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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 1 Recap

The smoke wafted down the mountain, the autumn water cascaded, and a leaf boat broke through the waves, floating and sinking three pearl people and thin girls. At the head of the boat is the ragged Haishi Dad, who tied the rope for his daughter by himself at the moment, and told her repeatedly.

The guys on the boat couldn’t bear it, but they couldn’t do anything. The success or failure of their going to sea is the key. Whether they can obtain the shark pearls will affect the life and death of everyone in Xiyu. With a “plop”, Haishi turned over and plunged into the sea, and immediately dragged the rope around his waist to swim to the seabed, and was soon lost in the vast expanse.

At the end of the year, the pearls were heavy. Although the Great Hui Dynasty had undergone several changes and the various clans settled the chaos of the Yiwang Dynasty, the wounds and pains did not heal after the war. Emperor Xu loved the beads, and the local officials greeted the beads harshly. In order to save their lives, the people of the beads could only use ropes to tie the children to the sea and lead the sharks to float up and try to find the beads.

The so-called introduction of sharks is actually taking advantage of the tender heart of sharks. The sea city has never seen sharks before, and only feels that they are on the bottom of the sea, as if they are isolated from the world. Looking around, the surrounding divine light clutched and the fishes were swimming, especially seeing the beautiful woman with the fishtail of the human body, which shocked her so much that she almost forgot the explanation from Daddy.

Due to the lack of oxygen in the sea for too long, fortunately, the sharks were escorted out of danger. Originally, the sea city was full of joy and planned to tell A-da that she had just passed by. However, A-daddy grabbed her neck from behind, and the fishermen not far away saw the fishermen strangling their parents and children. His smile turned into panic from the beginning. Then came the sadness later, and gradually wept into tears.

One after another, the shark beads circling brightly fell into the sea, and the man in the same boat was so excited when he saw it, he immediately picked up the net bag and jumped down without noticing the strangeness behind him. Haishi took the opportunity to bit A-Daddy’s hand, and the blood from the wound spread, drifting to the unknown sea, and under the calm blue waves, an invisible undercurrent arose.

In an instant, a big wave approached, headed towards the boat, and hundreds of mackerel sharks rushed from all directions. In the foaming and turbulent currents, the other people, along with Daddy, have become the wombs of the mackerel sharks. On the other hand, the sea market was rescued by the mackerel. Several beams of light shone, and the undercurrent gradually calmed down. When Haishi woke up, the sun was warm on her face, and only a few of her and the shark beads were left in the same boat.

That night, officers and soldiers surrounded Xiyu Village and ordered the villagers to turn in the pearls. Unfortunately, they were all defective. Until the sea market appeared holding the shark beads, the leaders of the officers and soldiers looked greedy, not only greedily plundered all the shark beads, but even ordered to burn the village without a word. Both men and women, young and old, would seize them and sell them to barbarians as slaves.

Under this order, the villagers woke up like a dream and fled around. Haishi and A-niang scattered and ran towards the back mountain, seeing the officers and soldiers chasing her, and she was about to die here. Unexpectedly, the officers and soldiers rushed to the ground and all died by the sword of the boy in black. The young man fought with others and had no time to take care of the sea. On the contrary, it was another man in a blue shirt and robe, who was extremely inconsistent with the surrounding scene, but calmly picked up the shark bead and looked at it carefully.

The man wore an ice-cold mask and his voice was as gentle as jade. He didn’t care about the sea market’s guard at all. He took her hand, boarded the carriage and went all the way north, away from the land of right and wrong. During the period, he ordered the young man to settle down the villagers and let Jifeng Pavilion. The secret line of the investigation of the details of the officers and soldiers, to track down the whereabouts of all the pearls along the coast. Haishi was taken care of by the man and was grateful. He naturally did not forget his kindness. He did not know that his true identity was special. He was the commander of the secret guard Fang Jianming who was afraid of hundreds of officials in the DPRK.

When passing through the outskirts of the suburbs, it happened that Emperor Xu refused to listen to the advice of his followers and insisted on going deep into the old forest to hunt, and was ambushed by the remnants of the king of Yi. Fang Jianming disregarded his own safety to protect him, Emperor Xu accidentally poisoned his body with a poisoned arrow, and Fang Jianming’s wound was battered by the poisonous arrow. Haishi saw that Di Xu was right in front of him, thinking that his death and the slaughter of the village were all caused by his faintness, and he wanted to cut his hand, but Fang Jianming quietly stopped him.

Considering that Fang Jianming was seriously injured, Di Xu ordered everyone to rush back to the capital city. Fortunately, the medical officer diagnosed and treated promptly and finally saved his life. Hai City was determined to repay Fang Jianming, and he was willing to recognize him as his teacher. From then on, he changed his name to Fang Hai City, lived in Jifeng Hall, and became a brother with the black-clothed teenager Fang Zhuoying.

The old apocalypse, along with the king of Yi, turned into chaos and charcoal, buried under the capital of the Great Hui Dynasty, but those remnants comparable to weeds became the confidant of courtiers. Emperor Xu had no intention of ruling the country, and most of the tasks were left to others. The first person to bear the brunt was naturally the loyal Fang Jianming.

Whenever the autumn reaches the dense place, after the deep blue sky, Fang Jianming is ordered to go out or enter the palace as a errand, ranging from a few days to several months. In addition to practicing exercises and resuming classes during the day, Fanghai City would stand under the tree at night and wait for people to return. From autumn to spring, so repeatedly, ten years passed in a flash. During these ten years, Fanghai often used men’s clothing to show people and became an out-and-out male man.

When Su Ming led his subordinates in hunting down Yiwang Yunii, he accidentally learned that Fang Jianming had faked his death and had secretly established a dark guard camp, and couldn’t help being furious. Back then, the Su family assisted the King of Xu and Chu Zhongxu to quell the chaos and was tragically attacked by the rebel generals. If Fang Jianming had not encircled early, Su Ming’s father would not have ended up tragically. Now Su Ming realizes that Di Xu intends to shield Fang Jianming, and vowed to avenge his father and slash his enemies.

Fang Hai city prepared soup for the master to heal his injuries, and at the same time offered him a self-recommendation. Fang Jianming asked Fang Haishi and Fang Zhuoying to compare her recent experience. The two fought in the archery field regardless of high or low. Fang Jianming’s deliberate performance seemed to Fang Jianming to be a trick, accusing her of practicing her basic skills.

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