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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 8 Recap

Ren Rufeng went to Zeng Baoqin and learned from Ruyi that Zeng Baoqin had trouble with Li Zhao in order to save herself. Ren Rufeng first thanked Zeng Baoqin for her help, and then asked her about the whereabouts of Ma Yuan’s water map. He wanted to get the water map to make up for the regret of Song Jin’s lost ancestor. Zeng Baoqin told him that before the Zeng family fell, they sold it to the Ji family in Taizhou at a high price.

Elder Ji is a stubborn person who loves collections the most in his life, so he will definitely not give water pictures to Ren Rufeng easily. But Ren Rufeng still had to try it. The only son of Mr. Ji was very stubborn. He secretly sold the water map to others, and Mr. Ji made him beaten him with a stick.

Ren Rufeng bought back the water map, and also redeemed many of the debts of Lord Ji. He did this for only one purpose, and hoped that Mr. Ji could give him the water map. At first, Mr. Ji was unwilling. Knowing that the Ren family wanted to restore the double-sided tapesmanship through Ma Yuan’s water map, he agreed to give the water map to Ren Rufeng. Shen Cuixi and Chen Xiaohong were very happy after the twelve water maps were returned.

Chen Xiaohong was in charge of repairing the loom. They wanted to explore the mystery of the double-sided tapestry technique in this water map as soon as possible. Zeng Baoqin was surprised when Ren Rufeng came back so quickly. After hearing that he took back the Twelve Water Map, Shen Cuixi locked himself in the embroidery room, and Ren Rufeng was temporarily unable to take care of the Qingyue Xiaofang.

She suddenly wanted to understand that she was swayed by Ren Rufeng and Shen Cui. She came to the door and asked aggressively, but she was asked by Shen Cuixi. Zeng Baoqin was upset about what happened back then. She felt that it was Shen Cuixi that destroyed the relationship between herself and Ren Xuetang. Shen Cuixi said that the Zeng family suffered a disaster that year, and the Zeng family’s parents’ attitude towards Ren Xuetang suddenly changed, and they even gave her things for elopement. Her words irritated Zeng Baoqin severely.

She went to the river and wanted to jump into the river to commit suicide after walking away from Ruyi, but she was stopped by the coming Shen Cuixi. She told the secret of Ren Xuetang’s disappearance and reminded her that the person behind Zhang Biao might be Li Zhao. Her words were very realistic, and she dispelled Zeng Baoqin’s thoughts of suicide.

Shen Cuixi looked at the twelve water drawings and remembered how she saw the old lady Kesi when she was a child. She was very interested in Kesi at that time, so the old lady taught her how to take the silk. Blue is better than blue, and her craftsmanship of Kesi has become more and more exquisite, and the old lady is very surprised. Time goes back to now, Shen Cuixi has been studying this water map, working hard day and night to try the technique of double-sided heterochromatic tapestry.

Huang Tian did not bear the painstaking efforts, she finally comprehended the double-sided heterochromatic tapes technique, taped out the double-sided heterochromatic tapes, and when the tapestry went on the market, many people rushed out. With the financial support of the Ren family, Cao Wenbin succeeded in staying as the prefect. He conveyed the instructions of the governor to make Ren family a virtuous countryman.

Wei Lianggong traveled all the way from Huzhou to Suzhou and moved his mother’s grave back to his hometown. Li Zhao suggested that he go to the Beijing Science Examination, but he could sue his mother-in-law. Wei Lianggong hated his auntie to death. He believed that the death of his biological mother was due to her, so he would never go to the capital for scientific research and ask for the death of this woman who killed his biological mother. Li Zhao forced him to do filial piety to his aunt, which is tantamount to delaying him.

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