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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 4 Recap

Ten miles in the outskirts of the city were clamoring, and the passage was gradually blocked by the corpse, making it difficult for the carriage to move. The number of assassins was huge, and they had become sharp and gathered to the carriage. The officers and soldiers fought hard to resist and escorted Princess Tilan and her maid to flee. At the moment of the moment, Fanghai City came straight up and dragged the princess on the horse, but her identity as a woman was discovered by the other party.

Although everyone turned the crisis into peace, Fang Hai City still had a restless mind, because she was afraid that someone would make a fuss about this matter, specifically targeting Jifeng Hall. In fact, Fang Zhuoying’s heart is like a mirror, but taking into account Master’s previous instructions, he did not disclose the truth to Fang Haishi. The whistle made a sudden visit, falsely claiming that Fang Hai City had rescued Princess Tilan and that she had to leave the important tasks to her to perform immediately.

Believing that it was true, Fanghai immediately followed the whistle to leave the camp, only to find out during the period that he wanted to deal with the rebellion in the museum. As everyone knows, Di Xu, who is far away in the capital city, is furious about the princess, and wants to be held accountable. Fang Jianming is thoughtful of Baohai City and has to let the whistle take her away.

On the day that the army escorted His Royal Highness and the princess to the Apocalypse, Su Ming had been waiting for a long time at the city gate. He gave a special order from Emperor Xu, and Anton Tilan first went to the hall to rest, and Ji Chang followed him into the palace. Above the chapel, hundreds of officials greeted each other, and the young Ji Chang stepped towards the main hall step by step under the gaze of everyone, because the two entourages behind him, he was afraid that any step would be false.

After Ji Chang was named Queen Chang, Di Xu retired his foreign ministers, and could no longer hide his joy, and at the same time he was full of guilt. Ji Chang took out the precious eagle-falcon egg, and in his early years heard that he personally hatched and domesticated the eagle-falcon, so that the falcon could treat the owner like a mother and be of understanding, so he wanted to incubate the best eagle-falcon in the world and give it to Di Xu.

Now that the brothers are reunited, Di Xu cherishes it very much, and solemnly makes a promise that Ji Chang will get the share he deserves. Princess Tilan’s maid went out to inquire about the news and learned that General Tang had done a good job in protecting King Chang in recent years, and that he had been promoted to the chief general of Huangquan by Emperor Xuzhu, and soon rushed to Huangquan Pass.

On the other hand, in the side hall, Fang Jianming and Fang Zhuoying regarded death as home, waiting for the emperor’s anger. Di Xu asked Fang Hai City whereabouts. Fang Jianming explained that she was acting privately in Jubei Town, and she had fled for fear of being held accountable. It will take some time before Jifeng Hall can be arrested and brought to justice.

Emperor Xu knew that Fang Jianming intended to protect him, so he ordered him to witness Fang Zhuoying’s torture as a punishment. Fang Jianming’s love is eager and unwilling to be alone. In the end, the two were punished together, each with a hundred spine. Fang Zhuoying fainted quickly with the thick club. Even the medical officer couldn’t bear to look directly at him. It would be difficult to treat it if he continued. Fang Jianming asked Di Xu for an decree, and he would be punished for the remaining rod penalty.

Considering the inconvenience of Princess Tilan’s Shangjuguan Post, and the courtiers’ remonstrances, Emperor Xu canonized her as Concubine Shu Rong, and everything was kept simple. Tilan was angry when she heard the news, and the new emperor Dazheng made such a move, which clearly despised them. General Tang urged Tilan to stay calm, and now she shoulders the trust of the royal family, and only by effectively imitating the purple hairpin to win the heart of Emperor Xu, can the other nations invade.

Fang Hai city saw through the whistle’s strategy and expected that the situation had changed, so he refused to escape to avoid the disaster. Instead, he hurried back to Jifeng Hall. It happened to see Fang Jianming coming in from the door, and several people behind him were carrying Fang Zhuoying, who was already fainted. Because of Fanghai’s stubborn nature and repeated teachings, he regarded her teacher’s order as nothing, so Fang Jianming decided to expel her from the teacher’s door.

Because of this reprimand, Fang Hai City panicked and blamed herself, crying to Fang Jianming to let her stay to take care of her brother tonight, and decide whether to leave until tomorrow. Fang Jianming didn’t respond, but he went back to the room to take medicine with his weak body. The whistle reported the truth to Fang Jianming, and Fang Jianming knew that the two apprentices had grown up and had a deep relationship, so he let Haishi take care of Fang Zhuoying.

On the night of Dixu’s wedding, he was heartbroken holding the tablet of the purple hairpin. It was not until his father-in-law came to pass the pass, saying that Concubine Shu Rong had been standing outside the hall for half the night. From the beginning to the end, Tiran covered her appearance and body with foreign objects. Only when she was in front of the imperial court, she was willing to remove the eighteenth layer of soap yarn, revealing the face that resembled a purple hairpin, and she was also hung around her neck with the royal family. Dragon Tail God Pendant.

For a while, Di Xu seemed to be unable to tell who the person in front of him was, but he reacted in a flash, and he was furious on the spot, wishing to choke Tilan to death, calling the other party just a fake, and ordering her not to leave Yu’an Palace for half a step. Soon, Dixu sent someone to Jifeng Hall to send the portrait of Concubine Shu Rong, asking Fang Jianming to kneel down.

Even though Fang Jianming was seriously injured and could hardly get up, he still gritted his teeth and insisted on going forward. As a result, he was shocked when he saw the appearance in the picture scroll, and everyone was silent. The heavy rain that night washed away Fang Jianming’s remorse over and over again. If he hadn’t sent troops to encircle him earlier that year, he might not have ended up in the current situation, let alone the tragic rival of the Queen Zipin who was pregnant with Liujia. Fang Haishi didn’t understand why Master knelt down uncharacteristically, but she was willing to stay by her side until dawn cleared and Fang Jianming gradually lost consciousness.

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