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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 3 Recap

I don’t know when Fang Jianming will leave. When Fang Zhuoying woke up early to look for the sea market, she saw that the door was wide open, and she was sitting at the table and dozing off, and couldn’t help being amused. Just as these “brothers” were fighting, they happened to be seen by Fang Jianming. Fang Zhuoying remembered the master’s teaching yesterday, and immediately got up and distanced herself from Fanghai City, and found an excuse to seize the door and flee.

Fang Jianming was called into the palace, and Emperor Xu ordered him to send someone to welcome Ji Chang to return to the court. As for the so-called Princess Tilan, she originally didn’t intend to let her step into the capital. It was because of the covenant of the ancestors and the affection of the purple hairpin that Di Xu was more accommodating to Zhuan, but now Wang Zhuan has become more vigorous and delusional to interfere with the royal family’s in-laws, which is really hard to tolerate.

However, although Anwei Camp is the new emperor’s minion, Fang Jianming is the only one in charge of this camp. He has always known good and evil and knows right and wrong, so he is naturally more cautious when it comes to major issues related to the harmony between the two countries. Moreover, Zhu Jian helped Dazheng to quell southern Xinjiang and added that Princess Tilan was so innocent. Fang Jianming believed that this matter was undesirable and completely angered Emperor Xu. He was ordered to abide by his duties and put him in a correct position.

Dixu’s unrelenting hatred is enough to represent his complex emotions at the moment. The two brothers who fought the enemy together and had deep feelings finally came to this stage. The fundamental reason lies in the purple hairpin princess from Zhuan. . Whenever he thought that the purple hairpin had died due to Fang Jianming’s fault, Di Xu was still unable to let go, but he couldn’t bear to kill the other party.

All kinds of fetters and entanglements made Di Xu choose to use extreme methods to lay down Gu, making him attached to himself and becoming a complete puppet. No matter where he was, or any injury he suffered, Di Xu was safe and sound, just because of the pain he suffered from the knife, he would retaliate against Fang Jianming several times.

Taking advantage of his master’s entry into the palace, Fang Hai city privately arrested two masked men in black, forcing each other to confess the identity of the mastermind behind the scenes and the reason for the assassination at the Lantern Festival. At this time, Fang Jianming suddenly appeared to let go of the people in black, and ordered them to go back and tell the mastermind behind the scenes. As for Fang Haishi’s unreasonable claims and refused to listen to discipline, Fang Jianming punished her to copy the door rules.

Knowing that Master was going to select people from Jifeng Hall to arrange errands, Fang Hai City took the initiative to recommend himself in order to make up for the merits. But in the next test, Fang Hai City was not as skilled as the others, even if he relied on his senior to let the water out of the water, he was still invincible. Fang Jianming arranged for Fang Zhuoying to enter the palace to give the decree, and asked Fang Hai to think about it, and once again penalized the door rules a hundred times.

Fang Zhuoying greeted the Four Highnesses Ji Chang and Princess Tilan as a personal envoy, but he knew that Emperor Xu’s intention was not here. The so-called personal envoy was nothing but a false name, and the key was whether Ji Chang could return to the court safely. Fang Jianming is gratified that Fang Zhuoying has grown up and understands that the overall situation is the most important thing, but this time he still urges Fang Zhuoying to only protect Ji Chang, as for Princess Tilan, he will make his own arrangements.

Di Xu made a temporary intention to go to the Shuixinyuan Palace to soak in the hot springs, and ordered Jifeng Pavilion to escort him. Fang Haishi hid next to eavesdrop on the conversation, and wanted to follow the crowd, but was rejected. At the same time, Zheliu officially entered Ling Jinsi under the leadership of Xiuniang, and her aunt had high hopes for her.

On the day of the team’s opening, Fang Jianming came to see off his apprentice, but he didn’t know that Fanghai City quietly got involved, and didn’t recognize Fang Zhuoying until he set up camp on the way. Fang Zhuoying couldn’t resist Fanghai City’s soft and hard foam, so she had to agree to walk with her in disguise as a personal guard, but after a long time she arrived at Xiping Port smoothly, leading the crowd to wait at the city gate.

After many years, the last son Ji Chang returned to the big march. He actually walked off the cabin like a child, curious and cautious. During this period, he looked back at the accompanying general frequently, as if he had to ask for his permission to speak. Fanghai City found through the people that there were frequent unfamiliar ships docking recently, including unidentified merchants, so it was very strange, and it was speculated that someone wanted to disrupt the marriage between the two countries.

That night, Fang Hai City told his brother about the matter, and was surprised that Master had expected it a long time ago. Because Huku and several small ministries in the southwest were quite jealous of the Dazheng and Zhuan, they would certainly not allow the two countries to form one. Because of the seriousness of this situation, Fang Hai City decided to borrow troops from Master Chen Heran and escort the Four Highnesses and Princess Tilan back to the city safely.

Since Chen Heran could only send a thousand troops, Fang Zhuoying made detailed arrangements and divided his troops into three ways to conceal people’s attention. The three groups of people are Fanghai City pretending to be princesses.

After one night, the plan went on as planned. It was originally considered safe, but there was an error in the middle. I don’t know who learned the information in advance and ambushed Princess Tiran halfway. Fanghai city kept observing the situation outside the car, and suddenly remembered that Chen Heran seemed to be different, so he immediately changed into men’s clothing and jumped out of the car and went straight to the direction of the second wave of teams.

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