personal item and that he would send Wu Sitai to take it tomorrow. Niu Shiyan immediately stopped and said that Shi Hongxing’s will said that he would give her everything. Lu Jianshe changed his words and said that he borrowed Shi Hongxing’s notebooks from the past few years and was driven out by Niu Junjie and Niu Shiyan’s father and daughter.

Fu Changming and Lin Manjiang ate together. Lin Manjiang asked him to sign the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine, but it was not 1.5 billion, but 4.5 billion. Fu Changming was surprised and dumbfounded. Lin Manjiang said that he was a person who had no tomorrow, so he had to know how to advance and retreat. Fu Changming reluctantly agreed. Anyway, Lin Manjiang was the real helm. Fan Jiahui gave Qi Benan a card and asked him to pay others.

Lu Jianshe and Pi Dan couldn’t count on it. Fan Jiahui also wanted to protect Qi Benan. Niu Junjie called and told Qi Ben’an that Lu Jianshe made a special visit for the notebook that Shi Hongxing left behind during his lifetime. Qi Benan asked Niu Junjie to take a good look at Shi Hongxing’s notebook, and don’t give it to them. Niu Junjie was worried that he would be unsafe to hold, and together with Qi Benan, they decided to take the things to the newspaper office.

Niu Junjie asked Niu Shiyan to load the notebook left by Shi Hongxing to the newspaper office. He sat in front of Shi Hongxing’s portrait and said that he wanted to chat with her for a while. Niu Shiyan also moved a chair and sat next to him and asked about them. How are you together. Niu Junjie said that it was not a free love. When Shi Hongxing was thrown out of frustration by Lin Manjiang, Cheng Duanyang gave the two a Duan Lalang match. That year Lin Manjiang and Tong Gehua were about to get married, but Shi Hongxing still did not give up.

Cheng Duanyang would introduce Niu Junjie to Shi Hongxing. Niu Junjie remembered the way they met for the first time all his life, and even now he closed his eyes with Shi Hongxing’s voice and smile. At that time, Shi Hongxing had resentment in her heart, so she dragged Niu Junjie to get married in front of Lin Manjiang. She was angry with Niu Junjie and Lin Manjiang, but Niu Junjie was willing. Although the person Shi Hongxing had been obsessed with for a lifetime was Lin Manjiang, she eventually recognized Niu Junjie. He won, but Shi Hongxing left.

Lin Manjiang was going to attend Shi Hongxing’s memorial service, and Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe got up in the morning to work overtime. Cheng Duanyang remembered the scene where the three of their senior brothers and sisters worshipped themselves as their teachers. Lin Manjiang called and said that he was looking for Cheng Duanyang to eat at the villa at noon, but Cheng Duanyang asked him to come to Miner’s New Village. Before Shi Hongxing’s family arrived, Lin Manjiang bowed and left.

Qi Ben’an and Fan Jiahui didn’t expect Lin Manjiang to come, pretending to be affectionate and righteous. Cheng Duanyang asked Qi Benan to eat together at noon. She didn’t want to face Lin Manjiang alone. Cheng Duanyang wanted to tell Shi Hongxing separately, but Qi Benan told her to keep everything simple and not to hold a memorial service. Lin Manjiang was very anxious to see Cheng Duanyang living in a bungalow. Cheng Duanyang also said that she would move to Pidan in a few days, but she would not go to the villa. Lin Manjiang said it was a struggle between life and death, otherwise he, or Qi Benan, would die next.

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