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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 6 Recap

Uncle Zhao’s death had so much influence on the sea market that it was difficult to distinguish between right and wrong, and what is cause and effect. It’s like Daddy’s death in the mouth of a shark in search of a shark pearl. If there is no reason for Emperor Xu’s harsh bead tax, How could it cause today’s fruit. Therefore, from Fanghai City’s point of view, even if the world has been turned upside down thousands of times, hungry, or prosperous, as long as the emperor gives an order, everyone can become ants.

Fang Zhuoying understood that the sea market could not accept this cruel fact, but he still hoped that the other party would understand that even if he was in the Jifeng Hall for a day, he would have to do things with errands, and there was no right or wrong. It was just seeing Fanghai City so sad that Fang Zhuoying couldn’t bear it, and decided to help her find an answer from Master.

Although Fanghai grew up here, she has never killed anyone herself, let alone a companion who has been with her for many years. Fang Zhuoying believes that if Master wants to punish Fang Hai City for tempering, he can appoint other tasks, why not kill Uncle Zhao. This makes Fang Hai City, who has always admired Master, started to doubt herself and is also too cruel to her.

However, Fang Jianming has already expressed his attitude. Since he first met the sea market that night ten years ago, he has given the other two choices, either to be a boudoir girl who only seeks comfort, or a man who abandons comfort and has power. Now that Fang Hai city honors her choice, this is also the only way for everyone.

Early the next morning, Fanghai packed up her things and left the Jifeng Pavilion, preparing to go to the Hanzhou shop to experience. Although she did not say farewell to the master face to face, she kowtowed to Fang Jianming’s room and left a letter. The whistle thought it was OK for Fanghai City to go out to practice, but Hanzhou was located in a bitterly cold place, and he had a short errand time, lest he might encounter troubles on the way.

As expected by the whistle, Fanghai City passed by the inn to rest, but was ambushed. The proprietress and the guy took advantage of the night to attack, even though Fanghai City had noticed it, they still could not predict that the other party had a hidden follower, because the inn shopkeeper framed her for colluding with the robbers, and the officers and soldiers who were ordered to arrest were of unknown origin.

Just when Fanghai City was preparing to go out to fight, the master suddenly appeared to rescue her, and berated the other party for acting dark, if there is another time, he will definitely return to her. After returning to Jifeng Hall, Fang Hai City guessed that the group of officers and soldiers at the inn last night were actually Beifu soldiers, but the ability to dispatch Beifu soldiers privately today shows that this person’s identity is by no means simple.

Fang Jianming dispelled Haishi’s suspicion, saying that he and that person were in the old days, and they were just some private grievances, so there is no need to worry too much. On the contrary, Fang Hai City’s skill is not good, and the inspection shop is not eager for a while. There will be opportunities in the future, so she will continue to stay in the Jifeng Hall, and can no longer assassinate the heart of Emperor Xu.

Zheliu and Xiuniang were washing the soap yarn by the river, and suddenly a gust of wind blew the soap yarn away without a trace. It happened that Fang Zhuoying accidentally picked up the soap yarn and was also confused. As a result, she was anxiously looking for the lilies nearby, and immediately recognized that she was the woman who made her fall in love at first sight during the Lantern Festival.

After trying to find no results, Zheliu and Xiuniang returned home. How did she know that the soap yarn was neatly folded and placed on the stone table, which surprised her. Zheliu thought it was Fengshen who heard his prayers, so he made Zheliu flower cakes for worship. As everyone knows, Fang Zhuoying saw her every move. After that, Fang Zhuoying would often go to the roof of Aya Jinsi to peek at the lilies, taste the cakes made of lili, and listen to her thoughts.

Fanghai City learned through the whistle that Master had never wronged Uncle Zhao. Although Uncle Zhao was threatened by Huku and had to agree to pass the news, the family had family rules and national laws. Only severe punishment of Uncle Zhao could keep his only nephew. As the misunderstanding was resolved, Fanghai City knew that he was wrong with Master, so he personally carried the roast duck and apologized to him.

At this time, Fang Jianming played the piano in the pavilion. This beautiful scene reminded her of the past. In fact, Fang Jianming is a hard-mouthed and soft-hearted person, who looks cold and frosty on the surface, but in fact has forgiven Fang Haishi a long time ago, and even cared about her injuries all the time. Fang Hai City’s stab wounds made it difficult for him to draw his bow. Fang Jianming stepped on his hands and feet. As a result, the close distance made Fang Jianming feel a little bewildered and turned away rather uncomfortably.

In the early dynasty, the ministers asked Di Xu to play, but Ji Chang was unwilling to dominate the court. He took a nap in the public, and smashed the eagle and falcon eggs. Upon seeing this, Di Xu announced that he would withdraw from the court, and chatted with Fang Jianming about the sea market privately, hoping that he would win the championship like Fang Zhuoying did.

It didn’t take long for the news of participating in the imperial examination to reach Fang Hai. When she learned that it was Di Xu’s appointment, she felt a little entangled in her heart. She wanted to participate, but also because of her identity inconvenience. Fortunately, Fang Jianming did not object, but made her promise that she would never assassinate Di Xu. Considering the importance of the imperial examination, in order to achieve good results, Fang Haishi stopped Fang Zhuoying, who was eager to enter the palace, and humbly asked him how to improve martial arts and what needs to be paid attention to.

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