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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 5 Recap

Fanghai stayed at the bedside to take care of Master. During this period, he changed cloth towels several times, repeatedly, not knowing how much blood was poured, and barely stopped his injuries. Seeing Fang Jianming’s face turned horribly pale, Fang Hai City felt distressed for this, and secretly vowed to kill Di Xu before leaving, otherwise Master would continue to be persecuted by him.

The courtiers played to Di Xu for the defense of the cities and counties, but he ignored them and kept thinking about what happened last night. At this time, Tilan took the lotus cake back to the outside of the temple in order to retrieve the pendant. Unexpectedly, Emperor Xu overturned the cakes in anger and scolded her for recklessness.

Because Di Xu lost control of his emotions, he pinched Tilan’s neck again, and the maids knelt on their knees to plead. After Fang Jianming woke up, he learned that Fang Hai City had left Jifeng Hall alone, and based on previous contacts, he believed that she had entered the palace to assassinate Emperor Xu.

Since Fanghai city was carrying the token of Jifeng Pavilion, the entrance and exit of the palace was unimpeded, but when Fang Jianming hurried to the hall, he accidentally saw Di Xu alone, and there was no sign of Fanghai city. As everyone knows, Fanghai city happened to meet Ti Lan in the garden, and the two had chatted about the past in the Bieyuan.

Through the maid’s narration, Fang Hai city learned about Tilan’s experience and was very angry for her. Although he knew that Di Xu was tyrannical and innocent, he did not expect to be ruthless against his own woman. He hated that he should have died in the chaos of King Yi Lose. Because these words were too rebellious and there were so many eyes and ears in the palace, Tilan reminded Fang Haishi to be cautious.

After the renewal of the old days, Fanghai City was ready to leave, and Di Xu suddenly sent someone to pass the decree, calling Tilan to face the saint immediately. Above the main hall, Di Xu looked at the oncoming Ti Lan with a smile but not a smile, while Fang Jianming stood beside him, his eyes lowered slightly, unable to look directly at the extremely familiar face.

Di Xu deliberately stated that he would give Tilan the reward to Fang Jianming, but as soon as the voice fell, the two of them immediately knelt down. Ti Lan was crying, and never thought that Di Xu would be so absurd. As for Fang Jianming, he believed that Ti Lan was a princess and could not be elevated. Moreover, he already had a blood oath and would never marry a wife in this life.

Fang Haishi hid outside the hall to eavesdrop. When she heard what the master said, Fang Cun was instantly confused and accidentally made a movement. Di Xu asked the person hiding in the dark to show up. Fang Hai City had no other choice. He wanted to assassinate her. Fortunately, Fang Jianming intercepted her in time, and pressed her down and bowed to Di Xu.

The maid saw the appearance of the assassin and subconsciously called Fang Haishi, indirectly revealing that she and Tilan were old acquaintances. In fact, Di Xu had already heard of the other sea market, so he changed his mind to betroth Tiran to him, which was considered a perfect marriage. Fang Hai city scolded Emperor Xu for failing to obtain evidence to speculate on others in good faith. He not only held injustices for Tilan, but also wanted to avenge his master and brothers.

Seeing that Fang Haishi resembled a lion with blasted fur, he was righteously accusing him of all kinds of evil deeds. In exchange for others, he had already been murderous, but Di Xu was different from ordinary people. Not only was he not angry, but Fang Jianming was even let go. Fang Haishi, see how capable he can kill himself.

Because Emperor Xu is a high emperor, people will avoid it, and because he is a cruel and ruthless emperor, from the inner palace to the court, no one dared to see him. Even so, Di Xu could still see the fear pervading the palace and the slanderous clouds. He was deeply disgusted by this, and instead wanted to seek death.

It is a pity that Fang Hai is not Fang Jianming’s opponent at all, and the truth has been seen in just a few rounds. Tilan knew that Di Xu was not happy with her and couldn’t stand the humiliation she had just received, so she decided to take the hairpin and commit suicide. Di Xu took action in time to stop it, and scolded her for being hypocritical, and found a reason to let her leave the hall.

Di Xu did not pursue the assassination today, and gave him a reward for his master and apprentice. Before leaving, he reminded Fang Haishi that he should study for a few more years. If he wants to kill him, he must first defeat Fang Jianming. During this period, Fang Jianming could not bear it until she was out of the palace. He denounced Fanghai City for being stubborn. It was because she saw that she had no intention of surrendering to Emperor Xu, that he kept opposing her going to the palace for errands.

Now Fang Jianming is greatly disappointed, and he is cruel to drive Fanghai City away, threatening that Di Xu is his best friend, better than anyone or even life, and has vowed to be loyal forever in this life. However, Fanghai City also vowed to be loyal to Master, so even if the long sword pierced into the flesh and blood, he did not want to leave him.

After all, Fang Jianming didn’t get rid of his hands, turned around and walked away, leaving Fang Haishi to kneel in the rain. Mu Deqing came to Jifeng Hall on an order to allow Fanghai City to participate in this year’s imperial examination as a martial artist. Because of this, Fang Jianming went to see Fanghai City under an umbrella and ordered her to perform a task, only to complete the task to stay.

Ju Dianyi is gratified that Lu Liu has a talent for embroidery, so she wants her to sew official robes for the new shooting lieutenant. Although Fang Zhuoying was tortured with a rod a few days ago, he was not demoted, so this important task was left to Zheliu. In the Jifeng Hall, Fang Zhuoying has been able to take a rest for several days, and his injuries have recovered by nearly half. Fang Jianming did not agree to Fang Zhuoying’s job, and urged him to heal his injuries first.

Fanghai City was ordered to go to a designated location to assassinate a person, unexpectedly it was Uncle Zhao. At the beginning, Uncle Zhao planned to resign to Jifeng Pavilion and retired in preparation for the elderly, but now she is on the list of assassinations, which really surprised her. Uncle Zhao claimed to be in collusion with Nivarro’s work, which caused an accident in the plan, so he was willing to die, and even to avoid embarrassment for Fanghai City, he immediately decided on his own.

Even though the task was completed, Fanghai City was still sad, and no matter she was taken care of by Uncle Zhao since she was a child, it was impossible for Uncle Zhao to “collaborate with foreign enemies”. Fang Jianming reminded Fang Hai City that if he still has to ask the truth today, there is no need to stay in the Jifeng Pavilion. All those who come out of the Jifeng Pavilion can only be loyal to Emperor Xu and have no mercy.

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