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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 9 Recap

Li Zhao believes that Wei Lianggong is a talented person, and one must not hold a grudge against his aunt because of his biological mother. Wei Lianggong didn’t care, insisted on leaving, and didn’t want to join the officialdom. With heavy snow falling, Wei Lianggong fainted on the road and was rescued by Zeng Baoqin who passed by here. Wei Lianggong didn’t have the courage to live when he woke up. Zeng Baoqin used his own experience to persuade him to live well.

Because the cold breath hurt his lungs, Zeng Baoqin left him here to recover from his illness, and Wei Lianggong had a good feeling for her because of the incident. Zeng Baoqin’s Su mounting skills are first-rate, and she lives by this craft. Many people fancy her craftsmanship and come to buy Su mounting, but it is inevitable to talk some gossip behind her back. These words were heard by Wei Lianggong, and he advised Zeng Baoqin, who was next to him, not to pay attention to these words.

Zeng Baoqin had already looked away, and she didn’t care what others said. When Wei Lianggong talked about his own affairs, his biological mother was sold to hospital by his aunt. Later, when he learned that Wei Lianggong High School had raised a person, his biological mother hanged herself in the hospital. His aunt killed his biological mother, but the world still wants him to be filial to his aunt. Although they are not the same age, the ups and downs and setbacks they encountered, and the pain they brought to them are similar.

The two encouraged each other to live well. Li Zhao heard that Wei Lianggong lived in Shantang Street, so he sent Master Liu to send some silver coins to Wei Lianggong, and by the way, he checked his message. In recent days, Wei Lianggong always went to the opera troupe to learn opera, and sang for Zeng Baoqin when she was acting as Su Hou. Today, Master Liu came to him and still persuaded him to go to Beijing and enter official career.

So Wei Lianggong told Ruyi that Master Liu would come to him again in the future, saying that he was not there. Zeng Baoqin sent Shen Cuixi a picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water, but it was just a satire of how she was so skilled that he couldn’t even embroider a simple picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water. Wei Lianggong became a teacher at Ren’s home.

He accidentally learned that Ren Xiushan hadn’t eaten enough yesterday and that he was busy finishing the homework assigned by Shen Cuixi last night, which caused sleepiness and fatigue when he was studying today. Wei Lianggong misunderstood Shen Cuixi, thinking she treated Ren Xiushan harshly. After asking, he learned that Ren Xiushan had a fever recently, and the doctor advised him to eat less. Then he heard what Shen Cuixi told Shu Fang, and he believed that Shen Cuixi was not a mean and vicious woman like his aunt.

Ren Xuetang has been missing for seven full years. The three uncles went to the ancestral hall to criticize Shen Cuixi. Shen Cuixi bitterly retorted, leaving the three with nothing to say. With a sad heart, she walked out of Ren’s house alone, walking aimlessly on the street. It started raining, and Shen Cuixi didn’t feel it at all. Wei Lianggong appeared with an umbrella. Knowing that she was depressed, Wei Lianggong took her on a cruise and heard outsiders talking about her.

Shen Cuixi couldn’t bear such a tone, and cursed under the bridge on the spot, blocking the chewing people without saying a word. After the weather cleared, Shen Cuixi returned to Ren’s house and returned to normal life. When Zeng Baoqin heard other people’s gossip, she mistakenly thought that Shen Cuixi was very bad for Ren Xiushan and that she was very worried about her son.

Wei Lianggong told her the truth, Zeng Baoqin was relieved, but faintly discovered that Wei Lianggong had changed. When he first entered the office, he was not happy with Shen Cuixi everywhere, but now he is talking for her. Zeng Baoqin left angrily, Wei Lianggong didn’t know what to do, so he had to follow her silently, and this scene happened to be seen by Ren Rufeng.

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