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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 2 Recap

Because of the frustration in the competition this morning, Fang Haishi practiced archery hard until nightfall. On the contrary, Fang Zhuoying deliberately used sesame seeds to tempt her. Seeing that she was unmoved, she simply sat by and enjoyed the food. The whistle came to Fang Zhuoying to beg to clear up, and talked about the guards of the palace, which attracted the attention of Fanghai City.

Originally, Fang Hai city wanted to take a shortcut and jump over the wall to enter the palace. When the two returned to Jifeng Hall together, they found that Fang Jianming had been waiting in the courtyard for a long time, scared them almost to reveal themselves. Fortunately, Fanghai City’s Jizhong Shengzhi found an excuse to stall, and this did not make Fang Jianming suspicious.

As the Shangyuan Festival approached, the whole city was full of lights and festoons, and it was very lively. Fanghai City personally cooked the Lantern Festival and sent it to Master’s room. When she saw the whistle reporting official affairs, she couldn’t help but complain about Di Xu, but she was reprimanded by Fang Jianming. While there was no one around, Fang Jianming told the whistle to lead people to protect Di Xu secretly, not too close, so as not to cause detection.

At this time, the corridor was quiet and long, and the two columns were brightly lit. The palace people headed by them kept flattering and flattering, racking their brains to find ways to find pleasure for Emperor Xu. However, Di Xu was unmoved and listened to each other, he had been used to spending the rest of his life in this way, only the night of the lanterns made him feel a wave of heart.

Accompanied by Fang Jianming, Di Xu stepped into the streets of the capital city again, admiring the prosperous scene, but seeing things and thinking about people again, recalling his first encounter with Princess Zhunian, from knowing each other, loving each other, to the farewell of heaven and man, Every time I think about this, my temperament changes suddenly.

In Fang Jianming’s view, Di Xu’s so-called violent and violent has long been more than just a short period of two days. Elegance, grace and clarity, gradually reduced to a soulless body on the throne.

Now Di Xu didn’t care about his lifespan, and ignored the dangers lurking around him. He sat on the street stall and ordered a bowl of Lantern Festival. Even if a large number of dead men suddenly appeared, he was not afraid. But it seems that those dead men came from Chong Fang Jianming, not only attacking hard, but also wanting to win their heads.

At that time, Fang Zhuoying and Fang Haishi were strolling in the Lantern Market. Seeing her staring at Yuhuan for a long time, she simply took out her purse and chose one of the many pendants as a gift. Considering that Yuhuan was a token of love, no one in Fanghai City could give it away and did not accept it. Instead, he noticed the suspicious person beside him and couldn’t help chasing it.

Fang Zhuoying stopped suddenly, just because he was attracted by a woman, and in an instant he found that the other party had long since disappeared, and even Fanghai City was nowhere to be seen. Elsewhere, Fang Hai City wanted to take the opportunity to kill Di Xu while Fang Jianming was dealing with the dead.

Due to Fang Jianming’s entrustment of the important task, Fang Hai City was not able to start, and soon all the secret guards rushed in. Di Xu asked the whistle about Fang Hai’s identity and found it very interesting. Su Ming learned that all the dead soldiers who had been dispatched this time had died under Fang Jianming’s hand, and couldn’t help being furious. He expected that Fang Jianming had already guessed that he made the shot, so that he would all stop talking and avoid letting Di Xu learn the truth.

After returning to Jifeng Hall, Fang Zhuoying was afraid of being blamed by the master, so Fanghai City would deliver the medicine on her behalf. Unexpectedly, when Fang Haishi opened the door and entered the room, she happened to see Fang Jianming naked, which made her both ashamed and panicked. That night, Fanghai city was thinking of spring and dreaming, dreaming of a scene of love and intimacy between himself and his master. Even when he woke up from the dream, he did not dare to look directly at the master for fear of exposing the thoughts of his little daughter’s family.

The Fourth His Royal Highness Ji Chang is about to return to the court, and his entourage includes Princess Tilan of the Zhunian Department. Only because the two countries have been married for many years, the Zhunian Wang wants to get married again. Emperor Xu was displeased and angry when he heard that. He ordered Su Ming to reject the suggestion of the king, and tried to test whether Su Ming knew that he was assassinated on the Shangyuan Festival. Life and death. Su Ming was so guilty of hearing that he was in a cold sweat.

Ju Dianyi brought good tea to Fang Jianming and reported to him the news from Huku. At present, King Zuopudun led the people to move to Huangquanguan, so this time is definitely not suitable for marching. After the report was completed, Ju Dianyi did not immediately retreat, but was concerned about Fang Jianming’s injuries, and asked him to tell him that his eye diseases have become more serious recently. Her mantle.

Fang Jianming was well versed in Ju Dianyi’s actions, and readily agreed, and immediately called a whistle to take the tea away and distribute it to everyone, and tactfully cut off Ju Dianyi’s thoughts. Fang Hai city inquired about the relationship between Master and Di Xu privately, and learned from Fang Zhuoying that Di Xu held a great deal of weight in Fang Jianming’s heart.

For several days after that, Fanghai City was locked in the room all day to copy the scriptures. Fang Jianming found that Fanghai City was closed without seeing people, and his face was often flushed. At first he thought it was caused by illness and reminded her not to avoid medical treatment. But later, when Fang Jianming saw Fang Haishi playing and playing with Fang Zhuoying, he misunderstood the relationship between the two, so he called Fang Zhuoying for questioning, reminding him that Haishi is a younger brother and must not be overstepped. Considering that Fanghai City’s sleep has been poor recently, Fang Jianming took the initiative to stay at the door and accompany her to meditate and cultivate her body.

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