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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 7 Recap

Zeng Baoqin asked Ren Rufeng to send someone to bring Ren Xiushan. Shu Fang ordered two large boxes to come in at this time. She knew that Li Zhao liked brocade, so Shu Fang gave it to him. The pile of collections was given to Li Zhao. In this case, Li Zhao no longer asked to take Ren Xiushan away, Zeng Baoqin tried to beg, but Li Zhao was unmoved, Zeng Baoqin had to leave in angrily. Zhang Biao returned to Suzhou again, and secretly made appointments to Ren Rufeng. Ren Rufeng was surprised and frightened when he saw him. He didn’t understand why Zhang Biao was biting Ren’s family. Shu Fang checked the ledger in the general ledger and found that the price of raw silk had dropped a lot in the past few days. She felt that something was wrong, so she decided to find out who was selling this batch of raw silk.

Hearing these words, Ren Rufeng knew that something was wrong, so he asked Zhang Biao where he would sell the raw silk. Zhang Biao still lied that he wanted to sell to Guangzhou. The government suddenly appeared, Zhang Biao hurriedly fled, Ren Rufeng was arrested. Zeng Baoqin learned that Ren Rufeng was arrested and he was the owner of Qingyue Xiaofang. If he was arrested, Qingyue Xiaofang would no longer exist. But when she arrived at the Weaving Mansion, she learned that Li Zhao was not in the mansion. Shen Cuixi went out from another door in the yard. She went to prison to see Ren Rufeng and told the secret of Ren Xuetang’s arrest of Zhang Biao. In addition, she told Ren Rufeng what she had brought back with the inkstone. This time she will save Ren Rufeng, just hoping that his temperament can be changed.

Zeng Baoqin saw Li Zhao outside Ding’s house. Li Zhao was ready to let Ding Rong be a collar weaver. She saw it clearly. Later, Li Zhao also saw her, and the two went to the tea room to talk. Li Zhao said that Ren Rufeng could no longer use him. Besides, Zeng Baoqin, a woman from Zeng Baoqin, showed up to do a weaving business after all. Chen Xiaohong brought Uncle Qi and asked him to open the door of the yard, and then everyone saw Shen Cuixi coming in from outside the door of the small yard. Uncle Qi just wanted to scold her for violating her righteousness, Shen Cuixi quickly explained, and also proposed a way to save Ren Rufeng, but this method requires the determination of the elders of the Ren family to break their arms. If it was Cao Wenbin and Li Zhao fighting this time, then the leader of the Ren family could not do it again.

Shen Cuixi suspects that the official behind Zhang Biao is Li Zhao, and Cao Wenbin is not a good man, but at the moment she has no choice but to seek skin from the tiger in order to secure the Ren family. Cao Wenbin collected all the gold and silver jewelry from his family members and took them to repay the money he owed. But what he saw was not the creditor, but Shen Cuixi. Shen Cuixi collected all the IOUs from Cao Wenbin and also took out the precious and precious Song Jin. Seeing Qian’s eyes opened, Cao Wenbin immediately agreed to help her solve Ren Rufeng’s affairs. Under Cao Wenbin’s management, Ren Rufeng was released and returned to Ren’s house like a bereaved dog. Chen Xiaohong slapped him fiercely because Song Jin, the ancestor of the Ren family, was gone.

Ren Rufeng thanked Shen Cuixi and returned the token of the head of the Ren family to her. Shen Cuixi asked him to find the water map of Ma Yuan in the Southern Song Dynasty. This water map uses a heterochromatic double-sided tape. This technique has long been lost and it is very precious. The technique of face-to-face sculpting, the future generations of the Ren family will be boundlessly blessed. The water map was once in the collection of the Zeng family. After the Zeng family was ransacked, he was nowhere to be found. Ren Rufeng understood her meaning and planned to ask Zeng Baoqin.

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