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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 16 Recap

love sister enlighten Wang Xiaoan , He Feng wanted to break into the fan base

He Feng told Sister Qu’ai that it was causing her trouble. Sister Ai said that it was okay. She hoped that He Feng and Wang Xiaoan would reconcile soon. These days, they are absent-minded and always make mistakes in rehearsal. Sister Ai tells He Feng not to think that Xiaoan is tantrum. This incident will have a great impact on her future career. Many directors and producers that Sister Qiao knows know that Wang Xiaoan is suspected of leaking secrets. Can it be possible in the future? It’s not easy to be a screenwriter.

Sister Ai went to Wang Xiaoan and asked her to go with herself. Then He Feng and Lai Haoyun looked at each other. Sister Ai asked Wang Xiaoan, Shen Qiao asked her to suspend her job, is she angry? Wang Xiaoan said he was not reconciled, but there was no other way. The boss mediation had tried his best to protect her.

Qiao Jie said that this is not enough, Mr. He also has a boss. He said that the most important thing for two people to understand each other is that they work together, one is Party A and the other is Party B. It is impossible for her to be alone for Wang Xiaoan and completely disregarding the interests of the company. In fact, Wang Xiaoan understands all these principles, but it’s not that smell that happened to her.

Sister Ai made Wang Xiaoan not be able to blindly ask others to accommodate her. The most important thing for two people to be together is to understand and tolerate each other. Only with long flowing water can it go further.

Lai Haoyun asked Yaoyao to bring his script and tomorrow’s notice. He also asked him to determine the location of the hotel restaurant tonight. Xiao An likes their Wellington steak very much. He Feng said that he would take Xiao’an to a public place for dinner. Then He Feng sent a WeChat message to Xiao Ke , asking them to send a luxurious meal to the Japanese food store downstairs, plus a salmon.

Xiao An is busy recently at work and has no time to eat, and he is afraid that she will deal with it. Lai Haoyun sent Yaoyao on WeChat again, asking Yaoyao to give him some fried chicken, boneless sweet and spicy, Xiaoan likes to eat it.

He Feng told Xiao Ke that the cup he ordered for the New Year last time, and asked him if it was available. Then Lai Haoyun stooped and asked Yaoyao to buy some of the hottest lipstick gift boxes of the season. He wanted to treat Wang Xiaoan. He Feng asked Xiao Ke to buy a small air humidifier. Lai Haoyun asked people to buy a few pots of hydroponic plants to prevent radiation and produce oxygen. He Feng asked Xiao Ke to buy some fresh fruits and pick the best.

Then when Wang Xiaoan and Sister Ai came out, they saw the table full of things. They all let Xiaoan eat. Xiao An asked them to take both. Xiao An looked at the two of them and clenched her fists to let them stop bothering herself.

He Jingxiao told He Feng that what he was talking about were all stalks that were popular in the last century, and anti-routines are now popular. And Lai Haoyun is much more advanced than him, let He Feng learn something. He Jingxiao said that the earth-flavored love can’t be hard, and that it must be natural and smooth to reach the highest state, let He Feng learn something.

Both of them went to Wang Xiaoan. When the door was opened, both of them hurriedly handed in what was in their hands. Wang Xiaoan said they didn’t have enough trouble yesterday, and they came again today. It was only eight o’clock in the morning, and he asked them if they knew what was wrong with a screenwriter who slept at four o’clock last night?

Unexpectedly, He Feng rushed to answer, he said it meant the beginning of their happiness. Then He Feng talked about the local love, Wang Xiaoan couldn’t stand it any more, so he punched him directly.

He Feng understood Lai Haoyun’s activity, and then replaced his QQ information with a girl, and joined Lai Haoyun’s fan group.

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