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People’s Property 突围 Episode 37 Recap

Jin Yixian heard that Zhang Jiying called in the small treasury of Cha Jingzhou and asked him to control Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang let him relax. This is not a big problem. Niu Junjie called Shi Hongxing. She said that she had told Lin Manjiang everything she should have said. Now she was relaxed, but she woke up too late. Shi Hongxing felt sorry for Niu Junjie. She owed him a life in this life. Love, what do you still say to be his wife in the next life. Niu Junjie on the other end of the phone went crazy and asked her to come home, but Shi Hongxing hung up the phone and walked along the river with a smile. Shi Hongxing called Qi Ben’an again.

Qi Ben’an wanted to discuss with her what to do next, but Shi Hongxing said that she didn’t want to do anything anymore. They helped each other and demolished each other. It was a lifetime. Shi Hongxing knew that Qi Benan was not a bad person, and asked him to treat Niu Junjie better. She didn’t owe Lin Manjiang, but Niu Junjie. Qi Ben’an also noticed Shi Hongxing’s emotional abnormality, but Shi Hongxing didn’t answer any more calls. Niu Junjie couldn’t reach Shi Hongxing and called Qi Ben’an, crying that she was afraid that Shi Hongxing would have an accident, and the two could only find them separately.

Niu Shiyan also received a call from Shi Hongxing. She said that her deputy president approved it, and she is now talking in Fan Jiahui’s office. Shi Hongxing said that she regretted not taking care of Niu Shiyan, and she did not object to her and Li Shundong. After bidding farewell, she threw her mobile phone into the river. Niu Shiyan thought that something was wrong, Shi Hongxing’s mood was too strange, and the phone was turned off after another call.

Qi Benan first went to Cheng Duanyang’s place, and then kept calling Shi Hongxing. At this time, Shi Hongxing suddenly realized and blamed herself deeply. She was faceless facing Jingzhou Zhongfu, especially the cadres and masses of Miner’s New Village, so she stood by the river and jumped down. As soon as Zhang Jiying arrived in Jingzhou, he learned about Shi Hongxing’s disappearance.

The police confirmed that Shi Hongxing died of drowning. Lin Manjiang’s legs became weak and untenable when he heard the news. Qi Benan listened to Cheng Duanyang’s last call from Shi Hongxing to Niu Junjie, and Cheng Duanyang hid his face and wept. Both Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie had gone to recognize the corpse, and it was confirmed that it was Shi Hongxing. Cheng Duanyang cried more sadly. She felt sorry for Shi Hongxing, worried about Lin Manjiang, and understood Qi Benan.

In order to comfort Lin Manjiang, Pi Dan said that Shi Hongxing’s neurosis was caused by Qi Ben’an. Whether he died, Lin Manjiang slapped him with tears in his eyes without saying a word. On the way back, Qi Benan recalled the words that Shi Hongxing and himself had said. In just a few months, he created the situation today, and Qi Benan felt very complicated.

Lin Manjiang said that the deceased is the big one, and no one can make irresponsible remarks to Shi Hongxing, nor can he say suicide to the outside world. It was because of his death in the line of duty. Pi Dan quickly agreed. Zhang Jiying and the others kept looking for someone to talk to, including Xiaojinku and Fu Changming’s deal, but it was strange that Zhang Jiying hadn’t found Qi Ben’an yet. Pi Dan was afraid of being caught by them and asked Lin Manjiang to drive Zhang Jiying back to Beijing.

Zhang Jiying deliberately asked Qi Ben’an to talk to the coffee shop for confidentiality. Their room may be monitored. This is done for safety. The problem with Xiaojinku is that Qi Benan found out when he arrived at Zhongfu, Jingzhou, and Jin Xianyuan repeatedly took money in Jingzhou, so Qi Benan chased after him when he arrived in Jingzhou to make it clear, but Jin Xianyuan avoided him. not see. Therefore, Qi Ben’an believes that Zhongfu in Jingzhou is definitely not the problem of the small treasury, because the water is too deep inside.

As for Shi Hongxing, there is no big problem, at least she is not greedy or occupying. Zhang Jiying’s disapproval, dereliction of duty and fear of taking responsibility are also Shi Hongxing’s problems. The reverse elimination phenomenon of Jingzhou Zhongfu is the Lin Manjiang interest group. At this time, Lin Manjiang will also be very careful. Qi Benan also told Zhang Jiying that Pi Dan wanted to transfer the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine at a price of 4.5 billion yuan. If it were still given to Changming Group, it would be too abnormal. This is Lin Manjiang’s regression.

Lu Jianshe asked Wu Sitai to hold a farewell party to Shi Hongxing in the name of the trade union, and everything was simple and formal. Wu Sitai felt that it was inappropriate. At this time, Pi Dan called to convey Lin Manjiang’s meaning, saying that he would solemnly handle Shi Hongxing’s funeral, and he would also appease Niu Junjie to stop investigating him. Lin Manjiang also asked Pi Dan to let Cheng Duanyang move to the villa, saying that it was his intention and he had to go if he didn’t.

Lin Manjiang wants to collect all Shi Hongxing’s work notes, at least to destroy all the notes she collected for the six years she presided over the work in Jingzhou. As for the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine transaction, Lin Manjiang asked Pi Dan to go back and wait, and he would talk to Fu Changming. Fu Changming didn’t know what Lin Manjiang meant. He thought that this time 1.5 billion would be able to recover the mine, and he was still planning the next step of the business. Lin Manjiang invited Fu Changming to meet in the evening to discuss the Jingfeng Jingsheng mine transaction.

Zhang Jiying felt that it was too strange for the Changming Group to eat back two mines with 4.5 billion. Fu Changming has always been an unprofitable person. Of course Qi Benan knows it, so they just need to wait to watch the show.

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